"You are the Lifter of my Head" - 2000  6 ft Long x 4ft Tall
    All of these paintings have been given to me through the anointing of the Holy Spirit when I have fallen under the power of God.  This is the fourth painting the Lord gave to me.  Each painting has been a surprise as I always believe if He never gives me another painting after the first (which changed my life!) I will always be content and it has been such an unexpected joy in my life that HE would resurrect it and use it in a fresh way for HIS Glory.
     What is prophetic painting and is it something new?  I don't believe it is.  I believe this is a realm God is reclaiming and restoring for HIS Glory.  Bezalel was given a special anointing in the time of Moses to make artistic designs and to teach and pass on this anointing. He made the garments for the Levitical priests and even the anointing oil, besides all the decoration for the temple!!!  (Exodus 31: 1-11)  Bezalel is the first artist mentioned in the Bible.  Artists in the past such as Rembrandt and Michael Angelo had experiences with the Lord either before or during painting.  I have heard that Rembrandt was unable to paint the face of the Messiah Jesus (Yeshua ha Mashiach) until he repented over something --and Michel Angelo saw the vision of the Sistine chapel (ceiling paintings) in the clouds after running away and saying he would never paint that church!!!!  God took a hold of these men and brought across the message He desired to be made known.
      I received this painting in 1999 and it was a deep refreshing time for me in the Spirit when I was there in this place and I hope seeing the painting is a time of refreshing for you now....  
     My Lord Jesus and I were on top of a very large high mountain.  It was the most beautiful place, a mountain top covered with daffodils.  These daffodils were not the bright yellow kind but a soft buttery color of pale yellow with little pale red centers.  They were deep and soft to sit in.  In the distance I could see a heavy foggy mist at the base of the most beautiful purple mountains.  I had been so very worried and concerned over personal circumstances but quickly the Lord reassured me and comforted me as He placed His hand under my chin and pulled my gaze UP to His and even the place itself calmed and soothed me.  I know it is a real place you will see someday too, Lord willing.  
     As I am being shown a painting, I know also where to put the scriptures the Lord has me write over the paintings although I have struggled and placed them elsewhere only to go back to what He showed me first!!!  God's word does not come back void but accomplishes that which it was sent out to do.  (Is:  55:11)  I am usually given the scriptures themselves within 24 hrs of the time of anointing and I write them down then for the time when I am able to paint.  All the scriptures on ALL of my paintings are from the Old Testament.  (insert...post-script-that's what I thought when I wrote this years ago!  ...Lord said a new thing as of fall 2002 see I AM Your Strong Tower!)
      I will have a list somewhere on this website of which scripture verses are on which paintings.
     Many times when I am overcome by the Holy Spirit (Deut. 34: 9, Acts 13: 3, Acts 19:6) the Lord will show me things, (but not every time) and sometimes He has shown me very beautiful things I AM NOT TO PAINT.  It is very different  when He shows me a new painting.  I know He is showing me a painting by the time I come up off the floor...sometimes there is a gap until I get it!  He is giving me an assignment, a task to complete and a message to share.  In the beginning when I would try and paint the very beautiful things the Lord had shown me I would cry in frustration because it is never as beautiful as what He had shown me but He has taught me to be OBEDIENT and just to do my best and that HIS message of hope or warning or comfort or revelation will come across.
     This is the first painting and so far the only painting the Lord laughingly said, "YOU give it a title!"  He has always said the title or I have asked Him and then He has told me.  I believe He was stretching me in a courage place even  in the naming of the painting.  After I asked Him and He laughed and said this-- I knew immediately what to call it and said, "YOU are the lifter of my head!!!
     He is the lifter of yours too.  He will bring you through the darkest night, the worst betrayal, because He is your defender.  You can rest in His love.  He will redeem the situation for you.  He will take you to the mountain tops and walk with you and carry you through the mud.   Trust Him as your Lord and Savior today.   
Scriptures covering the painting are found in the Book of Psalms and the book of Isaiah...
Psalms 3:3-4, 65:5&6, 72 & 36:6 and Isaiah 41:10
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She is a member of Ministers Fellowship International.  Terri  is also the Healing Room Director for the Northgate Healing Room, affiliated with the  International Healing Room Ministries  headquartered in Spokane, Washington, directed by Cal and Michelle Pierce.   Terri has been on staff with the International Healing Room Ministries in the past as Graphics Department head and was a trainer for the ministry team for two years.  She believes Jesus Christ is the healer and all glory and honor belong to Him and by His stripes (Isaiah 53) we are healed. Jesus finished it all on the cross.  She blesses the work of the Healing Room Ministries and believes the revelation to come forth from that well has only just begun to flow.  
Terri and her husband Michael and sons moved from the East Coast to the West Coast in December of 2000.  They are members at Christian Life Church in Spokane, Washington under the direction of Pastors Barry & Kay Hill.    

She prays for the protection of Israel.  Terri rejects "Replacement Theology" and believes Israel has commands and mandates, such as the protection of original Hebrew scrolls intact and occupying the land itself, that "the church" isn't equipped or called to carry out- and yet The Almighty has never released Israel from these same commands.  She does believe the promises to Israel also belong to the church because we have been grafted into the original olive tree and therefore, as scripture foretold, it has become possible for all nations to be blessed as Israel has been blessed, through our Messiah, Jesus.  

Terri's goal is to bring the message of our Messiah Jesus, His love, His hope, His joy, His peace, and His salvation to every nation on this earth.  She laughs in joy at what God has done with these paintings while she worships at His feet!  All things are possible through Christ Jesus and she wants to always be His friend. 

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Rev. Terri Derocher has been painting visions since October of 1998, the year she made her first pilgrimage to Israel.   Terri  is an ordained minister through Christian Life Church in Spokane, Washington.  She shares what the Holy Spirit instructs her to share - via a painting or words, spoken or written.   She has had an open door to display her paintings in the United States Senate,  Russell Rotunda, in Washington D.C, on three different occasions, under both the Clinton and Bush administrations.