Just Who is Jesus Christ?

     Adonai is real,  the LIVING GOD, the Holy Spirit,  (the Ruach ha Kodesh) and most important  for you... the Messiah --Jesus Christ is real!!!  
     Perhaps you have thought the name Jesus Christ  was a first and last name.   Do you know Christ means Messiah - the anointed one???    (to save... Savior!)  Jesus Christ fulfills the prophecies given in the Torah and the Prophets (Yesha Yahu 52:13 all of chapter 53) & Tehillim 22 (all of it) about the Messiah, and also the promised one spoken of  by Moses -who will perform intercession on our behalf.   (Deut. 18:15, D'Varim 18:15)
     In Leviticus 16 (Vayikra 16 part of the five books of the Torah) we learn the regulations to be performed on the Day of Atonement.  We thank God that even through the Holocaust the Torah has been preserved unchanged, many times at the cost of life or limb.  Praise God for the protection of His Holy word!!!!   It hasn't mattered what frivolous interpretation has occurred within the reform movement etc. because faithfulness is still present in the  PROTECTION of the ORIGINAL untainted word of God and His commands to us!!!   
     We that cherish also the B'rit Ha-da'shah, the New Covenant (testimony of Jesus Christ) know that not one jot or tittle of the law will change before the sun or moon passes away and all that God plans is finally accomplished!!-  Jesus spoke about the protecting of the Law by God's chosen people in  (Matt 5:18)   The  Law stands and still defines right and wrong and hope and growth.  But why is it that some of the Law seems to be ignored by the Rabbis - like some of the regulations spoken of in  Leviticus 16 (Vayikra) for the Day of Atonement???  God did say there is life in the blood!!  (Deut 12:23-24, D'Varim) God set up the Day of Atonement as THE MOST HOLY DAY OF THE YEAR.  God does not make mistakes!!!!  (the Day of Atonement is spoken of by (Saul)Paul in Acts 27:9)  God gave the prophet Isaiah  insight into this day and this is the passage read every  year during the  Day of Atonement service (Yom Kippur).  God  speaks through the prophet Isaiah about true fasting  and REAL change in Isaiah 58 (Yesha'Yahu)....more on the Day of Atonement in a minute!
     I have dug deeply into the word of God and do believe Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah.  I have studied Judaism & the Torah with one of the most respected conservative reform Rabbis in the United States and perhaps one of the kindest as we certainly did not always agree, but he always treated me with love!
      I believe we must cry out for the second Hadassah --Myrtle --(Esther) (who is hidden)-- (the bride, plural)--to arise-NOW- to unveil herself and help Israel

Who is the Messiah?  YESHUA  (Jesus)!!   Jesus  is a Greek form of ...I^esous.  This translation isn't actually connected to ...soter... which is Greek for save.  BUT CHECK OUT  the Hebrew or Aramaic ....which explains it all and perfectly..... Because the Hebrew name Yeshua is the masculine form (Hebrew letters ah-yin, vahv, sheen & yodh)  of the word Yeshu'ah (heh, ah-yin, vahv, sheen, & yodh)----salvation---and is based on the same root (yud-shin-'ayin—ah-yin, sheen, & yodh) as yoshia  (ah-yin, yodh, sheen, vahv & yodh) which means "He will save"!!!  
                          ----HIS name itself is a miracle and a gift to us!
 The  Full scriptures and prophetic writings MUST be taught and dug into for the treasure they are to us.  Do we even know what it is we believe?  Are we philosophers who can be swayed or are we PASSIONATE believers in the LIVING GOD???    It is time to dig deeply into the word of God, some which has been hidden from us all these centuries because it was thought too dangerous to discuss.  The Dead Sea Scrolls are a gift to us  (and the world), hidden so we could know the scribes have been faithful and we must be faithful to STUDY these words!!!!!!!!   
     There is a word spoken of in the B'rit Hadashah (New Covenant)---it is....to the JEW first!!!! (Romans 1:16) --the promises of Mashiach (Messiah) are given to the Jew first-then to the gentile (goyim)!!!  It's true.  Did you know it??  Nothing changes in God's word.  His promises stand!!  He loves the Jewish people, He is Jewish ...if Jesus had not willingly went to the cross and then been rejected by the Jewish people of His day the gospel would never had went to the ENTIRE world!!!!  It is impossible for God to lie.  He said He will never forget the Jewish people --the apple of His eye!  Israel Find yourself a Bible and check this out!!  Then read Romans 11 the Whole chapter.   What does that say to you?  
     Back to the Day of Atonement, why is it that believing Rabbis no longer make these blood sacrifices?  Some in the Ultra Orthodox , which for me is much easier to understand, still perform some of these commands... They are TRYING to follow the law as they know it!    All of these laws and commands in the Torah are BLUEPRINTS that have GOT to BE preserved.  These blueprints foretold the plan of God for the Messiah who IS the perfect atonement (remember there is life in the blood for YOU----eternal life for you in Jesus' blood.)  He paid the price of atonement once and for all for you!!!  This atonement is spoken about in another passage in Isaiah---- 53 (Yesha'Yahu 53).  (This passage is part of the dead sea scrolls).  If the scriptures had been lost we would never be able to understand God's wonderful plan to redeem us.   In the book of Isaiah we will also learn about a remnant being saved by Messiah coming and reaching out a second time! Isaiah 11:10 (Yesha'Yahu).    Notice the reference to a second time!!  There is a second coming of the Messiah yet to be!!  Also look up Micah 5:3 (Mikhah) about Bethlehem---written HUNDREDS of years before the birth of the Messiah in Bethlehem and preserved UNCHANGED by God's faithful scribes!!     
What about the Shema, how can the Almighty be plural?  
                           Echad, if one is One how can there be anything but one?
  An example of this concept of One having a plural meaning is in Judges 20:1--they rose up as one man - ISRAEL - every tribe included - rose up together in Judges 20:1 (Shof'tim) to defeat the enemy.  (You Hebrew scholars look it up!!!!)   Today... All nationalities - together make up the Body of Christ (goyim who come to this faith, which is built upon a Jewish, foundation - they all come because of this belief in the Jewish, Jesus Christ . 
                                We are one new man in Messiah (Eph 2: 13-16)
     Also remember it is a Jewish teaching that all the world will be saved through this wonderful faith in Almighty God -- the God of Jacob and Moses and the Prophets.  I present this to you then as a very real possibility (for me it's a reality) - that this Jewish man - Jesus - who was spoken of by Josephus & Gamaliel is indeed the promised Messiah.  (Gamaliel was Saul/Paul's teacher in Acts 22:3 and also the grandson of the great Rabbi Hillel)
     Maybe you don't think you need a Messiah?  Remember we all have fallen short of the glory of God.  Remember Yom Kippur is a day of repentance and reflection, and a day of fasting, and the original blueprints call for a blood sacrifice to cover over - atone for -our sins or mistakes and evil, unloving, unrighteous, deeds and thoughts on that day.  The blood of sheep & goats & chickens is to be applied, but it is marred and imperfect.  So the Almighty solved the problem Himself with His own mighty hands.  He made the atonement for YOU.  He says in Isaiah 49:16..."See I have engraved you on the palm of my hands...Couldn't this be a reference to nail scars?  See this scripture and the picture of it on many of my paintings. 
     How does any of this bring  PEACE to you?   I have a message for you from Yeshua and HE wants me to tell you --you were made to be wonderful - full of wonder - beautiful -You are MORE beautiful than any rose  ...... and He says to you many call me The Rose of Sharon but I say YOU are a precious Rose of Sharon!!!!!!!  He has cherished your little face in birth AND in ageing.  He sees who you were meant to be.  Not the image you see of yourself now. 
     ...God's word NEVER comes back void!!!!  Isaiah 55: 10-11   so... When you study the Holy Scriptures ask God to give you the discernment of His Holy Spirit ... to give you wisdom.  He loves you and wants you to find out that He really does exist and even goes to fight battles on your behalf!!!!  He is a refuge.   He is our Rock -  Elohim, your supply--- El Sha dai, the Ruach ha Kodesh,  -- Your comforter, and Your Savior.  Make a decision to accept Him as your Messiah today - He doesn't force anyone to do anything - because you have been given free will.  He does not receive glory from robots, but from those who choose Him, those who were created in His image ... for the word says ...Let US create man in Our image.  B'resheet (Genesis) 1:26!
                Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheynu Adonai Echad 
- Hear O Yisrael - 
the Lord our God - the Lord is One
                                                      (spoken by our Mashiach - Jesus - in Mark 12:29)

   Trust ...in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3: 5-6

     (Jerusalem Bible Version) ...Trust wholeheartedly in Yahweh, put no faith in your own perception;  in every course you take, have Him in mind.

God can change anyone's heart, or any situation at any time...put your hope in HIM today.   
...My marching orders seem different than most as you'll find no place on this website to give me money.   The Holy Spirit has been very specific with me regarding marketing the anointing that has been placed upon me and that's why you won't see my paintings listed for sale under prophetic painting sections with any other ministry---even those I love so much.  I am just not allowed to make prints or SELL any of the paintings (2Kings 5: 15 & 16)---no matter how much you are willing to pay me!  You can copy them here for free.  Please keep the title and testimony with the painting as all has been given to me through the Holy Spirit.  They are each covered in scripture for God's word does not come back void...
     Mid January 2005, I was given an eighth painting.  It had actually been about two years since this had happened.  This occurred in a meeting where I fell under the power of God----a very wonderful NEW confirmation for this ministry came at that time.  I wasn't expecting or thinking about painting that night - and in fact had been busy with ministry and trying to understand where these painted visions fit in!  One couple had to leave the meeting early and the woman silently came over and so not to disrupt the meeting gave me a hug and left.  I got a message early the next morning asking me to call her.  When I did she said ---"You received a painting didn't you?"  I said, "YES!"  She then said, ---  "I saw it!" 
    (What this woman didn't know is I actually shared publicly with this group this new painting I had seen.  This has never happened before but the Holy Spirit said do it so I did.  She had spoken to none of them.  She did share it with her husband driving home the night before)
     ...She proceeded in our conversation to ask me ...."What did you see?"  I said, "NO what did you see?" as I had this rumbling roar growing in me of this immense gift the Lord was giving me.  She proceeded to tell me the subject of the coming painting!  
     It is now Fall of 2006...(Yom Kippur tomorrow at sundown)   I still can't share with you the subject of this new painting but know it is for these coming days and like those paintings regarding past events that have occurred it will both ENCOURAGE and pierce your heart.
     The paintings, because of the Lord's mercy and grace, have been displayed in public places, such as the U.S. Senate in Washington D.C.  on three separate occasions, under both Democrat and Republican Administrations.  My prayer is that our Lord Jesus Christ --Yeshua ha Mashiach--would continue to use them to bring many to Himself. 
Newest painting FINISHED!  Please visit Break Our Hearts painting.   
These comments regard scriptures (Isaiah 49:16 & Leviticus 19:28.)  You will see the scripture from Isaiah on many of my paintings.  

I read an article a couple weeks ago (2006 here) in the Jewish magazine called -Moment- (which I find very insightful and interesting) titled The Unnatural History of Jews and Tattoos.  Much of the article referred to the permanent tattoos put on the arms of the victims of the Shoah - Holocaust.  After surviving and living through this nightmare, these tattooed numbers now denote victory for many survivors.  

Most of the article is written from a liberal Jewish perspective but I was happy to see at least a portion from the Orthodox perspective which gave the prohibition listed in scripture from Leviticus.  Now I am not trying to get you wrapped up in legalism here (really, really, really) ...But is sin defined and grace freely given so we can sin more?   The only way we know what sin is...is by the definitions found in the Law - found in the Torah/Tenach or Old Testament, including all ten commandments which are of course part of the law...  So we find ourselves in a quandary.  We know because of what Jesus FINISHED on the cross that ALL is forgiven when we come to Him and ask Him to forgive and save us.  So His death on the cross fulfills the law and makes payment for the wrong we have done (defined by the law) ...So does that mean we totally ignore the law, no longer honoring our parents?  ...Does that mean I can now commit murder..etc? We get where I'm going with this.  From Romans 7:15 in the B'rit Hadashah it says...Does the fact that we are living by grace and not by law mean that we are free to sin?  Of course not!  When I succumb (am overcome) by sin GRACE catches me, envelops me and I receive mercy.  Each one works out their own salvation with fear and trembling (Phil 2:12).  We are changing glory to glory (2Cor 3:18) and each finds their own way, following the Ruach ha Kodesh, our Holy Spirit's direction, in each decision.  We don't know each others hearts - only  the Lord does!

  Just something here to Pray and think about ... the whole subject.  Many Christians & Jews are not even aware of the prohibition against tattoos. 

 Back to the painting scripture and the magazine article... In the magazine article, it was erroneously suggested from the above scripture in Isaiah that tattoos were ok with God....????

 The scripture used in the article to justify this was from Isaiah 49:16.  This scripture in fact reveals that God himself has engraved US upon his hands (see the paintings to understand it visually) --Couldn't it be in fact that these engravings are permanent NAIL SCARS?!
I just present these thoughts for you to ponder....  

Every time He looks at His Hands... He remembers WITH LOVE what He willingly did for us because we are priceless to Him.
YOU are priceless to Him!
Interesting 2006 Article For Thought and Discussion
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Prophetically I seem to have a Jewish Calendar in my heart as Yom Kippur is the time when I receive a word for the coming year and I receive my new assignment and direction and I have divine appointments according to the Jewish calendar.  I hear of those whom the Lord speaks to in January but that has not been my experience and maybe not yours either. 
  If you are one who is interested in always knowing what day today is in the Hebrew Calendar and also would like to know the Feast Days and correct time for Shabbat candle lighting for your time zone then this link site is just what you need.  

Without A Vision The People Perish. 

 Proverbs 29:18 
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I elaborated and explained points fully in Sept 30, 2007 sermon- WHICH WAS ALSO RECORDED.  Email me for details or to get a copy.
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Who is Jesus Christ?
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Anti-Semitism In The Church?

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Paintings & CorresondingTestimony
    These PAINTINGS are covered in scripture ....For God's word does not come back void but accomplishes that which it was sent to do.... Isaiah 55:10-11
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Senator Judd Gregg and Terri Derocher at the 1999 Senate Inaugural International Believers Art Exhibit held in the Russell Rotunda in Washington DC
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My marching orders seem different than most as you'll find no place on this website to give me money.   The Holy Spirit has been very specific with me regarding marketing the anointing so you won't see my paintings listed for sale.  I am just not allowed to make prints or SELL any (2Kings 5:15 &16) of the life-sized paintings, given through the Holy Spirit and covered in scripture for Gods word does not come back void but accomplishes that which it was sent to do.
 You can print them from this website for FREE though.

This website also makes my writings and archived testimony from 1999-2016 available for your discernment
#1 Isaiah's Love Song -1998
#2 I Am A Rose of Sharon
#3 I Will Never Leave You or
 Forsake You
#4 You Are the Lifter of My Head
#5 Rise Up And Walk
#6 I Am Your Strong Tower
#7 Baalam's Donkey, The Persecuted ...

#8 Break Our Hearts Lord With What Breaks Yours

          Do you know we can also paint with words? 
  See archived articles below.
Four of these prophetic paintings were exhibited in the United States Senate in Washington D.C., during both the Clinton and Bush Administrations 1999, 2001 & 2003   
The newest painting finished 2013 has not be publicly released as of May 2016
Paintings and Testimony Articles Released by Terri  Derocher 
1999 -2016
          Love Letters From Heaven 
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Rev. Terri Derocher sounds the shofar where the Lord sends her. She has written articles and painted visions since 1998, the year she made her first pilgrimage to Israel.   Ordained through Christian Life Church in Spokane, Washington, she tries to share what the Holy Spirit shows her - via words, both spoken and written, or in a painting.   
She has had an open door to display her paintings in the United States Senate, Russell Rotunda, in Washington D.C, on three occasions, under both the Clinton and Bush administrations.    
She is a past member of Ministers Fellowship International.  Terri is also a past Healing Room Director for the Northgate Healing Room, affiliated with the  International Healing Room Ministries  headquartered in Spokane, Washington, directed by Cal and Michelle Pierce.  Terri has been on staff with the International Healing Room Ministries in the past as Graphics Department head and was a trainer for the ministry team for two years.  She believes Jesus Christ is the healer and all glory and honor belong to Him and by His stripes (Isaiah 53) we are healed. Jesus finished it all on the cross.  

Terri and her husband Michael and sons moved from the East Coast to the West Coast in December of 2000.  After their sons graduated from local schools Michael and Terri made a huge move across the country to Central Florida in November of 2014 where her husband Michael continues to oversee projects for the energy industry.  

Terri prays for the protection of Israel.  She rejects "Replacement Theology" and believes Israel has commands and mandates, such as the protection of keeping original Hebrew scrolls intact and occupying the land itself, that "the church" isn't equipped or called to carry out.  The Almighty has never released Israel from these same commands.            

She does believe the promises to Israel also belong to the church because they have been grafted into the original olive tree and therefore, as scripture foretold, it has become possible for all nations to be blessed as Israel has been blessed, through our Messiah, Yeshua.  

Terri's goal is to bring the message of our Messiah Jesus, His love, His hope, His joy, His peace, and His salvation to every nation on this earth.  She laughs in joy at what God has done with these paintings and revelation while she worships at His feet!  All things are possible through Christ Jesus and she wants to always be His friend.
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