Thu, 16 Nov 2000 

      Today is a wonderful day. This is the day the Lord has made and I will
 be GLAD in it!!!!! I am so thankful today for our Lord Jesus, for what He
 is doing in our country in this election, for making known the things that
 were hidden. I am anticipating a huge wave of LOVE that is going to be 
 released  in the spirit realm and is being released.
 God is releasing provision for healing of the broken hearts. He had me
 sing and proclaim in the name of Jesus Christ---LET MY PEOPLE GO!!!!!!!!!
 As never before we MUST move into a new place --a place of profound love.
 In this place me must Bless and not Curse. Stop cursing your brother - he
 is part of you!!!!Pray for revelation knowledge and Mercy to be poured out
 on you as you pray over everyone involved in this election. These people are
 our brothers and sisters and the enemy is the one who has cloaked and covered
 them (and some of you!)in fear. We don't know the demons of manipulation
 these precious ones are plagued with in the night- but we proclaim in Jesus
 name there is coming deliverance and healing for the multitudes. The
 provision is not denied to any who are seeking help, just call on the name
 of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jehovah - Jireh He is our provider. Jehovah - Nissi
 YOU are our banner. Adonai you are our father. Jehovah - Shalom, you are
 our PEACE. Ruach Ha Kodesh -you are our comforter. Jesus Christ you
 are our Messiah, the savior of the world!!!
  Rise up people of God - protect your brother in the spirit. Proclaim
 reconciliation to the races in Jesus name. There are gaps in the wall that
 can only be filled by the one person God has called to fill that spot. YOUR
 racism is causing your brother or sister to fear coming forward to fill
 that gap.NOW is the time to speak peace and hope and thanksgiving to the 
Jewish  people. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. NOW is the time to speak
 repentance and hope and thanksgiving to African - Americans who were used
 to birth the Pentecostal movement -worldwide. They have paid such a price
 for this blessing of the Holy Spirit. Pray in Thanksgiving for the United
 States of America and the SHOFAR she has been to the world -proclaiming- 
 give me  your tired and your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free. Thank
 God for the Irish and Polish and Italian and Korean and Vietnamese and
 French and Spanish and Mexican and Swedish and Russian and Cuban and
 Ugandan immigrants........(name all the nationalities) who have Blessed
 this country with their wonderful work ethic and passions and hopes and 
 Faith.   Each one of you are beautiful colors that make the canvas complete. We all
 want to return to our FIRST love - our Lord Jesus. You ARE our first love.
 I proclaim in Jesus name multitudes are going to fall in Love with you for
 the first time. It is finished in the spirit, you did it. You called us to
 fast, we prayed and now we proclaim the good news......
 America, America -God shed HIS grace on the thee and crowned thy
 good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea........
 WE LOVE YOU LORD JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 In the Love of Jesus Christ-
  T.  Derocher 

Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 10:17:20 -0800

Subject: A Pipe Line of Forgiveness......

I submit this as a prayer and hope for our country.
In the Love of Jesus Christ, Terri Derocher

I am so utterly grieved today and will try to pour my heart into this
media so you can join me in prayer and supplication to Adonai, our Lord Jesus
Christ and the Ruach Ha Kodesh (the Holy Spirit who is utterly grieved). We
are entwined in ropes of sin - We - being the United States of America.

Many in this country voted because of a lack of faith in God, they chose
to protect their pocket books and they voted in fear because they saw giants
in the land (Deut.1:19-46). These giants were fears, a fear for their precious
economy which made them rich, a fear for our educational system, a fear of
racial strongholds being established.  WHO IS GOD? You choose.  Do you
believe His arm is too short to SAVE? Do you believe our God, Adonai, Jesus
our Messiah, the Ruach Ha Kodesh does not care enough for you precious
one that he would not go before you and fight your battles for YOU? Some of
you are Pastors (shepherds of the most High God) who chose to vote in such
a way. Some of you are Rabbis (teachers to the unlearned). You voted out of
fear, not faith!

Some of you believed if you voted for the man (George W. Bush) who
promised to tear down the strongholds from hell established in the last 30
years (the tearing down of prayer, the legal right to kill our own unborn
children, even as they slip from the womb to take their first breath, the condoning and
encouragement of same sex unions, the dishonoring of parents encouraged in
our society) you would be risking your own security and comfort. You trust
your own minds and hearts more than you trust your God. REPENT of your
unbelief.  REPENT of your sin which has thrown this country into such unrest.
Rabbis--You have protected the Law of God through all these centuries, so
that not one jot or tittle has changed... so that we can see with our own
eyes the sin ... that God calls sin. You have not allowed the least change in the Torah so
that we can see that murder is sin, so that we can see that same sex unions
are an abomination to God.  Praise God for your faithfulness in this matter to
protect the word of God in ALL times, even throughout the holocaust and yet
to ACCOMODATE man and his sin you have perverted the word of God and
have voted liberally so as not to offend man.  YOU OFFEND your GOD!!!!

You precious grieved ones who know the truth, we have just been delivered
a great tool from God. Take a good look at our country after this election.
Take a good look at the media coverage virtually everywhere on the major
channels. Cry out to God!!!!! We NOW know the extent of our nations sin.
We now know the condition of our brothers hearts. Have mercy on them as
you pray and ask our God to show them their sin. Ask Him to show us OUR
SIN!!! Change us Lord.  Break our hearts with what breaks yours.  Some of
these people are our own relatives.---- Forgive us Lord God for not being bold
enough in our convictions to have shouted the truth from the highest mountain.
Forgive us Lord God for fearing man instead of fearing you.   Forgive us Holy
Spirit for squelching you and going our own way!! Forgive us my Lord Jesus for
taking your atonement on Calvary,  your shed Blood as less than sufficient to
meet all our needs. YOU ARE OUR NEED!! Help us Lord God to pray.  

WE ASK FOR MORE FAITH!! These people are our brothers and sisters, blinded
by the enemy.  Help us to lead the blind, not shove them over the cliff.
Fill us with your perfect love that casts out all Fear.----- We ask all these
things in your name Lord Jesus.-----

Our battle is against principalities and powers, not against our own
flesh and blood. Stay on your faces saints of God!!!!!!!!!!!!

I proclaim in Jesus Name that such a refining, such a cleaning is
coming!!  Our Lord God himself will reach down and clean the unlovely. He will perfect the vessels and create and build a new foundation in the United States of America. This foundation will be a pipe line to the poverty stricken. This pipe line will carry love. It will carry food. It will carry forgiveness. It will carry the gold and silver needed to establish God's mandates for countries all over this world. This pipe line will carry hope. This pipeline will carry forgiveness......Let it be so Lord Jesus.

Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 20:12:05 -0800
Subject: Am I one of These Three?

Am I one of these three?
By Terri Derocher

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done
again....Eccl: 1: 9 Politics are nothing new. We can LEARN a new
thing though and we can learn from the past. This is the one of the
purposes of the word of God -that we would learn from our brothers
mistakes and therefore change our ways and bring Glory to God.

A spiritually rich lesson in 1 Kings 13 could've happened in the
year 2000 and it is as relevant today as when it unfolded then.... By
word of the Lord a man of God came from Judah to Bethel, as
Jeroboam was standing by the altar to make an offering. He cried out
against the altar by the word of the Lord: O altar, altar! This is what
the Lord says: "A son named Josiah will be born to the house of
David. On you he will sacrifice the priests of the high places who now
make offerings here, and human bones will be burned on you." That
same day the man of God gave a sign: "This is the sign the Lord has
declared: The altar will be split apart and the ashes on it will be
poured out." 1Kings13:1-3 (NIV). (It all happened just as he said)

In this piece of history from the bible we learn of a nameless, pure, 
holy set apart man of God who is sent on an errand to a king. The
Lord could've sent anyone He wanted. This man was on a God-
appointed mission and was fasting to prepare him for this job and he
had his orders directly from God. There was no middle man.

Now there was an "old" prophet from Bethel (perhaps well known in
his time). He had heard and known about the abomination that was
going on in Jeroboam's government and the old prophet's sons had let
him know God was finally dealing with this situation and a young man
of God had been sent to deliver a word to the king. The result had been
the altar splitting open, the king's hand shriveling and the king's
subsequent request to the young man for intercession with the Lord for
healing. Now the old prophet HAD to meet this young man of God, so
he had his donkey saddled and rode after the man of God. Now
perhaps this old prophet had not heard from the Lord himself in a long
time and he knew what the anointing of the Lord felt like and he was
sooooo DRY!!!!!! He was probably also so excited that King Jeroboam
was finally being dealt with. He was also desperate and STRIVING!!!!
He is so desperate he runs after the man of God and convinces the
man of God that he has heard from the Lord and he tells the man of
God he is to come home and eat with him.

The young man of God lacks trust in his own hearing of the word of
the Lord. (He's been told not to break his fast until he fulfills the orders
the Lord has given him) BUT he BREAKS his fast anyway. His purity
and faithfulness is snatched from him because he esteems the
opinion (and flattery) of this old prophet more than the direct orders he
has heard from God.

Do we see our reflection in this man??? Are we running here and
there wanting confirmation of what God has told us when he has
confirmed His word over and over to us!!!!!!!! Maybe you are sixteen
years old, maybe you are 67, it doesn't really matter because God
wants one thing from you. Obedience.

Am I the old prophet .... instead of waiting on the Lord and closing
myself in with Him and seeking Him in fasting and prayer do I form
and build schemes that SEEM like the anointing???? Do I make
plans myself because I am impatient and hardened? Do you see your
reflection here....?

And then there is King Jeroboam......who saw the power of God
before his very eyes as the altar was split open.....then FELT the
mercy of God as his shriveled hand was restored........and then
continued his evil ways ANYWAY, and once more appointed priests
for the high places from all sorts of people....This was the sin that led
to the downfall of the house of Jeroboam and it's destruction from the
face of the earth. (1Kings 13: 1-34) To be a Jeroboam is the worst.
To see the miracles of God - to feel his presence in your very body
and then to walk away -unchanged----this is a blaspheming of the
Holy Spirit!!!

We must be obedient. We are judged by a higher standard. This
precious young man of God was given a SACRED job. We are given
sacred jobs. No calling is higher than to be a servant of the most high
GOD and yet he (and we at times) have esteemed a man over God.
He feared his discernment wasn't right. God removed him from the
battle because of this mistake.

The young man of God dies, mauled by a lion who stands (along
with the young man's donkey) guard over the body until the old prophet
comes along to bury his body. (The old prophet finally did hear a word
from the Lord after he lied about hearing it) I believe the lion not eating
him or mauling the donkey was also in obedience to God and there was
a sacred justice in this death. The old prophet esteemed his own
feelings, and the "moments gratification" as the most important thing.
(He knew the anointing of the Lord was present with the young man
and he HAD to be part of it) He placed his desires higher than the Lord's
truth. He reaped sorrow instead of glory..... He mournfully had to bury
the young man he had led astray.

We don't want to be any of the three examples and yet most of us
run (or have run) after man at some time and have sought our own
gratification and edification and glory at the cost of God's will and truth.
Over the past year the Lord keeps bringing me back to this lesson in 1
Kings because I know I haven't learned it yet. I have been guilty of
wanting a word from the Lord. I have been guilty of striving and not
resting in what I know the Lord has spoken to be true.

Peace comes when it is God (with me). Do you know what I mean?
Him speaking, me listening and resting and obeying-listening to HIS
voice not man's!!!!!!! Let's do what He says when He says it - then
we are covered in His perfect will. Man can do with it whatever he will
and that is God's business TOO because He is our defender and
refuge and strong shield and we are covered in the blood of the lamb, 
our Lord Jesus.

I am excited when I read this story even again and again because it
is layer upon layer and God only peels the next layer off after I have
fully learned the last one. This is the good part - to be teachable and
trainable- and we have the BEST teacher!!!!!

It is better to be corrected by the Lord than almost anything but it is
usually very shocking!! We usually talk ourselves out of our lesson 
(telling ourselves we are being persecuted). But God finds a way to tell
us so we know it's Him. He once wanted to tell me I was hard-hearted.
If he had just told me that I would have thought it was the enemy but he
woke me with the sentence. -- You are recalcitrant!!! I had no idea what
that was and had to look it up in Webster’s where I was quickly
humiliated and corrected and KNEW it was Him--but He makes it easy.

There is a command in the end of Ecclesiastes 12:13 which says:
Fear God and keep His commandments
for this is the whole duty of man,
For GOD will bring every deed into judgment,
including EVERY hidden thing, whether it is good or
Our job is really very small............ we must JUST obey.

In the Love and hope of OUR Lord Jesus Christ-
T. Derocher

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Am I one of These Three? Tue, 5 Dec 2000 

LET MY PEOPLE GO!!!!!! Thu, 16 Nov 2000 
A Pipe Line of Forgiveness...... Fri, 10 Nov 2000 

Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 12:01:21 -0800

The Power of The Blessing....
By Terri Derocher

Are you REALLY aware of the power of prayer and the blessing of

Sometimes we are an army of soldiers...so strong... like a stallion
whose muscles ripple under his skin....but now picture that stallion
blind-folded and scared ---backed into the corner of an OPEN stall.
He is terrified to venture forth and all that power - that big, powerful body is just a quivering nuisance. He feels like a bumbling pile of flesh and in fact his big body works against his efforts.

We are that stallion at times. We are an army, blind-folded -
surrounded by freedom and power. We are blinded soldiers with tools
laying all around us that we don't pick up, many times because we are
ignorant of just what power is in them -- God-given power from our
Lord Jesus to do battle against the enemy. Sometimes our head
knowledge about our circumstances is a big body of stuff working
against the plan of God in our lives.

The blessing of God is a weapon we don't always understand or
use (maybe because it is simple and therefore SEEMS ineffective).
When fathers pick up this tool and bless their wives and children they
are welding a big sickle which cuts away curses (perhaps spoken
even by there selves in ignorance and rage). It is a new day, leave the
past and start blessing your family. Wives and mothers stop
complaining about your situation to the Lord. He is more aware of
your situation than you will ever be. Do you think He's not?????????
He has given you such POWER woman of God. Use it!!!!!!! And to
you--single parents - abandoned by a spouse who always cursed you
and your children. Do you think God is limited by those
circumstances?? HE IS THE RESTORER OF ALL THINGS!!!!! He is
a cleansing shower of purity and righteousness. Go to your prayer
closet mighty man of God whom the Lord CHERISHES. He knows
your pain. Worship and Praise Him in the midst of the fire!! (Daniel 3)
He is asking you ALL to pray as you go about your daily work. Be open
and available to the Holy Spirit. Bless everyone the Lord tells you to.
Bless sections of the country. God Bless you New England!!!!!!!!!. Go
Forth in the way of the Lord. Bless our country!!!! Bless foreign
countries. (Can you see it?? We are chopping away strongholds of
the enemy!!!!)

We are like the servant of Elisha who didn't know the size of the
army fighting WITH him. Elisha asked the Lord to open the servants
eyes. He said to the servant, "Don't be afraid, those who are with us
are more than those who are with THEM." And Elisha prayed, "O Lord,
open his eyes so he may see." Then the Lord opened the servant's
eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire
ALL AROUND Elisha!!! 2 Kings 6:16& 17.

I want and ask you for more faith Lord Jesus. I ask it for those
reading these words. I ask that OUR eyes would be opened and that
WE would become aware of the power you have placed in us through
your Holy Spirit.

Maybe right now some of you are overwhelmed with financial
problems and personal problems, one thing after another keeps
happening which seems to be burying you alive. Know that God IS
NOT overwhelmed with your problem and has a great solution for you
if you would only still yourself enough to come into His presence and
ask Him what it is He would have you do about it!!!! See again in the
spirit the huge muscular horse fighting the confines of an open stall, 
when if he would calm down and possibly even rest a moment the
blind might be lifted from his eyes and he would see there is really
nothing to fear..........

God Bless you in the name of Jesus Christ !! -Terri Derocher

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The Power of the Blessing  Fri, 5 Jan 2001 

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Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 12:19:06 -0800

Subject: Intimacy with the King.....

Intimacy with the King.............. This is our hearts desire Lord. I
remember the witness of Corrie Tenboom locked in solitary confinement with her precious little ants for company.... the Lord Jesus stayed with and met her in new ways in that dark cell and then in Ravensbruck the womens Nazi extermination camp) the Lord met her again (in the wee morning in freezing temperatures) as He displayed His love for her in the beauty of the birds in flight above her..... He was there in the midst of the darkness.......still there .... still loving..... I will never leave you or forsake you. If he sends us there let us go......... as Lydia Prince went to Jerusalem in the 1940's to save the life of
one small child whom the Lord loves...a huge ministry of obedience was born amidst even cockroaches and bullets.....We can become so isolated from His Love when He is still here ....still loving...still desiring intimacy with us.

Are you one of those God has quickly rearranged in the end of the year
2000?? Are you thousands of miles from home???? Our Jesus is still here
and He has a mighty plan with intimacy in mind. Israel, Israel, Israel—He loves you so much........let's pray AGAIN for the peace of Jerusalem. Pray that what God has restored (as prophesied by the prophets of OLD) will remain and that everyone in the land will know who it is that protects little Israel......Pray for the protection of those who go when God says go and who teach when God says teach and who wipe little noses when God says love as I love. Today see men and women alone all over the world...some scrubbing floors on their hands and knees for the Glory of God some sweating in immense heat to translate the Bible into a new language ... some in black prison cells because they will not take back the statement that Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha Mashiach) is the Savior of the world. Jesus Christ brings joy in
the midst of every situation-even to those surrounded by persecutors. Don't dwell on their shortcomings ...dwell on the glorious mercy of Christ to YOU.  Dwell on His glorious beauty and strength and sense of humor (yes sense of humor) and upon His dominion.

What would He have YOU do today? Will you pray for the children in
Uganda? There are over two million orphan children in Uganda due to the Aids virus. Can you help? Can you go help? Can you adopt a child?

Can you dance right now for the King of Kings and the Lord of
Lords---tell Him how much you love him... WE LOVE YOU LORD JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tell Him how much you trust Him.....ASK for more faith...........

In the love of Jesus Christ- Terri Derocher

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Intimacy with the King.....Thu, 4 Jan 2001

Elijah’s Gone .......The Cloak Is Lying There  Wed, 10 Jan 2001 

Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 14:09:29 -0800
Subject: Elijah’s Gone ....... The Cloak Is Lying There....

Early in our Christian walk we are taught the scripture passage from 2 Kings 2:2 of the mantle being passed from Elijah to Elisha but the rest of the story (Elisha struggling on alone) is less well known and I don't recall being taught about it. The Lord brought it to my mind and I need to learn from it.

I have been thinking about this new (suddenly all-alone, out on his own) servant of God trying to find his way and even wondering if he was angry, and sad at his best friend and teachers departure. Was he scared? The fear of the Lord would have been all encompassing but he was still in that half-way house of fear of man!

If we look back at the scripture in a less familiar place, 2 Kings 2:13. We find Elijah's gone and the cloak is lying there. Elisha has just torn his garments in complete agony and mourning. Even though he has followed his master all this distance and made his request, he is still shocked at what's happened. He expected his master to leave - but this separation- could he EVER have imagined what he has just witnessed!! He picks up the cloak that has fallen from Elijah and goes back and stands on the bank of the Jordan ................ I wonder for how long?

I believe he was crying in complete abandon, standing there, and
was at a complete loss emotionally to understand what it was he just
saw. Maybe he smelled that cloak of his masters as he held it. It was
all that was left of him. I believe it took a while before the thought came to DO ANYTHING with that cloak. Everything had changed. It is a defining moment of his life and he cannot turn around and go back the same man he came. He is a new creation. He feels all alone. The Lord's anointing is in place and the responsibility was surely felt....There was no going back to ANYTHING familiar.

God doesn't want us going back either, clinging to those old familiar patterns, those comforting old teachers---- calling up those old friends, or eating yesterdays manna! He wants us to BE.....TOTALLY....... dependant on HIM and to walk a new road...............

THEN Elisha strikes the water with the cloak. You can hear the fear and anxiety in his voice as he calls "Where now is the Lord, the God of Elijah?" He is wondering if He has been abandoned by his Lord also. I don't think it was a gesture of confidence to strike the water, but was (he thought)... a futile attempt to move forward. When he struck the water it divided to the right and to the left, and he crossed over. I believe it was a surprise to him.

It's all really just begun for Elisha............ 2 Kings 2:15 - 18. The company of the prophets from Jericho, WHO WERE WATCHING, said, "The spirit of Elijah is resting on Elisha." And they went to meet him and BOWED to the ground before him.........then they begin to question and test him. NEXT SENTENCE!! They want him to go look for Elijah (or his body) on the mountains and in the valleys and
THEY'RE supplying all the help he needs. Elisha KNOWS what has just transpired. He doesn't need to look anywhere. He has just seen the glory of the Lord and his master was taken up into it!!! YET....somehow he is INTIMIDATED at this moment.

It is such a little passage and yet it speaks so much. Here were these huge groups of prophets at the time. Companies of prophets were located in all these places. 2KINGS 2: 1-15 Elijah and Elisha have just passed through all these locations and now the last group, from Jericho, have followed them to see just what was going on. They witness everything from a distance (but perhaps like the companions
of Saul on the road to Damascus were just given a tiny piece of the reality that was really occurring). Now they want answers!!

What was Elisha going through right then? It had to be such a mix of emotions!! Huge loss, huge promotion, huge fear (of the Lord) and now these guys which have been chasing and bugging and testing Elisha are here bowing on the ground to him --ACTING --like they are in total submission to the authority God has just placed on Elisha.  Then they get up and tell him he should go look for Elijah!

Elisha tells them no, --I don't need your help! Don't send the men.  But they persist until he is too ashamed to refuse.............Now ashamed in Webster’s says: feeling humiliated or embarrassed, as from a sense of inadequacy or inferiority...and when we go to the Hebrew root it is a word that is an epithet of Satan (a characteristic)....and the meaning of epithet is--....added... to put on....many times disparagingly. I believe Elisha was being smeared with shame!! He gives in and tells the prophets to send the men, who search for three
days and of course find nothing... They return to Elisha who tells them
"Didn't I tell you not to go."

That's it... end of subject. The next passage describes Elisha's first miracle. What was going on here? I actually take great comfort in this part of Elisha's testimony because we have to learn the same things about intimidation Elisha had to learn and we have the same - never- changing Lord to lead us through it all.

God is not surprised at our surprises. God is prepared for our agony and pain and has a medicine chest of supply to heal it with. We are a beautiful creation which grows stronger in trials. We become more compassionate with heartbreak. We become wise when faced with injustice. Then we learn to become just because it is how we would want to be treated. We see the outcome of kindness. We see
the outcome of lying and treachery and if trying to become Christ-like, we will try to change and we will ask the Lord to change us. Our faith is increased with success AND failure (when we finally understand why we've failed.)

That day Elisha moved on in a new authority and God is going to
bring us through our trials ....to the other side also..............

You know I must add that maybe someone has had a revelation of this whole teaching, maybe even hundreds of people over the ages, but I really believe God wants it poured out new and it is new for me!!!.  Each of us must consume the word of God until it is digested in OUR own body. Each generation is responsible for that generation.....so no matter what your age is .....Keep feeding that hunger with the word of God!!!---

In the Love of Jesus Christ- Terri Derocher

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Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 23:19:09 -0800
John Ashcroft-- strong enough to stand!!!!!!!

Recently while lying sick with the flu the Lord showed me a vision about John Ashcroft. I am asking you to pray with me that the Lord will bring this vision to fruition.

I saw John Ashcroft as a flimsy see-through garment that MAN had
discarded onto a heap of other discarded people. He was blowing
sideways in the wind as he was thrown on this pile. THEN I saw the Lord
come and pick him up by the shoulders (with his back to me) and I saw
the Lord then begin to build LAYER UPON LAYER onto him until he was
a very strong and thick veneered body which didn't EVEN BEND in the
wind! In case you are unaware of what I am talking about President-elect Bush has nominated Mr. Ashcroft as his attorney general. I am asking you to pray for this mans protection and appointment. He has stood up for the unborn.

Fall to your knees army of GOD and take your places in the name of
JESUS CHRIST and PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the prayer of a
righteous man availeth much!!!!!!! 

It's not by MIGHT. It's not by Power but BY MY SPIRIT
sayeth the Lord God of Hosts-- Zech 4:6. It doesn't MATTER what the
media say and do---it is the spirit of the Living God doing the battle!!!!!!

God Bless John Ashcroft in the name of Jesus Christ!!!!!!!

God Bless you in the name of Jesus Christ- Terri Derocher

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John Ashcroft-- Strong Enough To Stand!!!!!!! Sun, 14 Jan 2001 

Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 23:19:09 -0800

Subject: Beauty in Prison.....

My family and I have just completed a cross- country move from the
east coast to the west and besides the usual stress of moving, finding a church, new job, new schools; we have been bombarded with sickness.
As soon as one sickness leaves it seems a new one comes. Now I
absolutely, completely believe in healing. My youngest son has had it
prophesied over him that he is going to be a healer for the Lord. We have laid hands on each other and anointed with oil and truly believed we've been healed... and yet we have been allowed to go through the most violent bout of sicknesses.

I have just come out from the deep fog of this sickness and I need to
share what the Lord was speaking to me through it.

He spoke for the last two days about Joseph in prison. I believe this
is important because at this time there have been many men with Joseph
anointings called forth. These men are going to be pipe lines of provision for the plans of God world-wide but RIGHT NOW I believe many, many of you are going through deep trials--for God's glory!!!!

Joseph experienced many heartbreaking trials as we all know but he
also had a very early closeness with the Lord. Remember his vision of his brothers bowing down to him and even his father and mother as the sun and the moon. This was a gift from God as is every precious vision from the Lord. Every word that has been spoken over YOU is a gift from God for you to cling to in YOUR prison!!

Now the Lord was speaking to me specifically about Joseph in prison, 
not the pit, and not about betrayal but about Joseph’s attitude and outlook while in prison. I know it sounds really weird but this sickness opened my eyes to be able to see REAL heartbreak better. In Genesis 39:20-23 & 40:1-23 we see Joseph in prison. When we read the passages we see the Lord was with Joseph and favor was granted to Joseph even in prison. But yesterday I was seeing Joseph IN prison. In the face of endless heartbreak and betrayal and now not even being able to see the light of day here was Joseph still filled with hope and a good attitude? He was working and scrubbing old rock walls, finding beauty in those walls and making each place he was living and working in ...a better place. His attitude was so evident people came to him to talk and to confide their fears and really to just have Joseph cheer them up. I think he told jokes and spread hope to everybody--and he was in a hopeless situation!!!! He didn’t feel sorry for himself and I believe he remembered his dreams from the LORD and he TRUSTED God that they were going to come to pass. Now his father thought he was dead, but Joseph didn't know that, perhaps he thought his Dad was going to come rescue him, irregardless I believe Joseph LOOKED for rescue and knew it was coming- he just didn't know from where.

You know we get in these situations sometimes where God is cooking
us in an oven. I have had people come to me for prayer and knew God was
doing something with that person and I was to stay out of God's way, even in the way I prayed. I believe God has been doing that with ME lately and maybe with you. I know he knows the perfect circumstances to put in my life to bring about the changes he knows I need.

And today the Lord gave me the scripture Psalm 66:10-12 ...... For you, 
O God, tested us; you refined us as silver.....YOU brought us into prison and laid burdens on our backs. You let men ride over our heads; we went through fire and water, but you brought us to a place of abundance!!!!!

To close we know God is in control. Nothing can touch us that doesn’t
pass before Him first. No matter what the enemy’s intent with our prison or pain----God has his higher purposes. We know that in all things God works for the GOOD, of those who have been called, ACCORDING TO HIS

God Bless you in the name of Jesus Christ- Terri Derocher

Beauty in Prison..... Sun, 14 Jan 2001 
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Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 19:52:45 -0800
Subject: Swift Deep waters........

Today I understand so completely the comfort that a warning word
can bring. Difficult days are so much more bearable when we are
warned they are coming. Then when they come we say oh yes, a word
from the Lord was given that this exact thing would be happening........
Then we know our heavenly Father so loves us he warns us of the
discomfort, pain, heartache or trial ahead.

We are swimming deeply in these dark waters Lord but we know you
are still with us.....we ask you right now Lord that you would strengthen us and help us stay afloat.

We PRAISE YOU LORD JESUS that our new president has been
sworn into office. We know that it is only by YOUR MERCY that he is in
office. We humbly bow before your all-powerful justice, beauty & grace.
We are very small down here Lord but YOU STILL CARE for our
EVERY need and we thank you for warning all those who have prayed for
this election that persecution would follow and Lord Jesus we thank you
that we can share in any persecution because of your plan!!! YOU are
worthy of all praise Lord Jesus. We ask you to change us Lord. We ask
that you change our nation. We ask that WE would not forget your mercy
and grace to us when we have deserved your wrath.

YOUR faithfulness is Forever. Man's plans fail, but your plans STAND
forever. We ask you to rip our hypocrisy away. We ask to be stripped of
our stinking pride. We ask for wisdom to understand the times. We ask
that you would prepare us for tomorrow.

You Lord Jesus ARE worthy of all our Praise. We lay OUR programs
down. WE lay OUR ministries down. Crush and rip apart our plans if they
are not of you. We want YOU Lord Jesus. We want to be YOUR servants.
What do you want us to do Lord? We will WATCH.... and we will CHEER....
and we will PRAISE.... and we will DANCE.... as YOU do the battle Lord, 
each stroke to the sound of the tambourine as it is written in your HOLY word!! (Every stroke the Lord lays on them with His punishing rod will BE TO THE MUSIC OF TAMBORINES AND HARPS.... as HE.... fights them
in battle with the blows of His arms. Isaiah 30:32

We are the blind Lord. We ask you to lead us out of this deep water -
this deep darkness..........and you say........ "I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them, I will turn the darkness into LIGHT before them and make the rough places smooth.
These are the things I will do; I WILL NOT FORSAKE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isaiah 42:16

(Psalm 42:7)

Consume us Lord Jesus, all our evil ways......create in us a clean heart O God and renew a right spirit within us.
And the Lord would say to us PREPARE YE THE WAY OF THE LORD; 

Lord Jesus send a spirit of repentance on ME, send it on my house,
send it on our nation, send it on our world................

........Build us up Lord in your spirit and power, make us strong!
NAME !!!!!!!!!!!

In the Love of Jesus Christ- Terri Derocher

 Swift Deep waters........ Sun, 21 Jan 2001 

Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 22:01:51 -0800
Subject: The Deceitfulness Of My Own Heart....

I am just so heartbroken. Please pray for those in Indonesia. I received a call at 3:30 last night about another church in danger of being taken over by local Muslims. To me it feels like attacks on many fronts and I know the Lord is calling us to press in--in more faith, more trust and for me (and I believe the body too)--more hope.

Thank you and God Bless you in the name of Jesus Christ - Terri Derocher

I am so overwhelmed with us. We are so full of ourselves. We are so
full of hatred and prejudice. We think we are not but then like a dandelion pulled from the ground with the tap root broken off -the weed then creeps back to the surface and even hides itself among the flowers. We are vessels designed for HOLDING the Holy Spirit of God and when we are full of this bitter vile stuff we are corroding the vessel and before we know it –cracks appear all over the vessel and slime grows on the inside, and we become unfit for use. I am overwhelmed with politics in the church. I am overwhelmed with my own heart and the deceitfulness of it. I feel helpless when I watch politics
entering the purest of vessels- those who are panicking because of some
unmet need in the church. In their fear they gravitate toward those they know are wealthy ....thinking and striving and wondering -maybe this person is the provision we are looking for in this present crisis? (James 2: 2-4). I am overwhelmed with the smothering of the Holy Spirit in the name of keeping the peace. What peace is THERE when the HOLY SPIRIT is crushed????? O LORD FORGIVE ME FOR MY LACK OF COURAGE!! We need you so desperately---please remove this lack of vision for your church and replace it with your light!! Only you know Lord the desperateness of the hour.

Please defend your little Christian churches in Indonesia----Stop the
swallowing up of your little spots of light. Lord Jesus, I claim your Blood as protection for those laboring in the field. We claim your Blood as our protection too—even though there is NOTHING good we have done -we KNOW YOU are our only hope!!!! We ask and pray for unity in your body.

PLEASE LORD break the walls down!!! Help us stop stereo-typing one
another. Help us stop worshiping the ones you have anointed and start
giving you ALL the glory. If we must wear bags on our heads so be it!!!!!
Wring us dry of this stuff that fills us up...replace it with your precious HOLY SPIRIT. Help us Lord Jesus....

Thank you and God Bless you in the name of Jesus Christ - Terri Derocher

The Deceitfulness Of My Own Heart.... Sun, 28 Jan 2001 
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Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 22:55:08 -0800
Subject: Hadassah----Myrtle

by Terri Derocher

Hadassah -Myrtle- the Lord has been speaking about her to me and I
am so excited because I'm finally understanding a new thing. This is
Esther's Hebrew name, Hadassah. It means Myrtle, BUT ANOTHER

Now some of you who know me KNOW I am passionate about protecting
the Jewish remnant! Last winter I was invited to study Torah & Talmud with a Rabbi and I have a much better understanding of the heart of scripture and oral tradition taught from the Jewish perspective. It is completely amazing -- the differences we have about the same subject (but for that matter there is so much difference even between interpretations within Jewish tradition!!).

Sometimes studying scripture is like walking around a vase with the light coming through a window across the room. As we circle the vase the shadows are cast in different ways and some things go dark (that we thought were so important) while others are illuminated like little jewels.

Today I am seeing a new book of Esther. If you ever have studied Esther
and Purim you know that reference to God directly is never made in the entire book. It is the only book in the Bible that does this. Even this is very much for His purposes. The lessons taught are...... to be faithful to Him means to be faithful to His people.....Humble faithfulness can lead to large responsibilities.....Humble obedience can lead to opportunities to serve.....Positions of influence bring responsibility to act for God's people.....Human pride often leads to humiliation......God's people will experience vindication....eventually! & BRAVE action for God's people bring's

Now with this ground work laid I really can hardly type, I am so excited.  But here it is....All those things are descriptions of the job of THE BRIDE OF CHRIST!!!! I believe also that there are jobs God has for us to do that would be so easy for Him to do but they are jobs He has created for US where we exercise our little spiritual muscles. The book of Esther has always been a great encouragement for the Jewish people because that too was an appointed job to exercise faith and spiritual muscles. Now .... I am speaking to THOSE right now who have a HUGE burning desire to see ALL Israel saved!!!! (As it is spoken of in Romans chapter 11)-----LISTEN----- WE corporately are Esther. I have been crying out that God would send forth another Esther to save the Jewish remnant and of course His "HADASSAH" is already here and it is YOU!!!!

Now what did Esther have the wisdom to do in the face of disaster when
all the Jews were going to be wiped out by the enemy of God???? She
called a fast--(Esther 4:15&16).... Humbling ourselves in fasting together is truly admitting and submitting to God that we have no power in and of ourselves to help or save ourselves. It is a huge CORPORATE, SPIRITUAL CRY FOR HELP!!!!!!!!

Now there has already been a cry to begin a fast on February 1st.
Perhaps we are being called from different corners for seemingly different reasons for fasting!!!!!! But as with any fast we begin with one reason and God has another!!! We are changed and refined in the process. I just ask you to consider....(know that there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus!) Romans 8:1...and to tell you that if God is the one truly calling you to fast, He will MAKE IT possible. When you are on a God-ordained fast he fills your belly with real food from the scriptures- I am not kidding, for His GLORY he makes it easy. There are periods of testing, especially in the end of a long fast but He will allow NO hindering spirits to steal HIS fast from you!!!!

Now maybe you fasted for the election.....that was only the beginning!!!!  God is calling us to higher and higher places as someone has just reminded me in an article he sent. GOD has such a plan that we WILL see unfold!!!!!

I hope the passion I feel for the promises of God is coming across
in this word. We can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens
US, but we need to humble ourselves and ask for help!!

In the love of Jesus Christ- Terri Derocher

Hadassah----Myrtle  Wed, 31 Jan 2001
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Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 14:06:48 -0800
Subject: ...The Hammer Was A Wheel Chair!!!!

I have been thinking about handicaps. I am talking now about physical handicaps concerning people. Jesus healed many who were handicapped from those crippled and unable to walk (Mark 2:4), to the blind (Mark 8:22), to those plagued by diseases such as leprosy  (Luke 17:12) to the woman who had been bleeding for twelve years.
(Matt 9:20).

To be born with a handicap makes one entirely different. If we are born with out an arm from the moment our mother looks at us.... we are treated differently than we would otherwise have been treated.  Perhaps she LOVES us more. Maybe she is more protective. Maybe she is repulsed at our appearance. Either way BECAUSE of the
handicap we are treated different. We ARE the unexpected. The handicap that causes us to stop growing in first grade or before then causes a chain of events which shape our lives. In many ways the handicapped person, because of physical limitations is forced to become stronger for the rest of life. The handicapped person is forced to endure stares and ridicule and questions. Now if you are handicapped or love someone who is handicapped you have already been working through these things and your faith in God has been formed in the oven of these circumstances. If you become handicapped after your faith was formed -then you now have been put in a refining fire which tests whether this faith can stand in the heat of the handicap.

I was very interested to read one of Webster's definitions of a handicap. I believe those of you who are handicapped or those of you who love someone handicapped whether they are friend or family or spouse will be encouraged by this definition as I was. ------1.a) a RACE or other competition in which difficulties are imposed on the SUPERIOR contestants, or ADVANTAGES given to the inferior, to make their chances of winning equal--. Now of course I realize that this definition is referring to something like a horse race but if we look at it in the context of the race referred to in 1 CO 9:24, 2 TI 4:7,& Heb 12:1, I believe you will see the connection I do and see that handicaps serve purposes. We Are in a race and to the victor goes the prize!!

It seems God gets my attention best lately when I am sick. As I am laying there burning up with fever he fills me up with compassion for those who live DAILY until and IF EVER in this life He will grant healing.

My grandmother, who was one of the greatest tools God has used in my life, suffered with MS (multiple sclerosis). I never saw her walk a day in my life. She could not scratch her own nose or move a foot burning in pain on the bed sheets at night. She could not turn her head to look at you. She certainly could never cuddle her grandchildren. She was covered with painful bed sores and lived at a time when electric
wheelchairs and handicapped parking were nonexistent. She was plagued with stares when in public. ---BUT she could LAUGH and she could SMILE and she was a BREATH of fresh air and LOVE. SHE LOVED JESUS. She endured. She finished the RACE with grace and beauty. She was an inspiration of strength and Peace. She is always on my mind-- a constant reminder of a real winner. People came to her to BE cheered up.

Now I have been thinking so much about grace and mercy and you know they just aren't simple matters. Because what grace and mercy are to us isn't necessarily the same to our Lord. I do believe my grandmother was given grace and mercy!!!!

We are like wild horses (at least I am) and the bit in my mouth has to be yanked pretty hard sometimes to get my attention, and it hurts-but afterward I SEE mercy. This whole subject of handicaps is one we don't want to look too much into, especially since we believe in healing and know that we are to heal all diseases and infirmities as Jesus did.  But Jesus brought up the subject himself on this aspect of handicaps and how we are to see the situation in chapter 9 of John. I believe the disciples question is our question. “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?" They asked this because they had watched Jesus heal all those before and He said such things as ....GO-your faith has healed you! I believe I would have come to the same
conclusion. Plus to be Jewish and to be deformed from birth was a huge stain on yourself and your family under the Law.....BUT what did Jesus say......NEITHER this man nor his parents sinned, said Jesus, BUT THIS HAPPENED SO THAT THE WORK OF GOD MIGHT BE DISPLAYED IN HIS LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (John 9:3) .....Jesus goes on to say As long as it is day, we must do the work of Him who sent me (notice He said WE must do the work of Him who sent me!). So to those of you suffering and enduring right now we cannot really understand God's purpose, but we can trust it is good, always. Never question God's love for you. He cherishes you and wants you to keep believing for your healing and that you will even be used to heal others!

The final aspect on handicaps I wanted to talk about is this... we can be crippled by our handicap!! We are NOT TO GIVE UP on our being raised up to walk or see or be healed!!!!! Sometimes a handicap becomes comfortable. Oh well at least I know what to expect each day in this condition and besides isn't some good coming out of this
situation (strength, endurance, patience)? Yes those things are probably true but isn't it true that ...........GETTING HEALED IS SCARY??? What will God expect me to do after I am healed? Will He want me to go on television and tell about my healing?...maybe He'll ask me to go to Africa....maybe He'll ask me to go to college and become a doctor!!!! How can I ever afford that????!!!!!

We can be crippled even by our fear and unbelief. God may be wanting to heal you now of your fear and he sees YOU in the same condition as the limbless leper!!!..... You may be crippled by condemnation. Who are you really being condemned by? Has your own little will and expectations of yourself given you a really big dose of condemnation. Wouldn't you agree that MANY times God just allows us to go our way to show us that it is HIS WILL BE DONE not ours?  Learn from it. EXCEPT the gift of forgiveness and healing and repent and get on with the job God is calling you to. Leave the providing of the provision of all things up to Him. It's not your business and when we don't pick up our mat and walk, we are saying to God I don't think you are able!!!.................The race can be very tough and hard but if we do look at it ALL as Paul did (Heb12:1) then we should.... throw off everything that hinders (even mind sets!) and the sin that so easily entangles (bitterness & anger to mention a couple), and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for US (each different than someone else's)........ and TRUST and believe that GOD IS IN CONTROL of ALL our circumstances ... we must PUSH, we must
FIGHT, we must TRAIN to break through, to FINISH the race.... to OVERCOME through the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony... (The world NEEDS to hear your TESTIMONIES!)............ Whether and in spite of the fact we are in a wheel chair or we have cerebral palsy or we are blind or deaf or scared!!

Lord Jesus we just ask for new eyes today, to be able to see the race as you see it ... to see the tools you have given us in our lives. We ask that the testimonies of the saints would come forth and that you would receive ALL the GLORY of what has been done in our lives in the midst of the fire!!!!!!!!!

God Bless you ALL in the name of Jesus Christ and may we grow
and grow and stretch and groan for more of Him each day!!

- Terri Derocher

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The Hammer Was A Wheel Chair!!!! Wed, 7 Feb 2001 
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 16:37:35 -0800

Subject: Desperate. For Your Holy Spirit Lord.

To be separated from the presence of God is pure agony. Do we
perceive a separation when there is no separation? Our relationship
with the Lord... It is one and one, just me and the Lord Jesus. When
true intimacy occurs and we feel God's presence no one will be present
in that Holy place -Just you and Jesus.

Today I feel like there is someone desperate for the CONFIRMATION
that they haven't been left and abandoned to their circumstances.

There are thieves who rob you of the knowledge of the presence of
the Lord. Sickness and disease, job loss and miscarriage and death and
heartbreak are some of the thieves that come in to rob you of your
KNOWLEDGE of God's presence.

When sickness sweeps in, it is truly like a flash flood. We can be
picked up and swept along in a very violent onslaught but I am here to
remind you Jesus is in the flood. He is holding your hand. Sometimes
when we pray for healing we forget to pray just for the comfort of God's presence. We can do anything WITH the Lord beside us. We can sit
beside the most distressed and bring in the peace of the Lord.

Job loss is another thief. It is a horrible blow when we again question
God's love for us. It is like we have built our selves a really nice tree house in the top of the tree. We believe God has directed us to that tree and then the Lord chops down that tree!!!! What are we to do??? We rest in God's perfect will and plan for us. Unless you have gone through these things personally or are in some deep stirring personal crisis you probably can't even feel what it is I'm talking about. To be a part FROM God is desperately terrible. To be dry and a part from God is desperately hard. I have been reminded several times this week about the time when Elisha called for a harpist so he could hear a word from the Lord. We desperately need music and praise. I believe the Lord made us this way and if you are in this desperate place, call for your own harpist. (2Kings 3:14) I'll remind you what you've been told a 100 times. Put on some praise music. God says to REMIND Him of the promises He has made to you. You did not make those promises up - they are gifts to you from God and it is HIS work and His plan that will bring them about. So what next????.... start over at the very beginning-Just you and Jesus. Give it all to Him (including those promises you just reminded Him of!) Now lay them down and die again to anything but HIM. He is worth it all. Are you God's girl? Are you a son chosen by grace? Rest in those facts. What GREATER hope or promise is there?
Remember the sweetness of your salvation. -- SALVATION--- Can you
really honestly, truly believe God has chosen to SAVE YOU!!!!! Isn't it
just unbelievably wonderful????

If you have cancer your salvation cannot be taken away and who
better to be holding your hand through it all than our LORD JESUS?
Perhaps you will be a living testimony to His healing power, or you'll be HIS beauty in the face of SEEMING defeat....We ask for your strength
and that we will bring glory to you Lord.

Maybe You HAVE lost your job but God knew this was going to
happen didn't He? His plan is certainly better than anything you could've imagined. When God chose you and even had those words spoken
over you He knew every single thing He would peel away to reveal the
jewel He created you to be. Let Him peel away. (No one said it wouldn't
hurt though)

Perhaps it is so dreadful and terrible that you can not even mention it.  You have lost a baby, lost a child, you've sat beside a dying spouse or parent and the waves SWEEP over you....WHERE ARE YOU
LORD???????????................Your body has been wracked with sobs
until you are literally dry and the worst, the very worst is you cannot feel the Lord's presence...... Today I don't know who you are but I KNOW HE IS STILL THERE WITH YOU.....Our greatest prayer need is for the
presence of the Lord. Psalm 51: 10-12 "Create in me a pure heart, O
God and renew a steadfast spirit within me. DO NOT CAST ME FROM
Restore unto me the JOY of YOUR salvation and grant a willing spirit,
to sustain me".........

I have no idea why what has happened to you has happened but I do

I also know there is JOY in the morning. SEEK the face of our
LORD!!! PURSUE HIM!!!!!!! HE wants you to pursue HIM. PUT ON
THE PRAISE MUSIC--call for the harpist (2 Kings 3:14) ESPECIALLY
WHEN YOUR HEART IS FULL OF TEARS.---- I will never leave you or
forsake you!!!!!!! ----- NO --they aren't just words, He really is still here. Still your heart, rest and you will hear for yourself. What is it He is saying JUST to you????.......

In the Love of Jesus Christ- Terri Derocher

Desperate. For Your Holy Spirit Lord.  Sun, 18 Feb 2001 

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Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 12:06:29 -0800

Subject: Pursuing Worship, Praise & Intimacy!!!!!!!

I am reminded AGAIN today by the Lord about how much He desires
intimacy with us and that intimacy with our Lord Jesus is to be CHASED
more than any goal!!!!

Steve Schultz of the Elijah list recently mentioned that he had become
more aware of the deep warfare and pain that intercessors go through
when praying for those the Lord lays on each intercessors heart. THIS IS TRUTH!!!!!! And You can not go into battle without being filled up with the JOY of the Lord!!---- He is your strength!!!! .......SO...

What ever place or condition you are in YOU MUST seek His presence.
I am not talking here about striving..... I am not talking about scrambling here and there seeking from man a word from the Lord ....I am talking about going to the SOURCE OF THE LIVING WATER!!!!!! This is a stopped up well in many of your lives. UNPLUG the well and let the living water flow. AGAIN put the praise music on. PURSUE intimacy. Dance to the Lord as DAVID DANCED.....dancing breaks the strongholds of hell. 2SAM 6:12-15) David was persecuted for dancing to the Lord!!!!!!
(2SAM 6:20-23) The joy David felt when the ark was brought into
Jerusalem was so powerful that he burst forth in dance, COMPLETELY!!!!! REJOICE IN THE LORD!!!!!!! David learned a great lesson about praise and worship and ORDER to the Lord when Uzzah died bringing the ark into Jerusalem.(2SAM 6:6-9) I remember as a new Christian having great trouble with this--just as David did at the time it happened ---BUT because of this mistake DAVID sought the Lord. He poured himself into study of the word of God and the directions to the priesthood. David was a prophet of the Lord who unstopped a plugged up path to praise. It doesn't mention it in 2 Samuel but if you go to 1 CHRONICLES 15 you can see what David has been studying in between the time Uzzah dies and when he finally brings the ark into Jerusalem in victory!!! I have to tell you I just keep stopping as I write this to go dance some more because the anointing rains down in provision and joy is poured out!!! In 1 Chronicles 15 David discovers that the plan and order the Lord has ordained was not been being followed. He then summons the priests (Levites) to their proper positions. He tells them to CONSECRATE themselves. DO YOU NEED TO CONSECRATE YOURSELF TODAY FOR THE LORD"S WORK? Then David discovered that there were to be appointed praisers, appointed door keepers, appointed dancers. Pastors are you praising the Lord in such a manner in your worship to the Lord each week? I believe even special garments are important. Are you praying and asking God what it is you wear in His Holy presence as you praise and worship Him? (1 CHON 16:27) Here is where we hear more of Asaph of the psalms. (1 Chron 16:4) Asaph was anointed for just such a purpose as praise, & poetry & song just as there is a special anointing given to artists. (The Bezalel anointing spoken of in Exodus 31: 1-5) From a passage in the book of Nehemiah I believe additionally that there were more directions for praise we know nothing about and it is like mining for jewels in God's Holy word to dig them out!!! In Nehemiah when
the rebuilt temple was being dedicated we get a glimpse of the order and plan of praise (NEH 12:27-47). In this passage the praisers are split into two groups and together from opposite directions they praise and give thanksgiving to the Lord!!!!! It says in Ne 12:46 that....long ago in the days of David and Asaph there had been directors for the singers and songs of praise and thanksgiving to God!!!!! Read the whole thing! We need restoration of God's plan for Praise & worship!!

Now today I must tell you I have been this very morning deep in that pit of despair before the Lord brought this to mind through a wonderful prayer time. I was carrying the burden (which I wasn't supposed to) of all these hurting ministries and postponements, etc. etc. etc. and you know what---- that burden is GONE because of praise and prayer and dance. YES we are called to pray---I'm talking to you intercessors---but our LORD JESUS can do more with a teaspoonful of our praise to Him than all the weeping and moaning and poor me's which really just cut us off from the provision of our LORD!!!!....

If you have a shofar blow it!!! Raise your voice as a shofar to the
Lord!!!  Many of you are dancers to the LORD whose feet have grown soft and the calluses tender and useless. ASK the Lord for restoration of the gift of dance He has given you. YOU think you are doing something for HIM in the dance but as you dance to Him YOU receive great healing!!!!! Sing a NEW song to Him. What little silly beautiful, gentle little tune to Him has He given you??? SING TO HIM!!!! He delights more in your little voice than any canary or meadowlark! IT"S TRUE!!!



Pursuing Worship, Praise & Intimacy!!!!!!!  Wed, 21 Feb 2001 
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Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 23:16:45 -0700

Subject: A Little, Busted Pinecone...

I need to share a vision had on Passover Saturday (April 7th).

I was in a time of dedicated prayer and worship alone and locked in with the Lord. After a time of worship with prayer and singing and more prayer (about an hour) I began to realize the Lord was saying time isn't here.

I was down on the floor worshipping when I realized was in the tomb with the body of our Lord. The tomb was full of angels who I never really saw but felt and knew were on each side of me. They were in the most glorious worship in this really small place. I was standing with them, a part of them (in their midst) as they said over and over HOLY HOLY HOLY over and over and over and over... it could've lasted forever...so full of meaning was this phrase... but it was building and they were anticipating and so was I. Truly the only light was coming from Him in this little place ...a golden, soft, full of particles sort of light that gently billowed out from His presence. I knew as He lay there that He was preaching to the spirits in prison (1 Peter 3: 18-22) Still knowing this we were praising over and over saying HOLY HOLY HOLY..after awhile (real time... thinking about it later this was occurring over about 1 hour) I had this strange revelation about HIS blood and how it was being changed. I saw it golden..not like gold rock in the hills but just so life giving and pure and golden....I never saw His face but just the glow of His whole being and then at the end of this part I saw his foot and leg below the knee move to the floor....This has been a very private, intimate revelation to me and I haven't wanted to share it ...maybe for fear of ridicule... but as this was the way to worship I am seeing this tied into everything about a real revelation of worship so I am sharing all of it with you....Here's the rest...After this point we left the tomb (Jesus was not there) and we began to praise everywhere...
EVERYWHERE saying HOLY HOLY HOLY IS THE LORD GOD OF HOSTS and it was all to Jesus. I became A PART of this great worship to Jesus Christ everywhere...outside...Time still was not here and I saw things in nature in slow motion. I saw flowers bloom and knew they were doing it in praise to Jesus. They were doing what they were created to be and there was great straining as they gave
their all to be their best to give HIM all their praise!! I saw a pine cone fall to the ground in slow motion and I watched as it exploded open on the ground spilling seeds everywhere and I heard HOLY when it happened and knew it was all for Jesus. I saw a blade of grass squeeze out of a seed and press through the dirt to poke through and knew it was working hard; giving it's all to please God and to praise HIS HOLY NAME.

Now some people get upset when you share a vision, wondering why it is not happening to them but it is because it is for all of us and you are- you were part of it... because we are part of one body...the body of Jesus Christ and there is a lesson in this that is unfolding.... Being broke open for Jesus....

I keep thinking of that pine cone that broke open in joy. We are vessels not of pine seeds but of the Holy Spirit. Those pine seeds will not go to waste but will grow and that old pine cone may not be as young and green and firm as it once was but it served such a glorious purpose for our Lord....just a little pine cone!!!

Jesus said of Himself and His death in John 12: 24 that unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed, But IF it dies it produces many seeds. We understand this applying it to HIS life but when we die to OUR preservation we also will find great contentment and joy because we are doing and being what we were created by the Father to be.

Are we being our strongest, our best... giving our all -breaking ourselves apart if need be- like the little pine cone to please Jesus?
Can you see the body of Christ raised up into this revelation of who we are created to BE...each doing and being what Elohim has created us to be!!!!!

Let the administrators come forth in Jesus’ name...administrating as only the administrators can. They make light work of a heavy job for one not so equipped. Thank you Lord Jesus for the secretaries and the gift of organization!!!! Let the farmers who know the soil and planting times and the feel of good earth go forth in the gifting you have given them. Let the older men with the gift of compassion come along side of the young fathers who've just found out there is to be another mouth to feed. With their patience then can remove fear and panic and give hope...Each person ..In their gifting...ALL being done as WORSHIP to our Lord Jesus Christ.

The unopened jar of perfume on the shelf is USELESS. The vessel gathers dust and no one even knows what is in the bottle....but let that vessel be knocked off the shelf and be broken open and the room is filled with perfume!!!! Are you setting on the shelf...to afraid to give your ALL? I would rather be a spent, old broken basket that finally wore out carrying the dirty laundry it was meant to carry than that dusty, old perfume bottle. I want to serve the purpose my Lord Jesus Christ made me for. The heavenly host were made to praise our Lord Jesus. YOU were made for a specific purpose!!! I want to run and push and climb and fight my way for it, like a blade of grass.

I want to be broken open and poured out in joy for Him....because I worship HIM and He is HOLY HOLY HOLY!!!!


A Little, Busted Pinecone... Tue, 1 May 2001 
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Date: Tue, 8 May 2001 17:17:26 -0700

Subject: Walking Faith Out...

I submit this for your discernment..It amazes me the times the
Lord chooses to pick me up and speak to me. The circumstances
force my ears to open!!!! God Bless you in the name of Jesus Christ
--Terri Derocher

IF I HAD BEEN PETER...ever thought anything like that?

Look at the life of Peter... walking on the water (Matt 14:28).........
when he was swamped with fear at the imprisonment before the
crucifixion (Mark 14:66-72) or how about when the angel opened the
door to the prison and the chains fell away(Acts 12)?

Peter walked his faith out and it wasn't always a pretty picture
was it? Of course it is arrogance and pride on our part to wonder
about Peter's faith and if you haven't been tested in the ways Peter
was...it's coming around the corner. Our faith in the Lord is precious
and we WILL BE tested with fire to show that it is worth more than
gold. (1 Peter 6&7) Peter's faith was raw and big and messy but
most important for me GENUINE!

Have you promised -like Peter- that though all would abandon
Christ you never would? Maybe you've promised to go where He
sends you when He says to go...without grumbling. Then you find
that you worry about Muslim toiletry habits or worms in your food or
perhaps heat or privacy or spiders or lions. Do you worry you will be
alone? I confess I do....AND I KNOW THE PROMISE and I claim it
now "I WILL NEVER Leave you or forsake you!! Do not be afraid; do
not be discouraged! (Deut 31:8).............Whoosh!!!

Then like a deflated balloon (full of pride and fear?) I float down to
earth and softly hear the promises....I WILL ACCOMPLISH ALL THAT
I HAVE SPOKEN....WOW (HE SAID....I WILL)...it's not my business!!!!
Isn't that a relief??? And HOW ABOUT PETER'S FAITH??? We
wonder about that (it seems so BIG) but IT WAS A GIFT!!!! That big
ole fireball of energy and emotion and LOVE and passion and hope...it
was ALL a gift!!! For it is by GRACE you have been saved, through
GOD- NOT BY WORKS, so that no one can boast. For we are God's
workmanship, created to do good works, which God prepared in
advance for us to do. Eph 2:8-10

I've been worrying. Worry is such striving. I repent Lord Jesus.
God is Able.

Peter is such a comfort isn't he? Over and over in my life the
Lord has enfolded me in His arms again with thoughts of Peter and
his convictions and his passions and his failures and his reconciliation
and the miracles of God accomplished through him.

Walking out our faith is unpredictable. We are not God. We may
know a little piece (Now we see but a POOR reflection as in a mirror: 
Then we shall see face to face. Now I know IN PART: then I shall
know fully, even as I am fully known....1 Cor 13: 12) we don't know
MOST of it do we???!!! Can you take comfort in that? Can you
receive PEACE with that...perhaps we are being protected when the
Lord says NO. I remember an illustration on a little hand out a couple
years ago about the little hamster frantically trying to get out of his
cage when there were two Dobermans sitting on the floor in front of the
cage just waiting for him to escape from his little prison. Hmmmm.....
Could WE be being protected?

We do need to get up off the floor though. Where we are to stand
and ADVANCE... we must advance. We must stop grieving over our
little wounds because picking that scab will cause it NEVER to heal....
perhaps applying a little grace to the wonder might actually heal you.....

Anyway it is all faith and it's all grace and we keep going because
like a hike with lots of seeming summits...you really don't know what's
up ahead. The thing is God does.... and He is more than able to get
you where you are supposed to get when you are supposed to get
there. Whether that's a place (real or spiritual), or a healing or a
revelation. It is HIS work. We are HIS workmanship ...and that just-
painted bench doesn't worry about where it's going to be placed!!

Walking Faith Out...Tue, 8 May 2001 
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Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 12:56:54 -0700

Subject: No Money ...Thank You Lord Jesus..We See!!!!

I'd like to submit this as a word to encourage those in similar
situations. In the Love of Jesus Christ--Terri Derocher

I just wanted to share with you unknown, broke and poor lovers of Jesus the power of our God!!!!

I have just returned from Washington D.C. where for the last nine days I have been a part of the restoration for God's glory in the art's ministry- Christ Jesus Ministry. We had an art exhibit on display in the U.S. Senate all week and a 24 hr closing at the Lincoln Memorial last Friday & Saturday.

We had absolutely no money with many concerns and needs but the Lord had opened the door in the Senate and at the Lincoln memorial so we proceeded because the Lord commanded it.

Thursday night before the closing program was to begin-- within 12 hrs-- we had thirty youth coming in who needed a safe place to rest in between times they would be ministering. So we prayed someone would donate a charter bus that would be warm and safe and dry. We had no water. We had no toilets. We had no chairs. We prayed for all these things and they ALL CAME!!!!

We had at least thirty praise groups, children, youth, adults, dance teams praise teams----ALL CAME FOR NO MONEY---- and many were international-Egypt, Finland and art brought from Zimbabwe.

The Friday closing program began with a teaching on Shabbat and then as it got dark IT POURED SHEETS OF RAIN. It was hammering down all night. Many left and we felt there would just be a tiny handful who felt called to be there in the storm ----BUT GOD KNEW DIFFERENT----out from under a tent ran about nine warriors the Lord had sent from Pennsylvania---They led us in praise to HIM all night long on drums and guitars and in the dance in the midst of puddles four inches deep. It was so beautiful, and so surprising. It was a blessing to have the rain because we saw what God can do in any situation. The sky was red all night. Many, many events were cancelled the next day in DC because of the rain--- but not ours. The next morning I went around dumping the water off our God-given chairs and the sun came out and all of the sudden about 7:30 a.m. here came little girls in pink little dresses to dance and sing for the Lord.  It happened that way all day --one group after another kept showing up... groups that LOVE our LORD JESUS. He is so AWESOME!!  BE encouraged!!!!!!! If God is calling you to do something today and you have no money----MOVE OUT ----and trust the Lord that where HE calls He will provide...HE sends reinforcements---His provision is perfect.....Many other things so precious I cannot process them all yet happened but I just wanted you to know God can do it without anything but HIS BREATH!!!!!

God Bless you in the name of Jesus Christ----Terri Derocher

No Money ...Thank You Lord Jesus..We See!!!!  Tue, 22 May 2001 
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Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 12:39:57 -0700

Subject: Seduction.....

I'd like to submit this for your prayer and consideration.
In the Love of Jesus Christ- Terri Derocher

.....You feel the sweet, tender presence of the Holy Spirit as He leads and guides you into all truth. You go on in your life with each day unfolding. Sometimes heartbreak is present but even then just knowing the presence of the Lord is a voice that gets you through ...saying, “just put your foot down and start walking because I've been here before. This is not unfamiliar to ME!"

As the years pass the familiar presence of the Lord is so trusted that the Holy FEAR and AWE that once accompanied HIS voice is replaced with a bit of taking for granted...a bit of arguing with His commands...a bit like a teenager who knows his father's love and so pushes the guidelines because he knows ole Dad won't carry out his threats for disobedience. An incorrect deduction in this case.

We KNOW in our hearts (could it be somewhere in memory?) that the Lord does NOT want us to LEAN on the ways of the world---and the way the world gets things done with MONEY(1 Tim 6:9 & 6:17) & POWER and POLITICAL persuasion. But we look around and we see all this money changing going on and all these doors opening up for
ministry and all these things being sold, even humans moved from place to place. We get impressed (Webster's-a mark, imprint made by physical pressure, an effect on the mind or senses by some FORCE or influence).....We visit leaders and kings. We see velvet and gold and glitter and that voice whispering now.......... "Beware all that glitters is not gold".......... seems so very quiet .....And that other voice, (what is that other voice---fear?) saying-----"It's not gonna come to pass unless we get a big donation SOON! Get on the phone see if you can do some fund raising so WE can get this thing going, Hey remember so and so we met last week. Give him a call. Maybe he can pull some strings and get us the..... !"

We are ROBBING the Lord AGAIN...and this time it is not in tithes and offerings but we are robbing HIM of HIS Glory!!!! HE DOESN"T CARE HOW BIG YOU THINK YOUR MINISTRY IS!!! Where God calls He supplies and HE doesn't want you to have confidence in anything but HIM...so He holds back His hand waiting for you to seek the perfect will of Jehovah-Jireh! There are others who have the provision in the house and the cries of the harvesters has reached the ear of the Lord.  Let go of that wealth!!! You do not want to be one of those spoken about in James 5 who hoards wealth in the last days when there is a need for you to cast it upon the waters and BLESS those in need.  What I am trying to say here is some lack money, some lack power, some lack wisdom and discernment but our Lord Jesus has them all!!!  He is your provider and what ever you lack (even love & contentment) HE HAS!!!

Remember....God COULD'VE sent Elijah to the richest, best home in the town of Zarephath when the stream in the Kerith Ravine went dry ....BUT HE DIDN"T!!!!!! (1 Kings 17) The GLORY was huge because of the circumstances. The Lord sent Elijah to a poor little widow and I don't imagine it was fun asking her to give him all she had, it was like an added on second thought after his request for a jar for water....and bring me, please, a piece of bread. I hear the humiliation.

It is a very humbling experience to follow the Lord. He rips the scales off our eyes to show us our motivations. He tears the pride away as we turn to HIM in desperation to fill our needs.

He wants to SEND you to kings and presidents....but before that day comes you must KNOW where the real power lies... as Elijah did when he was sent with a message to King Ahab about the rain..."As the Lord, the God of Israel, lives, WHOM I SERVE.......................... there will be no rain in the next few years except at my word." Elijah KNEW who the authority was and it WASN"T the king!!!

Why did God place HIS anointing in you? Was it to make you rich?  Do you tell yourself things like a workman is worth his wages to excuse your extravagance? A workman IS worth his wages, but do you have a little extra included in that price?

Elisha KNEW the precious purity of our Lord Jesus’ anointing as do so MANY, MANY faithful vessels of the Holy Spirit today. Elisha would not take the money given by Naaman, the commander of the army of the king of Aram after the Lord had USED Elisha to heal Naaman of leprosy. (2 Kings 5). Elisha later knew (by the Spirit) Gehazi had run after Naamen and the gold and lied and said Elisha wanted it now.  Naamen's leprosy CLUNG to Gehazi the rest of his life for this sin. It is interesting to note also that when Elisha refused the gold Naamen then asked to take back bags of DIRT from the region to go home and build an altar to the Lord. He understood he had been on Holy ground and both gold and dirt are created by our Lord. WE have placed the
importance on the shiny gold!!

The power of the Lord's anointing is huge...we really cannot comprehend it at all....but we need to be warned again to listen and be careful not to point it and place it or use it in the wrong place. Perhaps you are feeling you are called to public political office. God has placed many of HIS vessels in such positions (such as David & Esther & Nicodemus) BUT you must be very, very sure of the Lord's will in this matter!!!!!

We are vessels created to bring glory to God. When we choose, with our free will, to do that which pleases the Lord... it is a wonderful thing.  We bring Him glory. Ummmm I see baskets of glory, sweet smelling incense for our Lord!!!  Elijah glorified the Lord and yes sometimes he did get scared but with the Lord's prompting he kept walking. He knew the real boss. He was.... a servant of the most high God... He was sent to rulers.... but ultimately he was a servant.....a position which required him at times to beg for bread!!!

God Bless you in the name of Jesus Christ----Terri Derocher
Seduction.....   Fri, 25 May 2001 .
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