Below the original testimony written in 1999 
     This is the first painting the Lord gave me in this series of paintings given through the Holy Spirit and I must say the surprise of my life.  In 1998 I was in Jerusalem, Israel at the time of the anointing and totally relaxing after two weeks of intercession in the area.  We had traveled and prayed for the Jewish settlements, for the Golan heights and prayed for the peace and prosperity of Israel throughout the region and all felt that we had accomplished what God had sent us to do.  Before I had went to Israel a word had come forth in my home church that a commissioning was coming forth in the spirit realm for someone in the church and the verse Acts 1:8 was given which said you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem.  The woman giving the word had no idea I was leaving for Israel in 3 days so I was very encouraged that God had something special in mind and that I was to go with his blessing in peace ( I had been worried about going).
     Twenty five years ago I painted and pursued a lifestyle which did not glorify God.  After accepting Jesus as my Lord I repented and died to any art work as I believed nothing good could come of it.    Years passed and the only thing I did with this background was make signs or work on VBS programs.  Before the trip to Israel I even dug out old portfolios and asked my husband to burn them as he had access to a very hot furnace!  I sawed sculptures in two, and burned the poured metal ones.  I just wanted to be clean. 
     Then the Lord surprised me! (Our plans are not God's plans!)  Two days before returning to the U.S. and leaving Israel I met a man at Mount Zion Fellowship, who asked me to paint a painting for the Lord, this was after a time of anointing.  This man was Clarence Martin, who is the head of the Christ Jesus Ministry dedicated to the restoration of the arts to God's glory.  I agreed to paint this painting after prayer and a two hour lunch in which my sister and brother-in-law also prayed and listened intently to this man of God.  I said that if I painted it would be very Jewish as that is my heart.  I wondered if he would agree to this as I had run into anti-Semitism in all sorts of places and churches.  He not only agreed to this but encouraged me so much to go forth in this.    Only after agreeing to paint this ( I believe the Lord didn't want me tempted by fame) did Rev. Martin tell me it was for a public exhibit in the United States Senate in Washington D.C.
     Now since this time all the paintings have come differently, but this was the beginning - the commissioning the Lord had spoken of back in New Hampshire and this was a very new direction.  I really was very scared as I didn't know what it was the Lord would have me paint - only that it would be from the Old Covenant and I thought HOW is it going to come about?
     When I got home I went forward for prayer and fell to the ground under the power of God and I saw the Lord's face blowing words all over the painting (this part is not in the painting - just words being blown from a source out of the painting.)  I saw beautiful gold and the Lord Jesus carrying the cross but many things were mysteries and I knew it was going to be an act of obedience to paint and have HIM lead me through the parts I didn't know.  I also knew as he was showing me this painting that the title was to be Isaiah's Love Song.  I didn't even have the paint to paint with at home, as I said I had died to painting and had burned my portfolio so I really started new.  I had ordered paint...the day I returned from Israel and it arrived the day after I had been prayed for.  I wrote down as quickly as the Lord gave them the scriptures from the old covenant pointing to Jesus as Messiah.  Now I painted.  I painted almost continuously for about 48 hours.  But never have I felt such shock and joy as the painting came forth.  I would just sit back and cry as it came forth.  The Lord told me in the beginning that I couldn't sell the painting but it took me longer to understand none of the paintings are to be sold - Love is not for sale - and that they are messages of love for His people.
     I have since been given prophetic words from very different sources that there will be many paintings and that they will amaze the world and He will send me where I need to go.  In the anointing, in 2000, I asked Jesus, " How  can a box be built to carry these all the places you have shown me?"   (Because they are so large - just as he instructed me to make them.)  He just laughed and said, "This in NOT a problem!
     My hearts cry for this painting PARTICULARLY, is that it will be shown publicly in Israel and that the message will finally be understood as has been spoken by the prophet Zechariah in 12:10.  Jesus is the first born son and He was pierced for my transgression.  He is the Savior of the world, Adonai, Elohim, Jehovah Jireh, Jesus our Messiah!!!!!!!!

Isaiah's Love Song - 1998 - 4ft x 6ft
Scriptures covering the painting from the Book of Isaiah, Isaiah 21:11&12, 42:6&7, 11:10 &11, 53: 1-12, 30:19&20, 49:15&16, 16: 5, 40:9
Actual size 6 ft long x 4 ft high
Bottom of page has a full size painting available.
     This painting was shown in the United States Senate, Russell Rotunda, Washington, D.C. in June of 1999 with the Christ Jesus Ministry which is dedicated to the restoration of all the Arts to God's glory.  That ministry is under the direction of Pastor Clarence Martin of Reston, Virginia. 
      The Lord does not allow me to sell these paintings.  I encourage you to make copies from this website for free,  (be blessed)!  Please keep the title with the painting as both painting and title were given to me from the Holy Spirit.
     I am available to speak, teach and minister with or without the paintings.  If you would like to join the mailing list or if you'd like me to minister to your group, please contact me via email.   God Bless You!! 
Why the name... Love Letters from Heaven?
...It's because the paintings are covered in scripture ... As the  rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so IS MY word that goes out from MY mouth:  It will not return to Me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I send it. 
Isaiah 55:10-11  
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There is a progression with the paintings and I display the links below in the order I have received each vision
Testimony is below each painting
This painting was exhibited in the United States Senate, Russell Rotunda, Washington, D.C. in June of 1999
It's true these paintings are not for sale and you cannot buy prints... but you are able to make your own copies off this website for free!   Be blessed...if passing them along please include corresponding testimony and title as all are given to me through the Holy Spirit.

These painted visions are gifts to you.... I hope they  encourage you right now....I can never sell them...they're yours... May you be blessed by the heart of Jesus!
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Break Our Hearts Lord With What Breaks Yours!
Commissioned Work 
Rev. Terri Derocher has been painting visions since October of 1998, the year she made her first pilgrimage to Israel.   Terri  is an ordained minister through Christian Life Church in Spokane, Washington.  She shares what the Holy Spirit instructs her to share - via a painting or words, spoken or written.   She has had an open door to display her paintings in the United States Senate,  Russell Rotunda, in Washington D.C, on three different occasions, under both the Clinton and Bush administrations.       
She is a member of Ministers Fellowship International.  Terri  is also the Healing Room Director for the Northgate Healing Room, affiliated with the  International Healing Room Ministries  headquartered in Spokane, Washington, directed by Cal and Michelle Pierce.  Terri has been on staff with the International Healing Room Ministries in the past as Graphics Department head and was a trainer for the ministry team for two years.  She believes Jesus Christ is the healer and all glory and honor belong to Him and by His stripes (Isaiah 53) we are healed. Jesus finished it all on the cross.  She blesses the work of the Healing Room Ministries and believes the revelation to come forth from that well has only just begun to flow.  
Terri and her husband Michael and sons moved from the East Coast to the West Coast in December of 2000.  They are members at Christian Life Church in Spokane, Washington under the direction of Pastors Barry & Kay Hill.    

Terri rejects "Replacement Theology" and believes Israel has commands and mandates, such as the protection of original Hebrew scrolls intact and occupying the land itself, that "the church" isn't equipped or called to carry out- and yet The Almighty has never released Israel from these same command.

She does believe the promises to Israel also belong to the church because we have been grafted into the original olive tree and therefore, as scripture foretold, it has become possible for all nations to be blessed as Israel has been blessed, through our Messiah, Jesus.  

Terri's goal is to bring the message of our Messiah Jesus, His love, His hope, His joy, His peace, and His salvation to every nation on this earth.  She laughs in joy at what God has done with these paintings while she worships at His feet!  All things are possible through Christ Jesus and she wants to always be His friend.monthly at Pine Lodge Women's Prison in Medical Lake, Washington. 
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