This is the second painting the Lord gave me.  I was in Ashland, Virginia at a wonderful winter camp meeting where glory and revival were flowing around us.  We were praising  the Lord together in this meeting and we had been praying for revival in Texas when suddenly we were in one of those quiet Holy moments when the presence of the Holy Spirit envelopes you and you are suddenly somewhere else
..more testimony below after painting 

                                                                4ft x 5ft

     What is He wanting you to know in this painting?  You are PRECIOUS to Him!  YOU are His bride!  A time of deep refreshing is coming.  As we look at a baby's hand and see such beauty - multiply that.  You can't even do math that high!  YOU are so beautiful.....This is what He sees in you...and here's how this revelation began...........
     As I was standing there, I saw our Lord Jesus with His eyes of fire, not as some describe them - but hot fire eyes full of judgement and when I got close to His face - as He pulled me close they drew me in to encompass everything.  I saw STARS in the fire - but still all in His eyes.  There is no escaping those eyes and they are perfect in truth, perfect in knowledge, perfect in judgement - because that is the correct right thing not because of anger but because of His Holy purity that contains nothing but righteousness.  I was afraid then and said, "O Lord I could never paint you like this.  People would be afraid."  I didn't see anything more at this time during worship.
     Shortly after this (1/2 hr) there came a time of prayer and I went forward to be prayed for.  As the power of God came over me I was unable to stand and immediately in the anointing I again saw my Lord Jesus with the fire eyes.  I said AGAIN, "O Lord I could never paint you like this.  People would be afraid."  Immediately He changed His appearance to the most tender, soft, loving appearance.  His hair was shiney and soft like we think of baby hair (but yet thick).  It hung down on His shoulders and He was reaching out His hand.  At this point I asked Him, "Lord how is this Jewish?"  He has taught me so much since this painting but at this time  (Feb. 1999) I thought I will only be painting very Jewish paintings.
     You will notice I am sharing with you exactly what happened and what was being said between us.  I wonder now  (years later) was He asking me first to paint Him with the fire eyes?)  Also it is remarkable because I know in my heart at that time, I never thought there would be another painting.  Isaiah's Love Song, the first painting, had just been accepted in the Senate show and I considered it a miracle that it had got through the Senate committees.  (This painting and Isaiah's love Song were shown in the United States Senate in June 1999.)  I was totally hidden in the Lord.  God resurrected something I had died to and placed me, someone entirely unknown, with well-known Christian artists from around the world.  Who would have believed it was possible?  IN GOD'S WORLD - ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!
     So as I worshipped there that evening I was so very GRATEFUL and totally unexpecting and of course UNDESERVING but God DESIRES to bless us.  He desires to bless YOU and He knows the best way to do it.  You will never anticipate it before hand.  He will just do it.  God was giving me a second painting and without words being spoken He was telling me this is another painting.
     He changed His appearance and reached out His hand.  When I asked Him, "How is this Jewish?"  He drew me up close.  All I can tell you is I went all over that painting as if I was really small and was flying in a little helicopter or something but of course there wasn't any helicopter.  As He drew me close I noticed He was wearing  a Jewish prayer shawl.  Then He showed me the children.  Where he took me there were about forty children of all DIFFERENT races.  I saw many Jewish children with payees (side curls worn by the Orthodox).  I was beginning to understand.  I saw His payees.  These children were sitting in a semi-circle at His feet.  It was such a big open place.  When I painted this painting I struggled so much because to me the most beautiful thing to see was Jesus so I tried to help you see Him and in so doing left out many things.  There was such love in this place and it was a lush green hillside.  The water trickled down through green moss-like grass.  I was given such a distinct vision as to the sharp white light that fell on Jesus's face and the sky line behind Him.  I knew the background was in Israel, but a man at the Senate show recognized it as the Jerusalem skyline at dusk.  If you have read the testimony on Isaiah's Love Song you know this all started in Israel but this part was a surprise to me as I was thinking stones or something.  I just painted what I saw.  The last thing Jesus showed me as I was lying there in that anointing was that He was standing knee deep in red, white and pink roses.  The roses were just LOOSE - beautiful rose garbage - only of course they were so beautiful and lush and full of dew.
     Now you may have heard, as I had, that the rose of sharon is a very tiny, white fragrant flower that grows in Israel, but about a year after the Senate show I was looking in Webster's dictionary and he  described the rose of sharon as a white, pink and  red -rose like flower - so after seeing it already in the spirit I wonder!
     That evening as I lay in bed still saturated in that anointing I saw streams of scriptures flowing down like confetti and I knew they were from the Song of Songs and that Jesus was giving every bit of this painting.  He said I am a Rose of Sharon --and I knew it was the title.
     What is He wanting you to know in this?  You are PRECIOUS to Him!  YOU are His bride!  A time of deep refreshing is coming.  As we look at a baby's hand and see such beauty - Multiply that.  This is what He sees in you.  God made you and you are good.  He made the roses.  He made you.  He cherishes you so much more than the roses!  You are His best friend.  You are His bride.  There is complete unity in this place He took me.  We all love Jesus and He is our focus.  He has a plan and a purpose FOR YOU!  He knows how to bless you.  He knows how to teach you.  He knows how to change you.  The best place to be is at the feet of Jesus.  Some say He wants His bride at His side and it's TRUE but when YOU see Him you will be at His feet because He is so beautiful!!!
     I always thought - He was a rose of sharon -and He is -but He says to you - YOU are a rose of sharon and He is preparing a place of sweet spice and fragrance just for YOU!!!!!! 

The Lord does not allow me to sell or make money from these paintings.  You can copy them here for free.  I am available to speak, teach and minister with or without the paintings. If you would like me to minister to your group please send me an email and I will contact you.
Scriptures covering painting are all from Song of Songs...
2:11&12, 4:8, 4:12&15, 4:16, 3:3, 5:1, 4:9, 2:14, 1:3, 8:6-7, 2:3&4, 2:1
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This painting was exhibited in the United States Senate, Russell Rotunda, in Washington D.C. in June of 1999
  In 1999 it was prophesied, by one of my sisters, that we will actually be able to smell the roses  at the bottom of this painting, when the painting is being exhibited...I thought well all things are possible with God...even over the internet let me know if you smell the roses!!

INSERT......As of February 2004 these roses ARE being smelled over the internet!!!!


at the bottom of the painting, you ask if anyone smelled roses to let you know.
i smelled roses, but the interesting thing is, it smelled like the rose smell that used to be impregnted on the flyers of the JACSON & PERKINS rose co.
i don't know if they are even still in business, but this is what flashed in my mind, 
Balaam's Donkey 
Rise up 
and walk!
I Am A Rose of Sharon  
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She is a member of Ministers Fellowship International. Terri  is also the Healing Room Director for the Northgate Healing Room, affiliated with the International Healing Room Ministries   headquartered in Spokane, Washington, directed by Cal and Michelle Pierce.  Terri has been on staff with the International Healing Room Ministries in the past as Graphics Department head and was a trainer for the ministry team for two years.  She believes Jesus Christ is the healer and all glory and honor belong to Him and by His stripes (Isaiah 53) we are healed. Jesus finished it all on the cross.  She blesses the work of the Healing Room Ministries and believes the revelation to come forth from that well has only just begun to flow.  
Terri and her husband Michael and sons moved from the East Coast to the West Coast in December of 2000.  They are members at Christian Life Church in Spokane, Washington under the direction of Pastors Barry & Kay Hill.    

She prays for the protection of Israel.  Terri rejects "Replacement Theology" and believes Israel has commands and mandates, such as the protection of original Hebrew scrolls intact and occupying the land itself, that "the church" isn't equipped or called to carry out- and yet The Almighty has never released Israel from these same commands.  She does believe the promises to Israel also belong to the church because we have been grafted into the original olive tree and therefore, as scripture foretold, it has become possible for all nations to be blessed as Israel has been blessed, through our Messiah, Jesus.  

Terri's goal is to bring the message of our Messiah Jesus, His love, His hope, His joy, His peace, and His salvation to every nation on this earth.  She laughs in joy at what God has done with these paintings while she worships at His feet! 
Rev. Terri Derocher has been painting visions since October of 1998, the year she made her first pilgrimage to Israel.   Terri  is an ordained minister through Christian Life Church in Spokane, Washington.  She shares what the Holy Spirit instructs her to share - via a painting or words, spoken or written. She has had an open door to display her paintings in the United States Senate,  Russell Rotunda, in Washington D.C, on three different occasions, under both the Clinton and Bush administrations. 
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