The Lord does not allow me to sell or make money from any of these  paintings but I am available to speak, teach and minister with the paintings.  Feel free to make copies for yourself here for free over the internet.  Please keep the title and testimony with the painting as all are given via the Holy Spirit!
If you would like me to bring the paintings to your group, please contact me via email.  Thank you and may God Bless you in the name of Jesus Christ!!

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Jan. 12, 2007

Subject: Seduction.....
Dear body of Christ:   I'd like to submit this for your prayer and consideration.  Today January 12, 2007 I have a sense of the need for us to be aware of this deceptive spirit of seduction and the way it operates.  The Holy Spirit initially spoke to me about this in May of 2001.  May the Lord meet your every need!  

In the Love of Jesus Christ- Terri Derocher

.....You feel the sweet, tender presence of the Holy Spirit as He leads and guides you into all truth. You go on in your life with each day unfolding. Sometimes heartbreak is present but even then just knowing the presence of the Lord is a voice that gets you through ...saying, "just put your foot down and start walking because I've been here before. This is not unfamiliar to ME!"
As the years pass the familiar presence of the Lord is so trusted that the Holy FEAR and AWE that once accompanied HIS voice is replaced with a bit of taking for granted...a bit of arguing with His commands...a bit like a teenager who knows his father's love and so pushes the guidelines because he knows ole Dad won't carry out his threats for disobedience. An incorrect deduction in this case.

We KNOW in our hearts (could it be somewhere in memory?) that the Lord does NOT want us to LEAN on the ways of the world---and the way the world gets things done with MONEY (1 Tim 6:9 & 6:17) & POWER and POLITICAL persuasion. But we look around and we see all this money changing going on and all these doors opening up for ministry and all these things being sold, even humans moved from place to place. We get impressed (Webster's-a mark, imprint made by physical pressure, an effect on the mind or senses by some FORCE or influence).....We visit leaders and kings. We see velvet and gold and glitter and that voice whispering now.......... "Beware all that glitters is not gold".......... seems so very quiet .....And that other voice, (what is that other voice---fear?) saying-----"It's not gonna come to pass unless we get a big donation SOON! Get on the phone see if you can do some fund raising so WE can get this thing going, Hey remember so and so we met last week. Give him a call. Maybe he can pull some strings and get us the..... !"

We are ROBBING the Lord AGAIN...and this time it is not in tithes and offerings but we are robbing HIM of HIS Glory!!!! HE DOESN"T CARE HOW BIG YOU THINK YOUR MINISTRY IS!!! Where God calls He supplies and HE doesn't want you to have confidence in anything but He holds back His hand waiting for you to seek the perfect will of Jehovah-Jireh! There are others who have the provision in the house and the cries of the harvesters has reached the ear of the Lord.  Let go of that wealth!!! You do not want to be one of those spoken about in James 5 who hoards wealth in the last days when there is a need for you to cast it upon the waters and BLESS those in need.  What I am trying to say here is some lack money, some lack power, some lack wisdom and discernment but our Lord Jesus has them all!!!  He is your provider and what ever you lack (even love & contentment) HE HAS!!!

Remember....God COULD'VE sent Elijah to the richest, best home in the town of Zarephath when the stream in the Kerith Ravine went dry ....BUT HE DIDN"T!!!!!! (1 Kings 17) The GLORY was huge because of the circumstances. The Lord sent Elijah to a poor little widow and I don't imagine it was fun asking her to give him all she had, it was like an added on second thought after his request for a jar for water....and bring me, please, a piece of bread. I hear the humiliation.
It is a very humbling experience to follow the Lord. He rips the scales off our eyes to show us our motivations. He tears the pride away as we turn to HIM in desperation to fill our needs.

He wants to SEND you to kings and presidents....but before that day comes you must KNOW where the real power lies... as Elijah did when he was sent with a message to King Ahab about the rain..."As the Lord, the God of Israel, lives, WHOM I SERVE.......................... there will be no rain in the next few years except at my word." Elijah KNEW who the authority was and it WASN"T the king!!!

Why did God place HIS anointing in you? Was it to make you rich?  Do you tell yourself things like a workman is worth his wages to excuse your extravagance? A workman IS worth his wages, but do you have a little extra included in that price?

Elisha KNEW the precious purity of our Lord Jesus' anointing as do so MANY, MANY faithful vessels of the Holy Spirit today. Elisha would not take the money given by Naaman, the commander of the army of the king of Aram after the Lord had USED Elisha to heal Naaman of leprosy. (2 Kings 5). Elisha later knew (by the Spirit) Gehazi had run after Naamen and the gold and lied and said Elisha wanted it now.  Naamen's leprosy CLUNG to Gehazi the rest of his life for this sin. It is interesting to note also that when Elisha refused the gold Naamen then asked to take back bags of DIRT from the region to go home and build an altar to the Lord. He understood he had been on Holy ground and both gold and dirt are created by our Lord. WE have placed the importance on the shiny gold!!

The power of the Lord's anointing is huge...we really cannot comprehend it at all....but we need to be warned again to listen and be careful not to point it and place it or use it in the wrong place. Perhaps you are feeling you are called to public political office. God has placed many of HIS vessels in such positions (such as David & Esther & Nicodemus) BUT you must be very, very sure of the Lord's will in this matter!!!!!

We are vessels created to bring glory to God. When we choose, with our free will, to do that which pleases the Lord... it is a wonderful thing.  We bring Him glory. Ummmm I see baskets of glory, sweet smelling incense for our Lord!!!  Elijah glorified the Lord and yes sometimes he did get scared but with the Lord's prompting he kept walking. He knew the real boss. He was.... a servant of the most high God... He was sent to rulers.... but ultimately he was a servant.....a position which required him at times to beg for bread!!!

God Bless you in the name of Jesus Christ----Terri Derocher

Seduction    Jan. 12, 2007

Break Our Hearts Lord    March 9, 2007 
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June 25, 2007
With Eyes Uncovered 
A Study regarding Balaam’s She-donkey,
The King’s Shofar and Much More
References from the Schottenstein Edition Interlinear Chumash Bamidbar
Parashas Bamidbar -Numbers 22-24
Part 1

     “Go Deep, Go Deep, Go Deep into My word”…. So this is my response to even the events unfolding right now in Israel in June 2007.  I run to the Lord.  I run into His presence.  My safety and my hope are in His arms.  I put my trust in the Almighty because all else can fail.

     I am going to take you to a place where I hope your spirit is infused with new faith and hope, and for me I look deeper into an incident that brought forth one of the paintings.  New, New, New as my sister and I say to each other, and that is what God brings to us each day - new grace, new mercy, new plans and new revelation.   

     My journey into this study began several years ago on February 21, 2003.  That day I was taken deep into the Holy Spirit and evidently into time where I saw up close (but didn’t touch) Balaam’s little bloodied donkey.  This occurred over a two hour period of time.  The testimony of this encounter and the resulting painting (2004) covered in scripture is available for you to study and read about at  In order for you to be on board with me here it really would be helpful if you had this prior knowledge so I am going to include and refer to some of that testimony here for those of you who have no access to the internet.  
    Let me tell you up front that this study will bore some people, but this is the good part about writing a message down-NOBODY INTERUPTS YOUR TRAIN OF THOUGHT AND YOU GET THE WHOLE IDEA OUT!  You, the reader, can stop at any point.    I will be using references, some of you will be very unfamiliar with, the Jewish Interlinear Chumash Bamidbar.    Also some of you like to challenge every other point but when you are in class and studying a subject you let the lecturer speak and HOLD your questions until the end.  So it is great I am writing and it is so quiet!  I will be HAPPY to discuss any of these points with you.  In fact, I love it when someone is interested enough to follow and think and digest and spit it back out if need be!  Write me!...  So I hope you are burning with desire to plunge into more revelation of the wisdom of the Almighty.  If you love the One (Echad) who leads by a pillar of fire at night and a cloud of glory by day then come with me because He leads me into waters unknown and treasuries I have known nothing of and He unfolds the glory and wisdom of the ages and the sages and He is willing to pull back the veil and give us a glimpse once again…

 Background in red below before for this new 2007 study #1-     

This painting took me over eleven months to complete and I finished it January 2004.  It is now a year later (this testimony was written in 2005) and I am now releasing this painting over the internet (via my mailing list).  Very few individuals have seen it- unless they have looked around on the website or visited my home.   
    I feel as if God is brooding over this one and His timing is swelling like a ripe apple that exudes a sweet it will be with the correct timing of the Lord for the release of this vision.   My pastor friend from Indonesia when seeing this painting last May 2004, encouraged me that when this is released …it is time for the unridden donkeys to come forth!  

 1)   From my journal....I saw the little donkey all cut up and wounded and knew it had been wounded in the past.  It was standing head down in the grass as it had been taken off that tight little road to be ministered too.  The path it was on had stone walls on each side but there is a broken opening a little before the angel blocking the way --- behind where they had come. There are two beautiful angels, translucent to a small degree, ministering to this little donkey and I see spiritual water being poured upon her from their buckets and also spiritual food being fed to her out of the angel's bucket on the ground.
2)     Balaam himself has just gotten up off the ground and is kneeling by himself on one knee bent, weeping with his head bent in temporary repentance over what he has just done to his little donkey and also that even his own life has just been spared because of the obedience of his "little donkey."  
3)    I see glorious mountains and a valley in the distance where the Israelites are spread out and camping in their tents.
4)    I understand this is a painting about the persecuted prophets, all those who have been beaten for their obedience in serving God in Spirit and truth.  These prophets are represented by the simple, obedient donkey.
5)    Balaam's foot is bloody (small detail) where the donkey had to stand on his foot as she had been pressed against the wall. The donkey is covered in blood on rear, a leg and head.  Balaam is dressed richly with a purple hat, a sash of purple with iron work jewelry and strapped, elaborate sandals.  The donkey stepped on one of these feet.
6)    The road widens in bottom of painting in perspective......
    You know on the home page of this website I suggested that some of you reading here could be in prison.   Some of you may even have just been released from years in prison-- ---not because of any crime you have committed---but because of your faith in Jesus Christ.  I would like to thank you for your faithfulness and for the testimony of your life to me. 
    If you have really searched around on this website you will understand  how much the Lord has warned me about profiting from His anointing that He has placed upon me.  This is the essence of the lesson of this painting.  We must be servants of Jesus.  What is HIS desire for our lives?  Are you planning meetings and speaking engagements or your next sermon when really Jesus wants YOU...just time for the two of you? You know clever foxes know how to make things work in this world through manipulation and networking and marketing, (and we do not want to be one of those, because manipulation IS AS WITCHCRAFT).   It is God who OPENS and CLOSES every door we are faced with.  What does He want us to learn in every circumstance we go through?  We need to get back to our first love and that is Jesus ...His presence...His sweetness....His sacrifice for each of us.  WE ARE being changed.
7)    This painting was educational for me and I had to do some interesting digging.  When I saw the painting I saw pretty, female eyes on the donkey and I thought, "What are those?"  Also the two ministering angels and the whole set up with the road was intriguing.  I saw an old knarly tree and knew they were going through some grove. 
8)     I went to the word Numbers (chapters 22-24) and was amazed to discover YES that donkey was a female and referred  to in that way!  Also the set up for the road and wall and gap is there.
9)    “ Two servants” are referred to also as going with Balaam & his donkey.  Could they be the angels?)  I wondered about this reference so tried to ask a couple Rabbi's about the original text.  Who are they servants of---Balaam or are they there for the donkey?  The reason I ask is of course having seen this and knowing nothing about it before hand....the Holy Spirit had a reason for revealing it to me....I want to know more! One Rabbi responded by saying he believed that text really did refer to Balaam.  

10)     If you can get a hold of that ancient text and read it in Hebrew or ancient Aramaic if that is what it is.... could you PLEASE send to me what you find out.  My Hebrew is IMPROVING...but a pre-five year old level.  I can sound things out but don't have grammar down or pointing of nouns and verbs.  You see I am not making any of this up I really see these paintings as if I am there and I know it is of great importance to God that we understand the meaning of these things He shows me through the Holy Spirit.  
11)    Do you understand the significance and importance of what you have probably said yourself over these past years...."If God can use a donkey then I guess He can use me."  Do you know how important it is for us that we identified with a little burden bearing creature, who didn't get the glory but many times a whip instead and yet was still faithful and willing to continue on the way bearing the load for her master? You are loved and cherished by God and He understands your pain.
12)    I believe the little donkey represents the love and respect we are to have for one another.  She demonstrates perseverance.  She models obedience and submission.
13)    But there are certainly many more lessons in what I saw.  I saw the perversion and evil of Balaam's error.  I saw the selling and merchandising of the anointing for profit.  Remember also when you go back to the word that Balaam is NOT Hebrew but a false prophet known to King Balak for the accuracy and power of what he spoke --through witchcraft!  
14)    I saw Balaam's temporary repentance ---because he got caught--- and was in danger of death.  There seems to be a short term memory of the whole thing as I went to the word and followed his life until death (many references) and there certainly never is a turning from his sin even though he “seems” to understand the power of God.
15)    I saw the beauty of Israel like a baby just beginning to walk.  This part is hard to put in the painting as I saw the whole of Israel spread out but knew from this vantage point most tents were hidden behind a hill.  If you have read any of the past testimonies you will remember when I saw Jesus and the children and the perspective was way back, well again there are choices as to how God allows me to paint it....  You see this is not about art but about a message...and He has anointed me to reach you this way.  I really am just trying to visually share with you what I have seen in the Holy Spirit. 
16)   I did see the Shema over the tents.  Did you know that same passage is in the Christian bible in Mark 12:29?  It doesn't matter that one is a son of Abraham.... the way to heaven is through the atonement of...Jesus Christ---Yeshua ha Mashiach (Yah ho shu wah)  - Mashiach - both Ben Joseph and Ben David ...suffering servant & king in ONE echad Messiah.... GOD SAVES.  Yes He did it himself.......just as He said He would do in the His own right hand (Isaiah 49 He engraved you on His hands...consider the nail scars!).
17)     Did you know also, from the word, that this all occurred in the midst of a vineyard?  Interesting huh?  I really am not going to spell this out as I believe when you pray the Lord himself will bring wisdom and knowledge to you right where you are.
18)    Now here is another message I understood during this anointing.  Some of you have little donkeys in your midst serving you, trying to intercede for you and sometimes they have run into the wall for you trying to protect you from running into disaster.  Right now they go out as peace-makers for you bringing hope to some of those you have naively wounded...Please bless your little donkeys as they have only the best intentions for you in their hearts.  You, Rabbi, Pastor, Reverend, have the power to bless and to curse and it is felt like a whip when words pour from your mouth against your donkeys.  You are a fully loaded AK 47 in the Holy Spirit-the Ruach ha Kodesh, because you know that Jesus Christ is Messiah and Your Savior.
19)     The anointing resides in you.  Remember Saul...the anointing never left him even though he certainly was a madman and murderer in the end.   Love....LOVE...covers OVER a multitude of sins. 
Ok -back to the present June, 2007 and I am still just beginning to understand what it was I was being shown then.  Like the onion getting peeled…another layer has just gotten removed and it only raises my faith level more.  It doesn’t change the painting, but my revelation of it all.

     You know there can be signs and wonders in many areas.  Many are familiar with the area of signs and wonders in healing and the resultant increase in levels of faith.  Many salvation commitments occur after seeing “impossible for man healings.”  For some SEEING IS BELIEVING.”  You who have read this far (thank you)…you know that faith also rises and stirs through visions and the Word of Knowledge.  In my case here, I believe God is making me a unique sign and a wonder, this is not in arrogance to you, but awe and surprise at the un-surpassing kindness of God. 

     So it is with this vision, given in 2003, it is a word of knowledge in picture form.  Who is this vision for?  I will let you make your own conclusions after hearing me out.  I have been so blessed by it, but I don’t think, as these years have gone by that it was for me!  I had no idea what I was even seeing or the ramifications of it.  Sure I knew the talking donkey story of scripture but that is NOT what I am speaking of here.  So let me get into it all. 

     After reading the above testimony in red, you will notice I have went through and put numbers where the subject changes.  Almost all of these places I have received more understanding of what I was seeing and hearing and I will go through each one and share with you what I have learned, through research where my knowledge has been expanded for that particular subject.  

     Wow- for those of you who are still with me, I feel like we just passed St. Louis (American history for you from around the world) and crossed the big river into new territory and you, pioneer want to go with me.  We leave civilization and now go into un-chartered territory for many of us.  

     About two weeks ago I was looking at an email sent to me by friends of Aish, the Jewish on line magazine/website.  This has been a great resource to me and my family for about the last four years or so.  I don’t always agree with everything I see there of course; but I find I do agree with 80%.  So I opened this connected email and starting looking at a catalog for books.  I asked the Holy Spirit that if there was any thing there I needed to order to prompt me.  I saw this book called the Interlinear Chumash for Bamidbar.  I felt a quickening in my spirit, from the SPIRIT and ordered it.  Now I can tell you I had no idea what that was.  I was just being obedient.  It said, more or less, the Hebrew was on one line and the English below.  It was $15.99 and after shipping came in still under $19.00.  When it arrived I get this big, gorgeous leather book, bound so it opens and reads in the Hebrew way, right to left.  I knew cracking it open that it would fast forward my Hebrew, which since my studies began in 1998, have been moving along at a slow, snail’s pace.  I still didn’t know what I had ordered for SEVERAL days as things do get busy around here with husband and teenage sons to care for, plus ministry.

     I can sound out or read Hebrew as I know my alphabet or aleph-bet as the word is derived from, but it is like someone picking up a bottle in a restaurant and reading Kikkomen Soy Sauce.  Now, just because I read that to you doesn’t mean I have a clue as to what it is.  It could be brown bleach as far as I can tell.  It is the same way with my Hebrew.  On a blessed day I can recognize maybe 40-65 words.  After I hear myself say it, sometimes I get it.

     When I finally sat down to pour over this treasure that had just come in, I realized I had my own copy, word for word, in the original Hebrew, of the book of Numbers!  Two days later I realized this was the source I needed four years ago when I wanted those original scriptures from Numbers 22-24.  Also I have now in this resource, much varied, rabbinic input similar to the commentary at the bottom of an NIV version of the Bible.  I dive into it.  Soooo good…

     So now I am going to share with you according to the number sections above in red what it is in original Hebrew and the understood thought regarding it that most Christians have been unaware of.   

1) &  6)  First of all realize that I was standing with, -beside- that little donkey.  I was there.  I didn’t think about this aspect at the time…but we are talking time!  I didn’t touch her back but was close enough to put my hands in those big gashes on her back end.  Balaam was so uninteresting and out of the picture that I looked over at him from a distance.  I say the donkey was taken off that tight little road and ministered to, by two angels.  In #6) I talk additionally about the road widens in the bottom of the painting in perspective.   I am addressing this fact now…I found out when reading vs 22: 25 and 26 that it says in Hebrew translated to the English …The she-donkey saw the angel of Hashem and pressed against the wall the leg in a place that was narrow where there was no path to turn to the right or the left.  This is an awkward English sentence, but this is the word for word translation.  (Also as a side point, some of you may not know that Hashem is the word for “the Name.”  This is the Hebrew name for God that is one of the words I do recognize in Hebrew, but it is not pronounced out loud as the correct pronunciation has been lost.  The adding of vowels to the Hebrew letters is a fairly new thing and the ancient Hebrew written language did not have these marks.  So, as to not be wrong in pronouncing something so special when we see it in Hebrew we say Hashem or at times Adonai.  Christians, this is really not about legalism and control but honor for God.)  Back to the narrow way… I was fascinated to discover commentary regarding this little detail of the painting.  The rabbinic thought is that there has been a progression in historical time to this moment beginning with Abraham and ending here with Jacob (Israel).  In the three times the donkey’s path is blocked…it is getting tighter and tighter and less possible to curse Israel.  Before it got impossible to turn, it would’ve been possible to curse Abraham’s descendants who had drifted to the right or the left, but it was impossible to curse the descendants of Isaac, Abraham’s true son.  By the final blocking and consequential beating of the donkey, the symbolism was, it was impossible to curse Israel because God had not cursed, but blessed Israel.  They followed Him the Almighty God.  This was the reality at this place, in this vineyard, in history, where Balaam stood looking out upon the tents of Israel.  Because of my faith that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, I also remember His own words regarding the narrow way …”Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.”  Matt 7:14.  If you try to notice the first mention principle for words in the Bible, I believe this passage in Numbers 22 is the first for the word narrow and I believe that this is very significant because we only put our hope in God…anything else is idolatry, which leads to destruction and this lesson here with Balaam symbolizes that.  

Are you still reading?  I call you a passionate student of the word!  I keep finding myself concerned about the length of this article and in the past the things I have released for internet publishing have been much shorter but from this point on I am not going to be concerned about that and figure if you are here reading with me then, it is for YOU I am releasing and recording this all down for.  There must be many of us hungry for more knowledge about these things, so I will pour this out like a glass of cool water.  You know for me the gigantic things I found about the she-donkey and the angels, that is where I am so excited …that will unfold …but first things first, back to point #2.  

2)    Balaam is a play actor.  His repentance and sorrow are superficial.  Actual Hebrew and commentary here are as follows…vs. 31 
Then Hashem uncovered the eyes of Balaam. (up to this point Balaam couldn’t see in the natural or spiritual) 
---Rabbinic comment is “Then Hashem uncovered.  It is obvious that Balaam is not accustomed to “seeing” angels, for if he was, it would not have been necessary for his eyes TO BE UNCOVERED.”    If Balaam had been a true prophet, he would have had no problem seeing an angel; but his base character made even such a degree of revelation impossible.  Actually Balaam was a sorcerer, not a prophet.  The sublime prophecies he uttered later (These prophecies were considered so important that the ancient sages contemplated adding them to the daily Shema) were temporary aberrations that God granted him only for the honor of Israel.  There is much, much more rabbinic comment here but I will not go deeper into this point on Balaam’s true identity.  For those of you who have also wondered about he/she references to angels… I will note that, in the Hebrew, in verse 31 it does refer to the angel on the road as to holding his sword.

I will skip points (3,4 & 5) AS I BELIEVE THEY ARE SELF-EVIDENT.  If you have any questions about these please email me.

I have also addressed 6 above with #1.

7)The she-donkey-  Now to me personally, this is still the most important and amazing part of this whole vision.  I believe stronger than I ever have in the past that I am blowing a shofar in the Spirit- to the world, -to the Jewish remnant, seeing such a strange truth of scripture and history regarding this female donkey.  In fact lately I have lain awake at night talking to God, asking Him why even the original Hebrew refers so much to our little female donkey.  The exciting truth is when I got to the original Hebrew in this book, I found no less than fourteen times Balaam’s donkey is referred to as the she-donkey.   Why take the time to refer to a donkey’s sex?  I don’t understand and all I can fathom is that it is a sign and a wonder for now. 
                                  Her eyes…That is one of the very first things I focused in on after seeing this glorious panorama of Israel, were those beautiful, sad, long-lashed female eyes.  They were personal, they were filled with emotion and they were engaging and drawing.  I identify with her. 
                                  In rabbinic comment it states…Kli Yakar comments that God wanted Balaam to know that just as the she-donkey had been enabled to speak only for the glory of Israel, so Balaam had been granted prophecy for only one reason:  not because he deserved it, but only so that he could utter the blessings that God was about to put in his mouth.  
                                  Also vs 23 In Hebrew… The she-donkey saw.
rabbinic comment:  The she-donkey saw.  Rashi and Ramban disagree regarding what the animal saw.  According to Rashi, animals are allowed to see the spiritual beings that are blocked from the human eye, because human intelligence would cause people to live in constant fear if they could perceive everything around them.  Ramban asserts that angels are not physical beings and cannot be seen by people or animals, unless they assume human form-as when they visited Abraham-in which case they are visible to everyone.  In Balaam’s case, it was not that the she-donkey actually saw the angel.  Rather, it sensed that it was in danger, for, figuratively, a being with a sword stood before it.   Now part 2 of #7, regarding the two servants also referred to in vs 22.  

I am going to break here and release this to you in two sections as this coming section on the Shema, I do not want to skimp on or rush through.  

Coming ----Part Two—The Shema, the Two Attendants, and the King’s Shofar so that you don’t have a book to digest right now!

Blessings to you in the name of Jesus Christ
Terri Derocher 

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With Eyes Uncovered  June 25, 2007
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 of contents
Ministry News
Dear Love Letters From Heaven family :
SEPTEMBER 17, 2007
     I believe I should drop you a small note to let you know what is happening in my life as it has been a while (2 months) since I have sent a general letter to you and many are left waiting for pt 2 of the summer teaching from the Hebrew language on Numbers and Balaam's Donkey.  That will be finished.  I am also not currently working on a painting, but am occupied with other assignments.
     A few of you, but certainly not all of you, know that I was ordained in July through my local church, Christian Life Church, affiliated with MFI (Ministers Fellowship International).  My Pastors, Barry & Kay Hill have encouraged me with a lot of study to continue to prepare me for the road ahead.  I am learning of the obstacles in the past to women ministers and my Jewish studies continue to expand.  I am happy to report to you it is can truly be worship... and this coming from the dancing, shofar woman!
     I am being stretched as never before and the scheduled speaking engagements coming up this fall are all about Israel and why we pray and stand with Israel.  I find myself straddling the sad precipice of history between Christian and Jew and know God is giving me legs to stand here as an Ambassador of His peace...but in the Jewish sense still a Peti... the word is derived from a word meaning open, spacious, wide ...a teachable fool, often inexperienced, and immature but fortunately  who welcomes correction from a wise man/woman.  I am 51, turning 52 this winter.  Age doesn't matter in learning.  The leader of my intercessory prayer team for this ministry, at 67, began bible college last week.  We are to continue learning our whole lives.  
     If you have loved this ministry and the paintings given to me through the Holy Spirit and you are one who waits for the coming teaching...could you remember me in prayer.  Pray that I would would be trained up and ready for the coming days the Lord has for all of us.  Pray that YOU would also be trained every puzzle piece must be ready for the finished picture to be completed.  
     Please also join with all of us world-wide on Sunday, October 7th as we corporately pray -millions together- for The Peace of Jerusalem.  If you don't know what I am referring to please visit and sign the petition to pray...
May the Lord Bless You and Keep You 
and Make His Face to Shine Upon YOU & Give YOU Peace-
Rev. Terri L. Derocher
Washington State Prayer Coordinator

Ministry News September 17, 2007
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Power Point addressing Anti-Semitism in the Church - Sept 2007
To play the power point so all the things move etc., you will see in the lower left had corner above the word DRAW, three little groups- a box, then four little boxes and the third little symbol Click on that (all above word draw)  Then the power point will fill your computer screen.  Click your mouse when you are ready for the next page (screen).
I elaborated and explained points fully in Sept 30, 2007 sermon- WHICH WAS ALSO RECORDED.  Email me for details or to get a copy.
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Paga!- The Bull's Eye, Hitting Your Target In Prayer
Dec 2, 2007 Sermon

Paga!- The Bull's Eye, Hitting Your Target In Prayer
Dec 2, 2007 Sermon
Please contact me via email for a cd copy as this message was recorded and is not available over the internet yet. 

Rev. Terri L. Derocher  
email me
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Do and Be & Investigate

Love Letters from Heaven
(corrected version below from what was sent in newsletter...)
Released January 29, 2008
Terri Derocher

     I have been sitting here praying and having a conversation with God this morning and feel prodded/prompted to sit down, put into words, the last couple months and specifically the word and direction the Lord gave to me last September 22, 2007, which was a Saturday and Yom Kippur and I will also share with you the sense I have right now at the end here of January to look at everything more closely.  Many of you may remember the Lord has spoken direction in my life during the Yom Kippur shift for the last eleven years now and I had a unique angelic visitation in 2002 during Yom Kippur (see web site archive section). 
     This Friday evening last September, at sundown we entered Yom Kippur and I found myself in corporate worship with my church body here in Spokane, Washington, at Christian Life Church.  It was a powerful evening in the Holy Spirit and we moved forward into our promises of God.  That Saturday, (still the Day of Atonement) I was sharing a message up north by the Canadian border about our need to pray for Israel and the still present anti-Semitism in the I was speaking then I heard my direction and possibly yours for the coming season.
     To back up a bit, since I have been in such a season of silence and waiting on the Lord that you have rarely heard from me this past year, I would like to catch you up with our lives here.  I still am in deep – private study with the Holy Spirit and just have not been released to write up what I am learning.  Some of you knew about and were even able to attend my ordination last July and it was a blessing to be able to share that pivotal day in my life with you, but even with that personal joy, I must say that like many, many of you 2007 was, also a very difficult year and we have fought for every victory over the enemy.   My own pastor, Barry Hill, was attacked with a life threatening infection and placed in the Intensive Care Unit the week prior to my ordination.  He kept telling the doctors, “You need to let me out because I am going to perform an ordination on Sunday.  (He did!).  He even wrote a book about the whole thing and if any of you are interested in getting a copy just let me know and I’ll get you one.” 
     I am glad we are now here, in 2008, to walk in this different day.  Some of you I see now that like me, you sit in your territory the Lord has given you -with your big ears open …sitting, and not moving or speaking unless the Lord says do it.  We are learning aren’t we?  That is a very good thing!  We will move as one when the Lord says move.  We are being fine tuned for high speed and precision!  We have been going through intense -solitary- training (even in the midst of families and fellowships and ministries), with many trials, (some with false starts, wounding arrows and then healing stronger, leaning totally on our Lord). We battle our own flesh and the enemy as we try to discern the difference between the two and move forward in the purity of the Lord.  He has brought His refining fire to show us the crap in our lives.  With some, He has separated you from your dearest friends and it has been as if your arm has been severed.  We die to the wants and whines of this flesh as we discern the plumb line of God in our hearts.  Our desire is Holiness and the further we walk the more we become aware of our own failings and faults.  Without Christ and the purifying work of the Holy Spirit we would be hopeless.  He is hope. 
     These times of the Lord…, we find ourselves in these critical life changing situations and then look at the calendar, (for me it’s the Hebrew calendar my heart moves with) and find sure enough, again these things have happened during the Lord’s appointed times.
      As I spoke that Saturday morning of Yom Kippur, I heard two words - Do and Be - and as it was said I saw the full expansion, truth and commandment of it for my life.  

     Many of you are still taking far to many things for granted in your lives, including the way the Holy Spirit is moving corporately and speaking to you individually.  Don’t you know it is the Holy Spirit’s prerogative to move in a new way?  Why would you expect staleness from the breath of God?  Do not become box - like in your relationship with the Lord or you will find yourself alone, gazing at four legalistic walls you have built yourself.  Don’t tell God who you are - listen to who He says you are.  It is also possible to be a part of a local church body and yet remain fluid, moving and open, in the Holy Spirit.  Many of you will be girded up with new strength as you line up with Holy Spirit directives for the relationships in you lives.  And yet many of you will, by the Holy Spirit, be pulled into the wilderness for training, as someone else at the same time is coming out leaning upon their beloved.  The wilderness trains you to eat a certain way for strength, perseverance and growth.  Shelter is imperative and you find out in the wilderness who your shelter is!

     To DO is to obey what the voice of the Lord directs you to do, all wrapped in the knowledge of directives in the written word of God.  To Do means at times to stop talking …and start walking.  At times it means to stop walking and start talking - I see you with a rock as a platform as you preach along the road.  Doing is doing what God ORDAINED FROM THE BEGINNING OF TIME FOR YOU TO DO!  
He says, “Now Do it!”

To Be Is to become.  A fat little caterpillar becomes a butterfly.  To Be is to transform into what you WERE ORDAINED FROM THE BEGINNING OF TIME TO BECOME!  To be is to spread out into the plan or essence of what was in the blueprint even of your DNA even as the butterfly HAS to open and dry its wings, then takes flight and goes to find the nectar it exists upon.  To BE is to REST in what God made you to be, trusting that as you move in the Holy Spirit, He will speak directives to you, quicken knowledge when needed and provide the sight into where the next batch of Spiritual nectar is…so you can complete the plan for your life.  Your life is intertwined with my life.  Your obedience affects me!   Like wise your or my disobedience causes delays and obstacles which will of course affect everything.  Being is Imperative Now. 

     For me, that being and doing was more personalized still and the message I was preaching at the time of Yom Kippur—addressing anti-Semitism in the church, was emphasized and I believe this is an important life assignment for me, one that will constantly weave throughout all the teaching that comes with the visionary paintings.  

And now in January 2008 I am moved or shaken (even vibrating in harmony with) the corporate need of deep investigation into the word of God.  AS NEVER BEFORE…we must be grounded in the written word of God.  We will test everything.  Some of this is even for our pleasure.  (The joy of the Lord is our strength). We will find deep pleasure and joy as you dig deeper than you ever have into the Holy Scriptures to find treasure never before mined or gazed upon.  The word of God is a treasure so deep that it has only just begun to be mined.  I proclaim and decree in Jesus name that the Word will Become.  That’s right the Word will Become.  As the Word spreads out in your life unto its/His fullness (Jesus is the Word), you will also become.  You must find the solutions and antidote/anecdotes for your life’s trials in the word of God and when you do- you will find great joy and peace as this is something solid you will cling to.  Pursue bible study.  What have you built upon?  What foundation is under you? Is it solid, based upon the word of God or is a frivolous frock of entertainment that will blow away in a heavy wind of the Holy Spirit?  This is a time of transparency and exposure.  Be sure what is exposed brings glory to God and furthers His Kingdom on earth.  There should be nothing in us that light can not shine upon and through.  I ask right now in Jesus’ name to become transparent.  If the light should expose something ugly and sinful in us, we then will repent and rejoice in the goodness and mercy of God that He doesn’t leave us with these things but desires that we become all that He said we would be.  (Remember, Jesus is the light –the Shamash - the light that lights the other lights! Chanukah ref.) 

Therefore…Stand in the authority and power of our Lord Jesus Christ and Do and Be!

Rev. Terri Derocher

Do and Be & Investigate - Jan 29 2008
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Compose, Composite, Composition, Composure…Direction for coming year 
The Yom Kippur word for Oct 8-9 2008 5769 
Released and posted October 21, 2008

     Dear body of Christ:  Many of you who have followed my life in ministry over the last ten years or so may remember that the Lord has been speaking a new direction for me (and you) in the season of Yom Kippur each year.  In 2002 I had a visitation on Yom Kippur (archives section of website).  So I now wait and listen for this special time each year.  In the midst of everything it is always to me the best, most special time.  It is a magnified time of intimacy with Jesus.  This is assessment time.  In the past, I have been given direction for my entire coming year as my assignments from the Lord shifted, promotions have come and a shaving or cutting away from the old mindsets, or dry past assignments have been removed and are replaced with fresh manna and vision.  
     As the sun was setting on Wednesday, October 8, 2008 I was leading an intercessory prayer time and was conscious that we were entering into the Jewish Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, which is a blueprint for the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.  

     In this prayer time, there is a bit of sharing before we pray as dreams are shared and the incidents of the week are recalled.  As a prayer leader I have learned to listen to the life of these prayer - partners as we live and pray with a corporate mindset.  I see where the Holy Spirit is hovering over our lives and when I look and listen and wait on Him for the direction for the time of prayer, most of the time I see this direction given through our own lives and in the lives of those we are praying for.  As many have been taught before…the anointing is pointing.  
     The diving board for this Yom Kippur message this year came from a team member sharing a simple fact, that the root of the word - rest -  in Hebrews 4 was composure.  For the next day and still continuing even now weeks later I am still running to the Webster's dictionary as ...the Holy Spirit has expanded this word to even include my own country, the United States of America.
     To compose is to create.  Think about that.  We are being Christ-like when we submit to and allow the Holy Spirit to birth something new in us.  He is the breath of life.  He literally breathes life into the lifeless.  He composes a new life in the womb.  He brings together the DNA of the mother and father and in that beautiful spiral design, matches it up and puts together an entirely unique, beautiful creation.  You, beautiful one, were created in just that way. 
     When I paint a new painting I bring together all the pieces, the vision, the canvas covered in gesso, the paint, the brushes, the lighting to see with and the music I paint by ... all these parts come together in the painting, the composition.
     A musician writes - composes - a new song by being inspired or filled with inspiration.  Sometimes it is by hearing the melody in his/her head.  Sometimes it comes from the emotions of heartbreak of love or joy.  Even hearing a bird's song in the woods, and being in the midst of that beautiful place, can bring the inspiration for a new “Masterpiece.”  Then it is put down on paper and each part comes together, the melody and the corresponding harmonies as each part compliments and accents the positive in the other.  The subtle deep strong tones are even forgotten most of the time… as the melody trips and dances upon this foundational base sound.  
     Composing means to mix it up.  We bring different pieces/parts together.  A composite view is just that - all the pieces together.  Composure –rest - is the result…it’s done (just like Jesus…He finished it on the cross)!  When all the pieces come together we have composure and that is where the rest comes into it.
    Think about an army.  I keep thinking about David's mighty men and everywhere I turn something reminds me of them again. Do you know what a group of diversified men they were?   They are referred to in 1 Chronicles chapter 12.  These are the champions.  The sons of Kish could use either the bow in right or left hand and stones as well as arrows.   The Gadites were stout fighting men well used to shield and spear (from vs 12:9…lions they were in aspect and for speed gazelles on the mountains).  Although ALL these mighty men were different from one another together they made quite a package deal…eh? (as they say in Canada!) That package deal is the composite picture.  And when they were composed, they were complete and that completion brought the composure and they rested in victory!!!  Follow me here? 
     America it has been said is the melting pot of the world.  We are a nation of – or descendants of immigrants.  This poem on the Statue of Liberty still beckons as a welcome wagon to the oppressed of this world… Give ME....your tired and your poor.  Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.  The wretched refuse of your teaming shore.....SEND THESE.....  the homeless...tempest-tossed to ME. 

     America is a composite.  Perhaps she has forgotten this fact …but we ARE a composition of God’s design, created to be a safe harbor and landing place for the “Tossed About” of this planet.  As Americans---even non-believers---we have a desire to help and protect the poor and oppressed of this world. We are criticized for being overly involved in the world, but just like a good mother we can’t look away either.

      So…the essence of this word for the coming year is this.
                     “Make room for your brother or sister because I am bringing composure to you as an individual and as a nation.”  This composure will not be comfortable initially (that’s in the beginning).  But this composure will bring you rest – peace - shalom. 

     Oh what is she talking about?  Is she speaking peace when there is no peace?  No - in fact there may be more unrest and turmoil than you personally have EVER experienced…but in the midst of it all the Lord is “granting you” PEACE.  Does she mean we are going to have a lot of new immigration?  Could be… I don’t know…but that wasn’t really the meat of this word or what the Holy Spirit was speaking to me about.
     It is about your brother and sister in this country… the necessity of their part….all the parts/people/harmonies/paint brushes/treble clefs.  You will be listening to their song this year.  You will be seeing their painting and it will make sense to you in this coming season in a way it never has before.  You may detest that new sound or new view but you will listen… and try to understand and because of that... you will find rest in it all.

     WE NEED TO LOVE AND APPRECIATE ONE ANOTHER.  In my little church in Spokane, Washington our vision statement is “Loving God, Loving People.”  Again easier said than done, right?  But it is the core of the heart of Jesus.

     I have this friend Jane that is great at envisioning something and then executing her vision and no job is too difficult for her.  She has inspired me, as a woman, to tackle the untackleable (invented word here).  She is much different than me but has prompted me to change my viewpoint and has inspired me to greatness.  Together we are stronger and become a team.
     Now when I am writing this (and years from now this fact will probably be forgotten so I say it here), we are in a Presidential election.  I do have that filter on my mind and I cannot deny I hear through or at least around it also.  Perhaps this word doesn’t apply to this situation but I cannot escape from the fact that it does.  I do vote to tear down the abomination of abortion that has led to societal breakdown.  I vote to protect the sanctity of marriage…like you.  And … I am so excited about this election – the possibilities.         
     But this I know about the outcome…about you and about me…we pray.  We will pray for our President…no matter who that person may be.  We will pray they will be protected.  We will pray for wisdom in all their decisions.  We will pray that their families will come to know Jesus as their Lord and savior…just as we pray for all the world in the same way.  We really are the peace-makers.  We pray for our brothers and sisters in this nation.  Though they have hated us…we love them still.

     And so…if I am a soprano…and the alto or baritone part has a solo…I am going to enjoy and delight in that solo.  I am going to sit back and understand that by my sister or brother singing that solo... that the whole piece of music…the whole composition, is going to be heard in a full, deep richness that could never have occurred by me…just singing alone.  David couldn't have won the battle alone.  HIS God- the God of Israel- sent men to David to help him.

     The Lord said to me “I am bringing composure to America.  This composure will come in the midst of every trial, personal and corporate.”  You will find rest in the midst of it all.” 

    We are a people of mixed lineage.  We are a people…this nation…of many diverse beliefs…and yet we are one.  We the people…. in order to form a more perfect UNION…oh there it is again…composition…Masterpiece…created to be…a resting place.  We were made to be a resting place.   Be...that resting place.

     Today may you be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ.  Please VOTE as is your God-given privilege in this country.  May you ask for God’s wisdom as you do so.  May you love your neighbor as you love yourself (and please do love yourself).  In this coming year remember to pray, to bring peace in the midst of pain, and to also remember that you are cherished and were CREATED for such a time as this.

Rev. Terri L. Derocher

Compose, Composite, 
Composition, Composure…Direction for Coming Year 
The Yom Kippur word Oct 8-9 2008 5769
Released and posted October 21, 2008 
Tongues in the Spot Light For the Election - The Secret Weapon of Faith
Terri Derocher
Dear body of Christ-  

      Here is strategy for the few remaining days before the election.  Pray without ceasing....IN YOUR PRAYER LANGUAGE!  For those of you receiving this email that are baptized in the Holy Spirit  - as Sarah Palin is - this secret weapon cannot be bought for millions or billions of dollars!  There are millions and millions of us filled with the Holy Spirit.  The enemy of God is dumbfounded by it and REMEMBER - We war NOT against flesh and blood----that is we don't war against people . but against principalities and powers in high places who are our enemy.  Remain in peace and love and the blessings of God.  Pray without ceasing for those around you in your prayer language.  
    Ridiculously, beautiful, wonderful tongues transform the atmosphere, transform you and let you pray for things you don't even know how to pray for.  The Holy Spirit KNOWS where the secret things that need exposed are. 
    The media have been fascinated with and have persecuted Sarah Palin because she is from a Pentecostal, tongue speaking church.  This is our key for this hour.  It says in the word that tongues are also for the unbeliever.  When hearing tongues, many unbelievers do come to the Lord.   Never underestimate the power of speaking in tongues.  Zechariah 4:6 says It IS NOT BY MIGHT, NOT BY POWER, BUT BY MY SPIRIT SAYS THE LORD!  THERE IS NOTHING SO HUMBLING AS PRAYING IN A LANGUAGE YOU YOURSELF DO NOT UNDERSTAND-----YOU ARE LEANING TOTALLY ON THE LORD.
    There are still undecided voters, some Pentecostal Christians....pray in your prayer language.    I will not tell you who to vote for BUT pray constantly in your prayer language and you will get the breakthrough you have been waiting for.   
     An election CANNOT BE BOUGHT!!!    THIS IS A TRUE FACT.  GOD IS THE ONE WHO PLACES INTO POWER AND WE GET WHAT WE DESERVE!!!  Read your history in your bible!    We have a chance to restore things in this country that have been terribly destroyed - such as the liberal majority on our Supreme Court.  Our country has been crumbling, just like the old temple, because we have looked the other way for our idols of self and convenience..  HAVE MERCY ON US LORD JESUS.

Blessings in Jesus Christ--- Rev. Terri Derocher



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Tongues in the Spot Light For the Election - The Secret Weapon of Faith - October 31, 2008
The Ground Troops Of Love Are Released
November 7, 2008

Dear Body of Christ:  Many have called or written me and are in great turmoil, sadness and confusion at the outcome of our election.  Even after reading the word I had from the Lord in October many are still responding in a very unbiblical way.  This should not be so......  I will continue to stand against the voices - even well recognized  voices - who are crying judgment and anger and bitterness and blame at this election outcome.  I PLEASE MY GOD and not man with my words and heart.   I too fasted from food and water, I too cried and cried over the disastrous scenario before me for the unborn if we failed to elect the one we felt God had called us to pray for.  I BLEW THE SHOFAR AS THE LORD LED ME TO THROUGH OUT THE TIME LEADING UP TO THE ELECTION.  You should know I was invited to blow the shofar at every CALL event in the past year.  I could not attend but KNOW those prayers and those shofars - mine here at home- were heard in heaven.  TO ALL OF YOU ...AGAIN I SAY .... GOD HEARD OUR PRAYERS! 
     I will repeat again the difference in the feeling of the spirit in 2000 when Bill Clinton was elected.  In 2000 there was a palatable spirit of decadence and perversion that was unleashed.  The VERY surprising quick, peaceful, thoughtful, truthful transition even declared in John McCain's speech to his followers at Obama's victory was a glimpse of the tender heart of our Lord at this time.  A great stronghold has been brought down.  REJOICE in this fact!
     The United States of America was truthfully, horribly, sinfully BUILT UPON the backs of slaves!  Does it occur to us what a terrible stronghold, what a destructive spirit, this has been to our country and the direction the Lord wants to take us NOW?  Does it occur to us the largest majority of aborted babies in America have been the Holocaust of black babies?  There is a connection.   
     Perhaps the strongman of racism needed taken down and love felt first.....yes LOVE felt from the WHITE COMMUNITY.  I am not God and you are not either.  But this I know ---for the FIRST time-- a black woman, a black man, or a black child can look around this great country of ours  and WHITE brothers and sisters do care for me.  My white brothers and sisters made this possible because I am a minority.  Every black man who has spent his life looking at the ground as his children needed help and he felt powerless and worthless and less than the he even ran away and abandoned his family because of his wrongly perceived failure to rectify this injustice for his own children..... HE... can now raise his head in hope....HE can now raise HIS HEAD UP TO GOD AND SAY...YOU heard MY prayers are there.   Can't you see this could be the beginning of the greatest revival ever known to the WORLD?   God hardens hearts and God softens hearts.   HE JUST SOFTENED MILLIONS of hearts to HEAR the gospel.  HE JUST DESTROYED a barrier that prevented those truthful words of the gospel from being heard.  NOW.......THEIR EARS ARE OPENED.  
     Do we think God's arm is to short to save?  Are we so arrogant to think that God got a hold of us and changed and transformed us but that He cannot do it with this man and with this country?  God's plan was through the man named Saul in the book of Acts.  Who else but our beloved Paul could've explained the Jewish foundation of our faith and Christ's atonement to a gentile world?   GOD HAD A MAN THEN and his name was PAUL of Tarsus!
     This man Barack has a huge following.  Isn't it entirely possible he can lead them into the truth of the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ?  Isn't it possible that because of your obedient, righteous prayers on his behalf that he will FINALLY understand that abortion is the tool that the enemy has used to kill his OWN FAMILY?  Isn't it possible HE will then transform the Supreme Court for good and tear this thing -- this spirit of abortion -murder- down?  ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH CHRIST JESUS EVEN A NEW BEGINNING FOR YOU!
     This I know....I serve a God who IS LOVE and He calls me to Love and not to Hate AND HE can TURN all things for good just as He took my miserable life and redeemed it for His own glorious use.   The spirit of abortion in this county is coming down!  I proclaim, declare, decree it in the name of Jesus Christ.  ALL things are possible through Christ Jesus.  I trust my Lord.  This spirit of racism is the first of many giants that are going to fall in this land!  
     Now get up off your butts, quit whining and weeping and put on your garments of Praise and Hope and move out -GO-Ground TROOPS OF Love!  A bomb has went off and there are injured on the ground that need to know that you are a person they can trust, and love and that YOU are a dancer and a beautiful lover of Jesus Christ!!!  There is ALWAYS hope in Jesus Christ and we do not tolerate that spirit of hatred to hang around us.  Now Command it to be gone in Jesus name from your presence.  I COMMAND in the NAME of Jesus Christ, in HIS power, His authority and His dominion for that spirit of hatred to be gone from the body of Christ now!  
Rev.  Terri L. Derocher
If you no longer want to receive this ministries news.....just please click reply and type UNSUBSCRIBE in subject line.  May God Bless you in every way in the name of Jesus Christ       

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The Ground Troops Of Love Are Released
November 7, 2008