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Hello Bride of Christ!
Love Letters From Heaven
August 24, 2009
     This morning I received the most encouraging little email regarding my old newsletter - Love Letters From Heaven - which I began in 2001 and for many years I consistently sent out what the Lord was speaking to me and I shared visions which were shown to me.  Many of you are from the East Coast where Mike and I moved from at the end of 2000.  This reader said "Where are they (the newsletters) and she said she loved reading them and was encouraged by them.  She encouraged me.  So I am giving you an update.  I am still seeing and hearing from the Lord but huge shifts have occurred in my life (particularly in the last year or so) and I thought I would share a bit with you.  
     I am still painting, but after my ordination through Christian Life Church in July of 2007 the Lord took my eyes--my focus--and placed my gaze on shepherding to understand it... What a different experience this has been for someone moving in the cutting edge of the prophetic the past eleven years!  As Cindy Jacobs once shared in one of her books..."The difference between a prophet and a pastor is this (paraphrased)...God gives the same assignment to two people-One is a prophet, one is a pastor.  -The Assignment- "Take this mountain for me."  Each of these two people has a group of individuals with them.  Both individuals take the mountain but what a difference in the way it is done.  When the prophet gets to the top of the mountain -very quickly- there are only two people remaining alive in the group.  The pastor takes the mountain also r-e-a-l  s-l-o-w-l-y  but gets them all there, encouraging each little sheep along the way when they pass through each difficult passage.  
     The latter is what I have been learning more about -after perhaps the death of a few sheep!  I accepted the responsibility of Northgate Healing Room Director in the winter of 2008 (some may remember I THOUGHT I was leaving the Healing Room Ministry in 2005) but as Cal Pierce spoke to me at that time, he said "I see you still connected.  I said yes Cal- I see a kite string...He laughed and said well I see it more like an electric power cord."  I honestly had no idea I would be linked up again but it happened when my Pastors, Barry and Kay Hill, asked me to steward the north branch healing room of the city of Spokane, which Pastor Barry began in 2005.  So I began shepherding a little group of people, speaking into them every week, trying to raise them up and now today assigning my job to them so they are equipped and trained up and released into new authority to someday replace me - which is my ultimate goal!  I am deep into relationship... new relationships... and each drop of precious oil the Lord gives me, for the most part is rubbed into this group along with an intercessor group I head up which is also open to the city once a month.
     Pastor Barry also set me in as a prophetic filter at Christian Life Church in the fall of 2007.  A prophetic filter is the person, besides the pastor, who is in charge of the prophetic and listens and tests and then releases a person to share in Sunday services if it is appropriate and goes with the flow of the Holy Spirit.  All can prophesy but not all are prophets and my desire is to see MANY trained up and released to move in their prophetic gifting.  My heart is to see the Bride of Christ activated into the five fold giftings mentioned in Ephesians 4.  I still love house churches and my vision is to be a bridge -especially to those I call the wilderness people.  In 2005 the Lord sent me back into the local church building to link up- this after a period of time when my husband Mike and I shepherded a little house church group.  I also was a bible School student  with Heart 4 the Nations at this time...part of bridge building which continues to this day.  I believe we need to be in alignment with one another.  We need to be accountable and submitted to others in the body of Christ.  Who can speak into your life and bring correction or perspective if needed?  Part of this shepherding has been the difficult task of correction also.  A prophetic person can just throw a bomb into a location and run...rarely dealing with the aftermath.  A shepherd wants to see each sheep healed and raised up to be the BEST - the wisest Ewe, the strongest Ram in the bunch.  
     On a regional, national, international level- this summer I have been involved with Northwest Intercessors in a regional assignment.  I am also taking part in a regional apostolic network.  I am in relationship with others internationally and but STILL my intercessory passion and call is Israel and the Jewish remnant.
     I actually have received the worst persecution of my life this summer some of it regarding my Star of David combined with my fish that I wear which I believe symbolizes the promise spoken of in Eph 2:16 one new man in Christ Jesus.  (Yeshua ha Mashiach) I have worn it daily for the past eleven years with relatively few incidents until this summer.  This persecution came from the Christian quarter.  This tells me something has shifted and these are the times we are in and for the watchmen on the wall---"BE more diligent regarding your prayers for the protection and peace of Israel.  Be on your guard against an anti-Semitic spirit trying to raise it's ugly head again.   
     We are in a dual season...a season of reproduction and multiplication and great harvest for the body of Christ---and a season of coming deep darkness for the world.  I have said this before... (and you can find the original word in the archive section on my website )...These Flowers Bloom At Night The interesting thing is when the Lord originally spoke this word to me (2002) it was in vision form and I saw a white flower called Four O' Clock which comes in white and red.  This past weekend at an Apostolic Summit which included Canadians from the Northwest I walked outside at noon and saw literally about ten feet of RED Four O' Clocks growing along the building.  (the red speaks to me of the precious blood of Jesus Christ) The flowers were tightly closed but ready to bloom and release their fragrance when the sun goes down.  That night I went out in unlit darkness I went out and reached down and picked this flower and brought it into the light.  It was fully opened with a wonderful perfume coming forth.   I released that word again that day in song to this group of Apostolic leaders...These Flowers Bloom At Night.... That is you body of Christ...ready to be the provision of hope to those lost in this coming darkness.  Be an evangelist in every area of your life.
     To those of you on the East coast and those of you in Israel and Turkey and Indonesia and to all of you who have loved and supported me in your prayers over these years....I think of you so often.  I am so thankful for your love--which I know is still there--- If we talked today we could pick up right where we left off.  There have been terrible, sad deaths and glorious marriages and births--lots of births--  And so we continue to walk each day out.  I want you to know I bless you all in the mighty name of Jesus and may you BE fully His in every area of your life.  As my friend Helen says...may the Lord gives us homes next to one another in heaven.
Love -Terri Derocher 
He will never leave you or forsake you! 
5770 A Year of Covenant
And What That Means For Us
Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 9:51pm 

I shared on my Face Book page this past November that we have entered a Year of Covenant but now I have sat down and written out what I believe we need to know regarding this.

On September 28th last fall (2009) I got a phone call. I had positioned myself that Monday to listen for the Lord’s voice. My question was how are you going to speak to me today Lord? Some of you who have known me in ministry for years know of some of the astounding things that have happened to me on Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) since about 1999. Maybe it was happening to me before then but I was too ignorant or dense to connect to the process of what God was bringing forth in my life each fall.

Actually the news of our cross-country move, my first trip to Israel all occurred on or shortly after Yom Kippur. On Yom Kippur, in 2002, I had an angelic visitation by 7 angels over a 24 hr period and some of you knew me or read of that back then. (That testimony is still available for you to read in the archive section of This visitation was one of the most transforming events of my life and can only be compared to deliverance and then impartation. Yom Kippur is the time of assessment and if we pass that assessment - then promotion. 
I don’t want to get too wordy here and lose you and I want to be as clear as possible in what I share. 

So…The phone rang. It was a young woman on the other end of the phone asking if I would officiate her wedding. I have since officiated two weddings which was a new place for me this year. As soon as I hung up the phone, I BELIEVE I heard the Lord say “This is a year of Covenant.” 

When I heard these words I had a knowing of a “package deal- like a two sided coin”.
Everyone who will be reading these words will not be a Christian or Messianic Jew, (one who believes that Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah and Savior of the world). Many reading these words will ridicule such people as ignorant fools, weak morons and will ridicule me and even make jokes regarding me and my supposed insight here. So with these people mercifully in mind I must say there are many covenants a person can enter into and this is a year of God recognizing and REACTING to the covenants you have made in your life.

If you are in covenant with God you have no idea (and neither do I) the lengths God will go to… to look after you, to help you, protect you, change you, heal you, save you from yourself… to love you. You are in an everlasting covenant with our Savior, Jesus Christ. He will never leave us or forsake us –even if we deserve to be left and forsaken. Covenant is about you being saved and is first mentioned in Gen 6:18 when God says to Noah to come into the ark and I will save your lives…. (Please look into the FULL meaning of covenant yourself. We have not entered into a contract - which can be broken, but an everlasting covenant!) ) For us right now as believers in 2010 in Ex 34:12 the Message Bible says ”As of right now I am making a covenant with you: In full sight of your people I will work wonders that have never been created in all of the earth, in any nation. Then all the people with whom you’re living will see how tremendous God’s work is, the work I’ll do with you.” I believe this scripture is a NOW word for us today. 

But God also warns of false covenants… 
Ex 34:12 Take heed to thyself, lest thou make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land whither thou goest, lest it be for a snare in the midst of thee:
Ex 34:15 Lest thou make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land, and they go a whoring after their gods, and do sacrifice unto their gods, and [one] call thee, and thou eat of his sacrifice…

So what do these “old testament words” mean to you today in 2010? You need to be aware of what or who you are in covenant with! Are you in covenant with money, an idol of mammon? Are you getting security from something or someone other than God? Are you worshiping your body, your possessions, your plans, your booze, your drugs, your porn, your power, your spiritual power (witchcraft), your stock portfolio, your video games? Are you…? 

If after introspection, you conclude you are in a mess, ask God to forgive you and ask Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Savior. He will bring you into RIGHT covenant. If you have already honestly done that just ask for forgiveness again…you are in covenant. 
If you are still making fun of me at this time know…This really is a year of Covenant when God is recognizing and REACTING to the covenants you have made in your life. May God have mercy upon you and break your heart with what breaks His heart. 
Pray for the Lost!

Blessings in Jesus Christ—Rev Terri Derocher 

The Demarcation Lines Have Moved!
Terri Derocher
October 19, 2010

     On the morning of October 7th during a time of prayer I heard "Demarcation Line."  I saw a line on the ground in front of me and tried to understand what it meant. I thought starting line? That same day in the evening, in an intense time of spiritual battle, in a corporate setting, where Holy Spirits' presence permeated the atmosphere with thick glory I began seeing a series of visions.
     I saw the earth - the globe and servants of Jesus Christ MOVING all over the earth. I saw groups in Asia, in a rural mountain landscape, hiking over mountain passes and then coming to a metal (pipe-material) gate. I watched the group push the gate over and then tumble joyfully into the forbidden territory. I saw similar scenes occurring all over the globe as I saw servants of the enemy retreat and retreat before the courageous servants of Christ. In South America (or southern hemisphere) and Indonesia/Asia both,  I saw dark little hovels where drug lords had reigned in terror being abandoned as the drug lords turned and then THEY now ran in terror at the coming light of these faith-filled ones. I saw dark, winding pathways (twisting alleys) that had formerly been dens of the sex trade...dark, dark dangerous places ---I saw you go in---you servants of Christ-- and rescue young children and now older others who had been trapped deep within these labyrinths of the drug and sex trade. You brought these persecuted ones out - they escaped! I saw abandoned posts around the world...some were political borders and boundaries where it was wide open (no one was guarding any longer).  Now you  can walk through and bring the good news. I saw angry, belligerent ears opened and hearing the gospel where before there had been a heavy veil of confusion and anger and mistrust and putrid religion over a region...NOW the word was being devoured as these same ones were now hungry for the hope and truth of the gospel. In the midst of of these scenes (so many scenes and so many gates being pushed over...I saw revolution.) ....I heard "The Demarcation Lines have moved."
     I asked my husband, "What can you tell me about demarcation lines?" He said that in business - and even in company business manuals - you will read about appointed territories that you are not to cross. In electric power there are territories that have been established that those in that area are customers of this one and you do not have authority there to do business. I went to Websters to write this up and demarcation is : to mark boundaries 1.the act of setting and marking limits or boundaries 2. a limit or boundary 3. a separation or distinction
     I am here to tell you...Our boundary lines have been moved!  We must move out and occupy this new land...that which was once the property of the enemy is now YOURS!  I believe God Himself has intervened on our behalf because of our desperate prayers, our passionate worship, our desire for more of a revelation of God's love and mercy and goodness and wholeness... I believe these pieces of glory have moved the heart of God who has now rearranged our territories... We MUST have faith to move forward with Him.

In the love of Jesus Christ---Terri Derocher
Spokane, Washington  USA
Today I begin the newest painting which began with a vision...   "Out Of Your Belly Shall Flow Rivers Of Living Waters"
This last archive page is so out of date with our life today in 2016!
Please give me grace until I can catch you up after a huge cross country move again...  (Remembering my Tumbleweed word ha!)