The Lord does not allow me to sell or make money from any of these  paintings but I am available to speak, teach and minister with the paintings.  Feel free to make copies for yourself here for free over the internet.  Please keep the title and testimony with the painting as all are given via the Holy Spirit!
If you would like me to bring the paintings to your group, please contact me via email.  Thank you and may God Bless you in the name of Jesus Christ!!

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Archives 2005 - 2006 
June 14, 2005
Generational RENDEZVOUS 

     Prayer warriors, mighty men and women of God, you hidden jewels of the the Lord, I am here now to speak LIFE into you & hope as I have just made it through another dark place that I had mistakenly believed was a dead end.  It was another tunnel, Praise God, and I can now see light up ahead!  Like a scout I say to you…..You're moving forward, You're taking ground!
     Many, if not most of you, who are reading this now have been on extended assignments (months, years, decades) for the Lord.  Some have being praying for right to life issues, some for particular political situations, many for corporate breakthroughs in family and marriage situations, others for a mighty shift – a revelation and revolution of God - to occur in your countries and governments.  You have been sliced and diced and in the natural have seen what you perceived as great defeats and dead ends.   I am here to say IT ISN”T SO!!!!!!!!! 
     In isolation you, like Elijah, have believed you are alone in your grief, alone in your seeming defeat, ALONE.  Elijah was wrong and so are you!!!!!  God’s got an army that’s marching through the land, God’s got an army that’s marching through this land (I’m singing and praising the King now) God’s got an army that’s marching through this land and victory is in HIS hand!
     I’m calling forth now ---in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth- a generational RENDEZVOUS (Webster’s:  1. betake or present yourselves, a place designated of  meeting or assembling, as of  troops, ships, airplanes, space vehicles – 3.assemble the troops--!)
……  You elders in Christ speak it forth, speak it forth, your encouragement is needed now!!!  The young ones need your encouragement NOW!  However and whatever means God gives you to do it with –DO IT!  Tell what it used to be like in the dry bones days…..because the climate is changing, we are making progress.  We praise God together that grief over the things that have
      L o n g grieved God is now being felt corporately!

     We Praise God for the repentance and sorrow that is pouring forth like honey, like oil, like wax, in the Lord’s hands.  Hard hearts are good for nothing but building a rubble pile, but hearts made of honey can feed the multitudes, hearts like oil can lubricate and move the unmovable, they can soften hard leather and be a provision for the widow and orphan, hearts like wax can be poured out for the Lord’s glory.   PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!!!!    He is on the throne.  When we move as ONE –echad, we are powerful, like a horse powered engine, our increase in strength is phenomenal (2. extremely unusual: extraordinary:  highly remarkable, apparent to or perceptible to the senses.)

     I hear a train a coming, it’s coming round the bend, the forces of hell and darkness are coming to their end.  With shrieks of fear and loathing they see your glory shine and know that Christ Lord Jesus, holds in His hands their time!  (another song)
     DO NOT ABANDON YOUR POSTS!!!!!!!!!!   You are accomplishing what the Lord has appointed you to do. 

Jesus loves you, I LOVE YOU, the body of Christ loves you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your faithfulness! 
Terri Derocher
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem       

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Generational RENDEZVOUS  June 14, 2005

Saturday August 13, 2005
A New Way To Pray On Tisha B'Av 

Dear body of Christ:  I sent this out last night and am not sure it has even went out as I sent a copy to myself and haven’t received it.  I’ve found a few errors in it this morning plus some went out cc instead of blind carbon copy so I apologize.  I still have an urgency about this and feel there is a strategy for victory here, so I am sending it out again.  I sent it out last night without even the Love Letters heading.  Ha!  God is so good and full of grace.  So if you got last nights please go through this again—hopefully it’s clearer.  Love in Jesus Christ-  Terri Derocher

Well it is about four hours after sunset and we are in Tisha B’AV which began today, Saturday, at sundown.  It ends tomorrow, Sunday, at sundown.  For those who don’t know the Jewish and therefore biblical significance of this day, this day finishes a season of mourning called the three weeks, which ends tomorrow night.  This is a period when many tragedies happened to the Jewish people. 

The Three Weeks are considered to be such a terrible (terrifying) time period that marriages aren’t allowed. From the 1st of Av (August 6), one is even advised to push off court cases until after the 10th of Av (after August 15th). Jews refrain from hair-cutting, purchasing or wearing new clothing, listening to music and pleasure trips. It is a time for self-reflection and improvement.

Please just go type in Tisha B’Av in your search engine as it is not the point of this word to educate you but I am speaking this forth to you as if you know what I am referring too. 

During worship tonight I had decided I was going to begin a fast but was corrected by the Holy Spirit and I wanted share this with you as I believe this is a new strategy for warfare. 

Tomorrow it is expected that thousands of Arabs & Jews are to have a showdown on the temple mount. The pull-out from the Gaza is to occur later this week. Concern and I must admit fear over these predicted events was part of the desire for me to fast.  But then…..   

 …I listened to a speaker tonight (who didn’t know it was the Ninth of Av) who finished, after a wonderfully encouraging message to intercessors in particular, with a prophetic act.  She wanted us to eat apples dipped in honey.  I was so grieved as I believed I was called to a fast but then she shared this scripture and revelation came… she read from 1 Samuel 14;  Saul has just given the warning to his army not to taste food that day until he’d finished taking vengeance on his enemy.  Jonathan found honey and ate it (not hearing his father’s orders ).  He remarked that even his eyes lit up and how much greater would the victory had been if ALL had eaten.  He felt it had been a foolish declaration as the famished army was exhausted and sinned because of it…go read it all…  Well as I said I was in turmoil until these words and then I knew that Saul’s way is the old way…..I needed to CELEBRATE what Jesus had done for this Tisha B’AV, for this day, for these times, for these people.  He’s done a new thing.  I needed to feast with the bridegroom and my eyes were brightened and revelation for victory did come.  PLEASE celebrate your way through tomorrow.  There are terrible things on the horizon…including the pull-out from the Gaza, which I disagree with ..(My opinion) … BUT GOD’s got an army marching through this land, they’re singing and they’re dancing with His victory in their hands.  Who is OUR GOD?   IS HIS arm to short to SAVE?  HE is Victorious.  He is our defender!  It’s a new day, we pray a new way…not in fear…yes we remember the loss… but we have HOPE and His name is Jesus!  He IS the WAY.  Pray for Israel with this knowledge.

Well it is late and I want to get this out so I will release the double word part tomorrow as it is about you tumble weeds and tomorrow still is Tisha B’AV.  THIS is strategy for tomorrow.  I trust the Holy Spirit with your response.  That’s not my business.  I’ve been obedient to share. 

I love you body of Christ---Terri Derocher
Remember to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!


A.  A New Way To Pray On Tisha B'Av  Saturday August 13, 2005  
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Sunday, August 14, 2005 2:44 PM
"How Do You Wrap Your Arms Around A Tumble Weed?" 
(double words on Tisha B'AV) 

 Hi again body of Christ:  Here is the promised second message of the two words given to me last night at the beginning of Tisha B’Av.  As I shared with you before the first was a strategy given for Israel for today and this week and I wanted to get it out first as we need to walk through that one.  Please refer to the first message sent out…a New Way To Pray On Tisha B’ Av.  

 Tumble Weed Vision:

 Last night as I was worshipping the Lord I had the feeling of just wanting to run away and hide with the Lord as sometimes I don’t understand myself and then wonder if I don’t understand myself OR my emotions then how can anyone else.  It was in this place, lying on the floor, trying to be as small as possible, that I saw a tumble weed and then felt it was myself.  When I first saw this I didn’t perceive it as a good thing as I thought OH Lord that’s me.  I looked at that horrible plant and said, “How do you wrap your arms around a tumble weed ?”  I was tired of rolling from place to place.  We have rolled from coast to coast in my husband’s occupation but we have had wonderful church families.  There are so many best friends, prayer partners, wonderful pastors, and ministries that we have said goodbye to over these past 17 or so years, hundreds of them we have had to leave in many states.  It has been difficult to maintain those relationships because of the sheer numbers.  Many of you that I love so much and have had to leave are on this mailing list and sometimes this is the only communication we have with each other for months, even years.  I’ve heard bloom where you are planted and I have cried “Lord let me stay long enough to see apples on the tree we’ve planted”.  (I’ve seen it now..Thank you).  Anyway there have been difficult, painful times in these moves but joy also.  You are some of that joy.  Back to this vision…  

 For those of you who weren’t raised in the Western United States (I’m a Wyoming girl) we have a rolling weed, a specific plant that breaks off and rolls in the fall.  If you look at the old western movies you may see these weeds rolling through the dust as the cowboy comes into the abandoned town.  My boys (and maybe even my husband from R. I.) thought these things were mythical and I still remember the fun of my sons actually seeing them for the first time when we moved to the Northwest from New Hampshire a little over four years ago.  They yelled and screamed and the youngest, especially wanted to run and catch them as they rolled along or flew by!   They only stop rolling if the wind stops blowing or they get caught in a fence (usually in a huge bunch of twenty or more).  So that’s a tumble weed.
Well here is how the Lord turned what I thought was ugly into something beautiful.  He showed me this plants life cycle.  Some of these plants grow taller than a man.  They form giant balls.  They are covered with green seeds.  When growing they are tough and unbreakable.  You’d need clippers or a shovel to get them out of the soil as the root grows deep.  But this plant has adapted itself to the wide open spaces of the west and has a unique way of reproducing.  When HARVEST time comes (the autumn) they dry up and the plant breaks off at ground level.  Then they begin to roll with the wind.  By this time these big healthy ball-shaped plants are brown and dried out, light as a feather and covered with thousand of seeds which break off everywhere.  As the plant rolls, the seed scatters.  Then new baby plants grow the following spring from the scattered seed.

 Here is what I heard the Holy Spirit speak about the tumble weeds.  “You are one of many of my plants that I have nurtured and are full of seed.  I have thousand upon thousands of you.  I send you where I want you as I know you will drop seed everywhere.  You are my disciples.  You don’t even know where this seed is growing now.  You just roll where my wind (the Holy Spirit) sends you.  Many of you are caught in this fence of the enemy and I am telling you that I have brought the wire cutters.  I am cutting open that fence NOW and you will again roll where I desire you to roll.  Do not be concerned that you seem ugly and that no one will desire to wrap their arms around you.  Leave that to me.  Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and it is I who am beholding your beauty now.  I will make your beauty shine.  The fence is opened…. just roll.  Roll onto ships, roll onto planes, roll into canyons where none have rolled before….just roll.  It’s harvest time.  Go spread the word (seed).

For those Messianic Jews now in Israel, fighting the good fight and interceding for their brothers and sisters, I believe this word is even more significant for you.  You have rolled for centuries through pogroms and persecutions and now by accepting that Jesus Christ, Yeshua ha Mashiach is the promised Messiah you have been rejected by many of your own families.  Friends have rejected you because of your faith.  You have felt like a misfit.  BUT GOD….says I am making you beautiful, I am making you huggable.  I have made you lovable.  I have placed my anointing upon you and you will SHINE in the darkness.  Seeds are beginning to grow, really…..just roll!

Love in Jesus Christ

Terri Derocher
Paintings covered in scripture

Pray For The Peace of Jerusalem 

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B.  "How Do You Wrap Your Arms Around A Tumble Weed?" 
The Bulldozer (Yom Kippur Word 2005)
November 14th, 2005

     It has been one month now since the day of Yom Kippur and it is time to record what I have been taught in this season.  Some of you who have known this ministry over the years may recall the visitation of 2002  (archive 4 section).  Do you remember me saying that for me the Lord speaks the loudest in this season?  It’s true again.  I receive new direction and vision at this time of the year (at least as long as the Lord continues to share with me in this way!)  When I am directed to share it with you personally, I do.  Many times we as intercessors are walking out corporate lives.  The circumstances in our lives, the battles, the victories and the heartbreaks are often, but not necessarily always, corporate issues and when we pray accordingly and understand things from this perspective we get insight into how to pray, not only for ourselves, but  for the body of Christ also.  And remember, we are ALL called to intercession!  

     I returned two weeks ago from a time in Spearfish, S.D. where one of my younger sisters finished “going through” a trial by fire.  Praise God she walks in the victory!  Interestingly enough it was a kairos time for me also.  I have walked through a new door and am walking now into new territory and I will never be the same again!  During this two week period we visited this little church, which is seeking the Lord, not for what He can do for them or even each individual but to KNOW HIM.  Each weekday we did what we needed to do and then this little church was opened for prayer and we looked forward to being able to go and sit in His presence.  If you looked with your eyes instead of your heart you wouldn’t see much as each one sought the Lord.  There was no speaker, no praise team, just a heavy presence of the Holy Spirit, God’s Ruach ha Kodesh.  Something happened though as personal encounters with Jesus Christ changed and are changing our world.  Each day was a wonder with rich lessons to absorb.  One day I received this bull dozer vision (I will share later) as I asked the Lord to know Him more.

      How often is it that we only go so far with God?  Earlier in the first week I saw a picture.  Jesus was in front of me and I followed Him up a mountain made of white, hard stone (white granite maybe).  As we climbed this mountain, we left no tracks as we hiked up in the middle of a stream, which was flowing down this mountain.  It was beautiful and there were beautiful things, flowers etc. all over and I really wanted to stop and just enjoy it all but felt admonished that I would lose sight of the Lord if I stopped as He wasn’t leaving any tracks.  I stopped seeing this at this point.  Perhaps ten minutes later I asked the Lord what was at the top of that mountain and I realized I HAD MADE A CHOICE to not go further in the Spirit.  When I said I was sorry, I was right back in the hike and saw the top finally and realized it was a spring.  It just bubbled up and went to all sorts of wonderful places….( I stopped because I was just so excited about what I had been shown.  There was more I am so sure but this is as far as I went and yes I am sorry for not pressing in more.).  I knew, in the natural……. if I wanted to know Jesus more, I needed to stay with Him.  So as the week went on I was contending to linger with God.  I believe one of the ways I grieve Him most is not following Him through and getting the full measure of what He is speaking to me.  IS THIS TRUE FOR YOU ALSO?  When I reread visions the Lord has spoken to me in the past and see the details, countries named etc. - yes I do see it could only come from Him…. but I also know in my heart that if I’d only lingered longer, which I know was His desire, what I shared could’ve been fuller, clearer.  We must contend for this fullness of vision and direction for the body of Christ for these coming days but most of all for the heart of Jesus.  We must stop breaking His heart.  

     All this is now to share this shattering bulldozer picture the Holy Spirit shared with me.  It most likely will not be as painful for you as it was for me.  Know though, that there is more for you than just reading this IF YOU WILL PRESS INTO THE PRESENCE OF GOD AND BE WILLING TO LOOK AT WHAT HE WANTS TO SHOW YOU! 

     It began as I earnestly asked Jesus if I could know Him more.  This wasn’t half-hearted and I knew when I asked it could be painful for me. Then it began…

                             He took me back into a safe, fun place in my childhood.  I was swinging on my grand dad’s swing.  This big, ole swing was painted silver and was massive.  Each pole was heavy metal with a diameter of about eight inches.  It was over-sized compared to today’s swing sets.  It was perhaps twenty feet tall.  Each swing was made of a huge heavy, wooden board and the rope, that held each swing, was so big around, that my little hands couldn’t even wrap around the entire rope.  It crossed my mind then that if one of these boards were to hit you in the head I am sure you would’ve been severely injured, if not killed.  This was one of those visions where you are entirely there… with no escape as I had asked the Lord… whatever it takes.  I don’t know the technical terms for such a vision, but in 1998 I had a similar experience of being there and not in your obvious, natural surroundings ….
     I am swinging in this swing, just loving it.  I think I can touch the sky I am going so high.  I see the bird nest and eggs I found on the ground, right beside it.  It’s the first time I’ve seen the remains of beautiful, blue egg shells.   I remember my Grandma Ida being brought outside in her wheel chair to enjoy the day.  She couldn’t go out much and she was getting out into this beautiful day.  She had Multiple Sclerosis and lived her life in three small rooms for the most part.  Gramma Ida was JOY in my life.  (I won’t go into the beautiful details of the memories of her, but in this vision they were all there).  I saw the huge strawberry patch in the yard where Grand dad took me to pick strawberries and bring them into Gramma.  When we walked in I saw a toy bird on the top of the fridge which once set in motion seemed to be getting a perpetual drink.  I enjoyed being in this kitchen again.  I saw every curtain, heard every noise, soaked up every detail.  This was a place I so loved and to be able to go there again was absolute joy.  I warmed myself beside the stove in winter.  I saw the beautiful living room door and the bear picture, and the fat, gravel-bag, old ash tray, the pale green radio, my grand dad’s wood shop/porch.  He was a carpenter.  I smelled his pipe tobacco smell as you walked in the door.  I saw the plum tree, the choke cherries, and the rhubarb and even was there again as we pulled up in the dark and grand dad had to show us how big the watermelon was he was trying to grow.  He showed us with a flashlight in the dark.  We all laughed as he showed us.  It was high adventure.  We walked in and out of the house again and again on the black cinder rock that formed the driveway.   This went on and on with details I loved, things that meant so much to me.  
     This is one of the ways the Holy Spirit can speak to us.  Some things can be felt but not explained with words.  These memories were for me such a thing and when I needed to learn something my experiences are references that can be used.  I guess I can more fully understand what it is I am being shown if I have some personal situation to refer to.  
     As this vision continued I saw funerals and I saw a wedding, both at my grandparent’s church.  I just didn’t see the funerals but went through them again.  I was sitting beside my Dad and saw his face close-up and understood his grief at the loss of his mom in a way the child (me) never could.  I wanted to definitely stop and get out of this place at this point but it continued.  I saw the same room again and again and it was like a vicious cycle of pain.  I saw my aunt dressed as a bride, ducking down and hiding as my grand dad and I drove her up to the church. (I guess they dressed at home in those days).  It was the same church again only this time a wedding. 
     Now I was back at the house and no one lived there anymore.  We had to sort all their belongings.  Dad and I sat at the kitchen table.  I saw the relatives come and put little name tags on the stuff they wanted and heard the conversation as if at a distance as I was lost in the pain of loss….Then the bull dozer came and I saw the face of the man driving the bull dozer, just an innocent man doing his work.  (I NEVER SAW THIS BULL DOZER IN THE NATURAL, AS A CHILD.   The land was bulldozed though).

 I THEN saw the bulldozer first rip out the swing set.  I saw huge blobs of cement come out of the ground as it toppled over.  I saw the strawberry patch and every bush being bulldozed under.  I SAW the tree where the robins nest had been… bulldozed down.  I saw the house and the plum tree bulldozed down.  I saw mice and rats run when the house went down.  Everything that was there was gone.  I saw the man begin to work the land.  He leveled it.  He filled in the rotted cellar with sweet dirt.  All the old boards and iron and every piece of junk was taken away as the ground was prepared for a new home to be put on the land.  All that remained of their life there was the hole in the fence across the road where my dad used to climb through on his way to school….

THIS IS WHAT I THEN HEARD….” I AM bulldozing your life - the good and precious, - -the sad and the bad…ALL OF IT.  If you really want to move with me, you must let go of all of it.  I am doing the bulldozing.  Do you really want to KNOW me?   Then let go of all of it!  Do not be grieved over what used occur in your fellowship/church/synogue meetings.  Do not get lost in the pain of the loss!  I have more.  I have more. I have more!!!!  You cling to these crumbs, when I have a banquet for you.  I want to tell you more.  (This is like thunder)  I am not building on the rotted foundation of your preconceived ideas.  

May the Holy Spirit bring revelation knowledge to you regarding the details of this vision.   …..”It is time to stop playing on the swing.  It feels like you are going somewhere, but you’re still in the same old place.  It could even be dangerous.  HEBREWS 6  This place once brought forth life (egg shells) but that time is past.  Don’t be satisfied being crippled on a beautiful day…I will help you run the race to win!  You can no longer warm yourself by this stove.  It doesn’t exist!  That bird was only pretending to drink; I give you living water!  You walked on fire in this place (the cinder stone), even though you lived through it…you didn’t even know the half of it!  You cannot build on a rotted foundation, it will not stand.  Submit yourself to the pain of rebuilding on nothing but the foundation I have given you…the word of God.  I will show you what a real carpenter can build!  If you think you had fruit before watch and see what will grow NOW that you’ve let go of the past”!   

The interpretation for the body of Christ… We must let go of all the patterns, the little pleasing ones and the painful rituals (weddings and funerals in the spiritual).  We must go through the door and stay … if we really want to visit with Jesus.  To be a friend, a real friend, you listen…You listen to what your friend wants to tell you.  Jesus has invited us in and He wants to share His heart with us.  We must press into Him…nuzzle our face in His chest…We must linger with Him.  He has …the more… and we think we know…because of preconceived ideas…but we don’t know.  We’ve just been feasting on crumbs

May the Lord Bless you with an increasing desire to KNOW HIM.

In the love of Jesus Christ-
Terri Derocher

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The Bulldozer (Yom Kippur Word 2005)  November 14th, 2005
January 30, 2006
The Eagle’s Beak

Tonight was a very sweet time with the Lord and I was seeing much about order and some of that will be sown through out what I am going to share with you.   I saw the wild and the firm in the plan God made for the altar when He commanded it to be built with stone not hewed (see Webster’s)  Exodus (Sh’mot) 20:25.  I saw things like windows and window panes.  I saw the old and the young.  I saw discipline and freedom.  I thought of Paul and Timothy and read Philemon regarding Onesimus and saw the order in which Paul was moving and setting all in place for a foundation.  This continued for some time.

After this, suddenly I saw a close up of an eagle’s beak.   I saw this huge, curled, powerful beak that was made to tear flesh.  This was the beak of a very magnificent creature.  What I saw next may seem strange but in fact it was quite repulsive.  I saw this beak eating little, tiny bird seeds and as I watched this big beak crack open these little sparrow seeds I saw that this was a massive bird, so huge that it was twisted painfully around itself and literally stuffed into a little bird cage.   (Hebrews 5: 14)  I was astounded at this picture and wondered what in the world happened as it wasn’t immediately obvious to me.   I then saw this bird hunch itself down, make itself as small as possible and then squatting (all very awkward) walk forward and stuff itself into this cage—WILLINGLY!

This is what I saw and understood next.   I saw the Lords hands…full of glory and gold light… come and bend the bars back on the cage and this huge blob of a bird tumbled out onto the ground.  It couldn’t spread its wings out as they had been cramped so long.  This bird was meant for flight.  This was the Lord’s bird and He wanted it to accomplish the purpose for which it was made.  I knew there were millions of these birds and I then heard the Lord’s decree and at the right time tonight in obedience I yelled…..
E……A…..G…..L…..E….S’ ………R…..I….S….E!   I saw them rise.

As these eagles rose higher and higher they began to hunt.  They flew higher than the cliffs, higher than the mountains and they hunted wild meat - diverse meat - fresh meat.  They were all unique and hunted in different places and feasted on fabulous food.  As I watched…. this meat became the Rhema word of God.  They were devouring the word.  I also saw these eagles spot vermin flooding in from various locations and tell each other where the problem was.  

I saw that in the past these eagles had tried to vomit (that’s what eagles do) these little sparrow seeds for the babies to eat and because of this the babies were not as strong as they should have been.  Now they were bringing back MEAT to feed them with.  Powerful offspring will develop now. 

Here is what I understood about what I saw.  I think you’ve already understood much of this but….these magnificent birds are the servant eagles of God!  They have been teaching (discipling) and are in positions to teach but have been eating food that has been packaged and processed when that is not what they were meant to eat.  Because of the Lord’s mercy and plan He’s been feeding them with His breath and they continued to grow making do with the space they were in.  These are Hebrews 6 eagles (read 5 also).  These eagles will be and are scripture hunters.  They were made for this food and will go higher, further to find the truth and answers in scripture.  Then after they have completely digested this food themselves they will give it out to those they teach.   Because they have loved order they willingly placed themselves in cages, thinking this was the Lord’s plan for them.  The Lord has understood their hearts…. but desires NOW for expansion and growth…so his bride will expand and grow!  Do not confuse the cage with a church building.  I understood this cage instead as a desire for form and order and routine.  This cage was the way it was done in the past and all the eagle knew but these eagles were never meant to be tamed.  (Webster’s---- to tame, subdue, changed from a wild to a domesticated state, as animals trained for use by man or as pets, 3.crushed by or as domestication, submissive, servile 4. without spirit and force; dull).  These eagles in contrast will find a way.  They will develop the strategy to succeed.  They will find the meat.  

We leave our orderly worlds when we go into all the world to spread the gospel.  We leave our forms, our habits, our beds, our homes, our food to GO.  We go because He sends us out.  We go because His passionate creative purposes are in us.  God created us with the breath of His mouth and He gave that creative breath to us as believers in Jesus Christ.  We are to move in creative miracles and creative solutions.  This is what you were made for. 

As I prayed tonight I called to rise eagles that will bring the gospel in boats (and submarines) and heard the word subterfuge --Webster’s—any plan, action or device used to hide ones true objective----and knew this was a strategy against the enemy and his persecution…the gospel will expand more and more undercover.  I called forth stilt houses and knew the gospel would be preached in houses that walked….moved about on stilts…all with a covering against the floods and the rain (spiritual).  The Lord had me call forth the science eagles with math and science ministries that will evangelize through those foundational teachings over avenues like the internet.  They will find the hidden scriptures to make it plain.  Hab 2:2 (Havakuk).  I saw scientists who the Lord will cause to implode (burst inwardly like an atomic bomb).  These will bring forth seeds like a tomato being squeezed.  Soon some of you will be offered weekly television programs (I heard half hour slots) where you will be free to teach what the Lord has given you to teach.  You will have time to build up.  Some of you will finish those books you have started and many new ones will begin to be written now.  The Lord will give you revelation to peel back another layer on His precious word to bring again fresh Rhema, wild Rhema….real Rhema meat that the babies will devour and grow on.   And the best part is it will all be from the word of God as we go higher with him… 

As the  rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so IS MY word that goes out from MY mouth:  It will not return to Me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I send it.     Isaiah 55:10-11 

Blessings to you and your families in the name of Jesus Christ  -
Terri Derocher

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The Eagle’s Beak  January 30, 2006

Jephthah (Yiftach) the Judge - Teaching
Feb 13,2006

    The character and testimony of the man Jephthah from the book of Judges has been a stumbling place for me in my walk and training with the Lord for at least the last fourteen years and so in dealing with this revulsion and even avoidance of the whole man and subject matter I have decided to dive in and dig deeper, to turn over, from every angle this man named Jephthah and the story of his vow regarding his daughter found in  Judges 11.
    We know that the pagan people who surrounded Israel participated in human sacrifice as a way of appeasing their gods.  In order to win a battle or gain a better harvest or as a fertility rite these people murdered their own sons and daughters, usually the first born, in order to gain something they wanted.  So it was a horrible fact to me as I was studying my bible to discover the Judge Jephthah, the facts of his life as they are presented to us.  Also even more disturbing were the many Christian commentaries which seem to perpetuate this story of human sacrifice.
     Why was this man presented to us as a hero?  Why was he included in the bible as a mighty judge of Israel?  Worse yet WHY was he listed in our wonderful halls of faith list as someone great in Hebrews 11:32?
      So I will attempt to answer these questions and others as they become part of the answers to those questions outlined for this assignment.  I know my own conclusions as I have been digesting the information I am about to share.  Your conclusions are left up to you.  I hope you will see that this piece of the life of Jephthah is a many faceted lesson with multiple conclusions and outcomes and perhaps a very different reality than the one we have been taught through Christian commentaries and history.
 Why Did God choose Jepthah?
           Jephthah is the son of a prostitute (vs. 1).  He is an outcast among the half brothers of his father’s wife and is driven out from their presence with no chance of inheritance.  He then becomes a raider and leader of a group of rowdies who go out raiding with him (vs. 3).  
     At my first or second or third readings of the passages telling about  Jephthah, I see the man presented as a rough, tough unlearned barbarian, just looking for a fight.  I have since discovered a very different man and that is the man and evidence I bring to you.  He is still rough and tough and wild and maybe even ready to pick a fight as that seems to happen to even a dog that is picked on by it’s litter mates and that has been Jephthah’s experience after all, but I believe in previous study I have missed a big part of who Jephthah is.  There is much more to the man than I perceived before. 
     When Jephthah is first driven away from his brothers he leaves his home in the territory of Gilead, which when looking at the map is quite a large area.  He traveled north and stopped and made a life in Tob.  Now the words in the bible say he enlisted a group of ruffians who would go out raiding with him.  It doesn’t say he joined them.  He is the leader.  From looking at several maps and finding ancient Tob being located near the source of the Yarmuk River, that would place Tob about 12 -20 miles from his original home.  Tob is classified as a Syrian city in southern Hauran.  So this is the place Jephthah settles and his reputation begins to build.
     Now the bible says “after a while” Ammon made war against Israel.  I love this phrase after a while.  If we look at this entire story of Jephthah in chapters 11 and 12 of the book of Judges we understand that Jephthah has established a life in Tob, with a daughter nearly full grown!   I believe he has become a successful, respected and feared conqueror in this area he settled.  So “after a while” the leaders of Gilead go to fetch Jephthah because they now want him to be THEIR leader because they are scared of the Ammonites and they know Jephthah isn’t!  In his reply back we deduce these leaders are his half brothers as Jephthah says,”Didn’t you hate me so much that you forced me out of my father’s house?  Why are you coming to me now when you are in trouble?” The brothers say come be our chief…. Jephthah’s answer is important…”If you bring me back HOME to fight the army of the Ammonites, and ADONAI defeats them for me, I will be your head.”  This is the most important phrase in answering the question, why did God choose this man? 
     I believe God chose Jephthah because Jephthah knew where his help came from.  He wasn’t just a stupid thief, but in fact was a man who had studied who his Adonai was and what his Adonai desired.  He was a man who had felt the protection and care and power and authority of God in his life.  Otherwise why would it be that those half brothers and leaders of Gilead came to find Jephthah to lead a war against the Ammonites?  Did they come because he was bold and strong and fearless OR was there much more we haven’t seen about WHO this man was?  His answer to them shows his true character and faith.  Hidden in his answer asking them to acknowledge him as leader over them is his own acknowledgement that ONLY Adonai gives him ANY victory (vs. 9).  That is humility.  I hadn’t seen Jephthah as humble.  In God’s hand Jephthah’s humility comes forth.  He goes further in verse 11, praying with this group and for them, before Adonai… as an intercessor to Adonai.  I had never considered Jephthah an intercessor before.  Also who was it that Jephthah was raiding?  It wasn’t his fellow Israelites but those in the Syrian territory of Tob, the place Jephthah had fled to when his brothers disowned him.   Like David, when chased away, Jephthah became a leader and became stronger and even took new territory.  This was his wilderness where God formed a great leader.  I believe all of these reasons were part of why God chose this man to lead His people, Israel.
How did God reveal His calling to Jephthah? 
     I believe that Jephthah felt his call at this moment when his life’s history turns around and all that has seemed terrible in his life is seen at that moment as only preparation for this time, when he is asked back to lead his brothers and the people of the region of Gilead.  This life he has led and victories he has felt and the personal wilderness he has been in have been places of growth in his walk with Adonai and he gives credit for everything he is to Adonai.  He submits that any success he has had has been because of Adonai.
What was Jephthah’s response to this calling? 
     Jephthah’s response was one of submission as he acknowledged in his answer to this question that if Adonai allowed it, then he would become this leader and historically, in retrospect, this Judge.  He was willing if this was truly Adonai’s will for him and he submitted to the promotion as he acknowledged the whole thing was only possible because of Adonai.
     Consistently, Jephthah continues to turn to the Lord in all his leadership and in his responses to the King of the Ammonites, recites Israel’s history and shows that he is not just an unlearned ruffian in verses 11: 15-20.  In verses twenty through twenty three, he again acknowledges a past victory that only Adonai caused to happen and leaves this king with the thought, “How can you stand up against our God who gave us this victory and this land.”  Jephthah shows his faith and trust and knowledge of God in these passages.
     Now the rest of this history is the interesting part!  In verse twenty nine it says “Then the Spirit of Adonai came upon Yiftach; and he passed through Gil’ad and M’nasheh,….and vs. 30 …..Yiftach (Jephthah) made a vow to Adonai: “If you will hand the people of Ammon over to me then “whatever” comes out the doors of my house to meet me when I return in peace from the people of Ammon will belong to Adonai; I will sacrifice it as a burnt offering.”  When he arrives home his only child, a daughter, comes dancing out with tambourines to meet him.  He tears his clothes and says, “Oh no, my daughter!  You are breaking my heart!  Why must you be the cause of such pain to me?  I made a vow to Adonai and I can’t go back on my word.”  She says, “Father, you made a vow to Adonai; so do whatever you said you would do to me; because Adonai did take vengeance on your enemies, the people of Ammon.”  Then she asks for one thing …to go away for two months to the mountains with her friends and mourn because she will die without getting married. (vs. 37)
    Now the rest of the story is what most biblical scholars recall as the memorable fact about Jephthah.  Jephthah has supposedly committed human sacrifice as the fulfillment of this vow he makes to the Lord for victory in his battle against the Ammonites.
     Regarding what comes out of the door, the majority of Christian commentaries, but thankfully not all, seem to go the same way, believing this terrible thing actually occurred and this is what I had believed when as a young Christian, I had asked my pastor about this passage and he kind of hung his head and said he believed it was true, seemingly as confused as I was about the whole thing. 
     In doing research about Jephthah I have found a very different view and outcome that I wish more Christians were aware of.  I have looked into and found at least two Christian commentaries that back up this view and a vast amount of Jewish teaching which takes a very different view on the whole thing.  I believe it is useful for us to know this.  We get separated from the truth many times because of an improper translation and more so a lack of understanding of the law.  What did Jephthah know and what didn’t he know?   We should test any revelation that comes now with the in dwelling Holy Spirit.  We are instructed to do this in 1Thess 5:19.  
     When I pray, I do not have peace that we have had the correct understanding of this passage or of Jephthah.  I believe the writer(s) of the book of Hebrews had a knowledge and teaching about this whole subject that we have been unaware of.  That somehow it has been lost to us because it was probably oral Jewish commentary that these Jewish Christians had been taught that went with the written passage.  The background and teaching about Jephthah that the author of Hebrews took for granted that we knew, could be similar to other passages in the bible like the passage in the book of Jude 14-15 that includes a prophecy of Enoch’s that we have no Old Testament reference to and yet it seems this was common knowledge and a teaching place to jump off from for Jude.  We can only speculate about the Book of Enoch etc. because that is not included in our bible.  But we can pray for discernment!
     Here is what I have found.  In Adam Clarke’s Christian commentary his interpretation of this passage in Judges 11: 31 refers to the poor translation of the original Hebrew AND a misunderstanding that the rabbis take for granted regarding any vow! Here is an excerpt from this reference….”    
     “Verse 31…  Shall surely be the Lord's, and I will offer it up for a burnt-offering.] The translation of which, according to the most accurate Hebrew scholars, is this: I will consecrate it to the Lord, or I will offer it for a burnt-offering; that is, "If it be a thing fit for a burnt-offering, it shall be made one; if fit for the service of God, it shall be consecrated to him." That conditions of this kind must have been implied in the vow, is evident enough; to have been made without them, it must have been the vow of a heathen, or a madman. If a dog had met him, this could not have been made a burnt-offering; and if his neighbour or friend's wife, son, or daughter, etc., had been returning from a visit to his family, his vow gave him no right over them. Besides, human sacrifices were ever an abomination to the Lord; and this was one of the grand reasons why God drove out the Canaanites, etc., because they offered their sons and daughters to Molech in the fire, i.e., made burnt-offerings of them, as is generally supposed.
 …..WOW…..Mr. Clarke continues….”That Jephthah was a deeply pious man, appears in the whole of his conduct; and that he was well acquainted with the law of Moses, which prohibited all such sacrifices, and stated what was to be offered in sacrifice, is evident enough from his expostulation with the king and people of Ammon, Jg 11:14-27. Therefore it must be granted that he never made that rash vow which several suppose he did; nor was he capable, if he had, of executing it in that most shocking manner which some Christian writers ("tell it not in Gath") have contended for.”
    Jephthah couldn’t commit a crime which he himself had just now been an executor of God's justice to punish in others!!!!!!! Adam Clarke goes on to share the Hebrew translation which I will corroborate with Hebrew rabbis.
 It has been supposed that "the text itself might have been read differently in former times; if instead of the words hlwe whytylehw, I will offer IT a burnt-offering, we read hlwe awh ytylehw, I will offer HIM (i.e., the Lord) a burnt-offering: this will make a widely different sense, more consistent with everything that is sacred; and it is formed by the addition of only a single letter, (an aleph,) (first letter of the Hebrew alphabet) and the separation of the pronoun from the verb…. With this emendation the passage will read thus: Whatsoever cometh forth of the doors or my house to meet me-shall be the Lord's; and I will offer HIM a burnt-offering." 
     Therefore….”"From Jg 11:39 it appears evident that Jephthah's daughter was not SACRIFICED to God, but consecrated to him in a state of perpetual virginity; for the text says, She knew no man, for this was a statute in Israel. That persons thus dedicated or consecrated to God, should live in a state of unchangeable celibacy.  
      This makes sense to me!  Everything I read about Jephthah says he knew the ways of God, the requirements of God, the restrictions and prohibitions of God and I don’t believe what has been taught to me in the past ….because the bible says in vs. 29….the Spirit of the Lord came upon him and then… he made that vow….Does the Spirit of Adonai cause human sacrifice?  There may be a test yes…. as in Abraham’s case but God would never have wanted or accepted such a sacrifice!  I just read again the commentary and Clarke comes to the same conclusion because of the characteristics of the Spirit of God!
     Rabbinic scholars, Rabbi Alex Israel, Temple Beth Sholom, Roslyn Heights, NY and Rabbi Alan B. Lucas, concur with those Christian commentaries which believe Jephthah DID NOT sacrifice his daughter.  I will not put in all their information, although very interesting, it will make this paper too long.   But I will keep it on file if you are interested in more reading.
     Another interesting fact that came up in this research is the meaning of Jepfthah’s name (Yiftach in Hebrew) means Loophole!  (Most of us know and believe our names are very significant in who we are and what we do.  This is a given belief biblically as God renames many of us, like Jacob to Israel, etc.)  I believe this is true for Jephthah’s name also.
     Now it is interesting that no matter what Jephthah vowed from a rabbinical point of view…. “Jephthah had no obligation whatsoever to sacrifice his daughter. A vow to sacrifice a human being is dealt with in one of two ways. Either way it is invalid by definition. (much more to this regarding money and virginity) After all, one may not sacrifice humans, hence the vow becomes null and void.” So Yiftach is off the hook. The name Yiftach is derived from the root PT"CH which indicates a "doorway" or a "loophole". UMMMM…
So…How did Jephthah fulfill God’s plan for his life?
     So this man is listed in our hall of faith in Hebrews 11.  Why?  I believe we have got so caught up in this human sacrifice thing that we have missed the biblical history in God’s eyes of what Jephthah has done!  
     Who is it that is NOT mentioned in the book of Revelation 7: 5-8 when the 12,000 from each tribe are sealed?  Besides Dan, Ephraim is also missing!   There was much trouble perpetrated against Israel from the tribe of Ephraim.  
     If we read further in Judges, to chapter 12, we find it was Jephthah who was used to punish Ephraim for abandoning them when they needed help.  Ephraim actually wanted to destroy Israel at this time, vs. 12:1.  Disunity is the opposite of trust and unity which faith always requires.  
     I believe Jephthah truly was a great man and God’s man for the hour.  He defended and protected Israel when she could’ve been destroyed by the pagan people surrounding her.  Jephthah did this by fully leaning on the Lord during his reign as Judge over Israel.
     Where was he buried?  Like the great man he was, he was honorably buried in his original home of Gilead.  

Blessings to you and your families in the name of Jesus Christ  -
Terri Derocher

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Jephthah (Yiftach) the Judge - Teaching  Feb 13, 2006
March 16, 2006
I Found My Shoes For Racing

      Dear body of Christ:
     I had an awe inspiring running dream this early morning and at first didn’t even see the prophetic message, I was so caught up in the inspirational strength I was still feeling on waking.
     Years ago in my twenties and thirties I really was a runner.  I didn’t win any races but certainly enjoyed competing and still have my numbers that were pinned on my shirts saved as souvenirs.  I always thought that I would still be running at fifty and looked forward to being in the masters division of the race.  I thought the competition would lesson by this age not understanding then that I was one of millions of boomers just starting to run.  Today there are great runners my age that break records I didn’t imagine back then could even be broken.  
    But I really am in the Master’s Division.  My division is in an army and I await my next marching orders daily, moving when my Master says to move, being silent and watching when He says to watch.  
   I know this wasn’t just my dream last night, but yours and so I’m going to share it…In the dream I can’t find my running shoes and I want to race.  I am full of the adrenaline and excitement and the hope of a race.  I am looking everywhere and then a friend helps me.  In the real world this friend is someone I met in Washington D.C. who was instrumental in coordinating issues in our first Senate art exhibit.  This woman is a mover and shaker for the Lord and is involved in politics and the military.  I believe in coming years she will be a face you will recognize and trust and she may possibly hold a political office (not sure… just see her before crowds and know she is walking in authority).  She has been proven faithful and she is very discerning.  In the dream this woman is suddenly beside me helping me find my shoes which I have tossed aside somewhere.  This woman in real life –for real-- is now a Commanding Officer in the military---I won’t say which branch she is in but she commands hundreds of men in her location.   So back to the dream…  It seems I have been so discouraged, disillusioned and side swiped that I have just let my shoes become lost.  It has been so long since I’d had them on that I forgot I even had them.  So all of a sudden this woman steps in and says “I know right where your shoes are.”   And she leads me into a dark, dirty, dingy old garage like shed.  She quickly locates them and hands them to me.  She wants me to run.  They are great shoes, well made and they have a great cushion in them for running.  I am now prepared for the long run.  

     I am ecstatic and wake up… READY to run…I go to my husband and tell him this awesome dream and I really am ready to take it all on….nothing is impossible any longer.  I am not too old.  I am not out of shape.  I am strong and also this woman who is a commanding officer wants me to RUN again.

     What do I think this dream means personally and corporately?  Personally new races and marching orders are opening up before me daily.  I have just left a season of waiting.  I have really found my shoes!  But more important….Corporately I believe many of you are me in the dream…. You have been so discouraged, disillusioned and side swiped that you have just let your running shoes become lost.  This call on your life (shoes) is precious but spiritually you have left it in the dark, an ugly place of discouragement (the shed).  You have said “Let someone else run my race.”  You’ve said “They’re younger, they’re stronger…I missed it with God.  I think I heard wrong.”  You say, “Maybe I imagined all of it.”
     The truth is……NOBODY can run this race but you.  You haven’t missed it and I believe the Lord is going to send someone to you to encourage you, someone you respect and someone with authority (like my friend in the dream).  I certainly have not talked to her or dreamed of her before but know it was very important that she is in the real military as we are in a very real spiritual battle and I was encouraged that she wanted me to run!

     I was given a scripture last night in prayer and I realize today, after this morning’s dream, that this could be like finding a pair of running shoes for you.  In Mark 3:5 a man has just been brought to Jesus with a “shriveled hand.”  My bible (CJB) says Then, (Jesus) looking them over and feeling both anger with them and sympathy for them at the stoniness of their hearts, He said to the man, “Hold out your hand.”  As he held it out, it became RESTORED.  

                                               Now think about this….that man with the shriveled hand could still walk and if it wasn’t the hand he used all the time…he could get by….He was surviving. 

   I believe this scripture refers to more than just the Lord’s being angry with a group of Pharisees …it says He looked at…. the people and was both angry and filled with sympathy.  I think it was because He was frustrated at how much they were missing as they dwelt on such piddly little things and missed the big revelation.  He knew every point of restoration was important.  He so desired for them to be full, complete, strong and moving forward into truth…….. And that truth…was who He was,…and what was possible with Him. 

      Many of you have been stuck in this place.  You have… the shriveled hand…or a mind set of the world’s boxes and rules.  It steals your hope and vision…because you just can’t see things happening the way you are now.  You say to yourself well I can still do this or I can still do that…so I’ll just keep going on this way, incomplete.  Wrong way to go on.  We…the body of Christ…need…. you whole!

     We have such an inheritance …You are God’s most precious friend, son or daughter.  I am.  Don’t you see you are crippled from your full potential if you continue to let the enemy steal from you what is rightfully yours or fool you into misplacing or laying aside your calling to finish this race!  Jesus has already accomplished everything for you on the cross for you to walk in FULL AUTHORITY…in all areas.  You are a champion athlete of Jesus and He wants you to remember that.     NOW GO RUN!

Love and Blessings and Encouragement In Jesus’ name---
Terri Derocher

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I Found My Shoes For Racing  March 16, 2006

May 15 2006

A week ago Monday evening during a pressing into the heart Of the Lord time in Intercession I heard ---Green…”  I said,”Green?” and I heard, “Yes,…GREEN.”

I thought to myself green? (and knew just as surely that I had just heard the voice of the Lord).  Like green grass Lord? No…green…green horn.  Me?  No, they have a lot of potential but they are green…not ripe, bitter to the taste, hard.  Then I saw a little hard, green tomato in the protective hand of the Lord and knew it would someday ripen and be full of ripe seeds.  At the same time I knew he was talking about the young prophets who are coming and are hard and bitter to the taste, but full of potential….that’s it for a half hour.
Then I saw a ripe, full of milk ear of corn….ready to harvest and also saw the kind of corn I used to see in my Aunt Ruth’s corn crib.  All dried up but good for fodder for the cows.  They could live on it and maybe you could break off the seeds and plant a new crop….that’s it for another half hour.
Saw a fire-poker and saw the Lord’s hand poking and rearranging the fire.  I saw some logs pulled right into the fire so they could burst into flame.  Saw some of the green wood having a hard time burning and throwing a lot of smoke.
More about fifteen minutes later.  I saw that the dried up corn could even be used for fuel.  I knew you would break your teeth eating this hard corn and yet it was still good for much.  Heard, “Don’t burn all the corn though because we need to save some for seed.”  Then saw a little green ear of corn and knew it couldn’t be burned for fuel or used for seed.  Then , “Some corn never matures because of the wrong timing (ten virgins).”
Heard …DUST…  dust is broken up rock.  (Fall on the rock before the rock falls on you, and you are crushed to dust!  Don’t be dust wiped off the disciples feet as they are not welcomed in your town(house, heart) Luke 10:11 matt 10:14
Then heard Turtle…wrinkled, slow, but really covered in armor and hard to attack.
Interpretation.  Short and sweet   Feeling dried up, ugly and useless…too old for any good thing?  Been hearing a lot about the Joshua generation and the new breed of prophets?   Get ready, Get ready, get ready … you old turtles…God is getting ready to use you.!!!!!       Get ready to burn for Jesus because HE’S pulling you into the center of the fire and YOU WILL BURN for HIS GLORY…(you may even help dry a green log and help it burn!   

Love and Blessings and Encouragement In Jesus’ name---
Terri Derocher

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GREEN     May 15 2006

Wednesday, May 24, 2006 
Subject: The Gift of Prophecy May 2006

Dear body of Christ:  If you find this would be helpful to someone you know who has questions about prophecy, please pass it along.   May you be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ---Terri Derocher

The Gift Of Prophecy

     Without a prophetic vision the people perish:  but he that keepth the law, happy is he.  KJV  Proverbs 29:18  In the CJB version it reads this way…Without a prophetic vision, the people throw off all restraint; but he who keeps Torah is happy.

      Without food for the people there is chaos.  We know from reading the Bible that people have eaten their own children in times of famine, Lam 2:20.  So when we look at this statement, regarding vision, and life and death let’s not just read it complacently but realize how truly important a vision…hope from the Lord …for the future is.

      When the early adventurers, the pioneers moved into the unknown territory of America they prepared as best they knew how.  They brought staples such as flour and jerky and they studied to find what resources would be available to them along their chosen trail.
     In the same way God has equipped His people for this journey -race- as Paul calls it.  He has a plan.  He has given gifts to us better than natural food. These gifts bring life more abundantly than any piece of bread or hard tack.
     In the bible if you would like to find out for yourself about the various gifts and background regarding what I am going to share with you, please refer to these scriptures 1Cor 12:4-12, Rom 12:3-8, Eph 4:11, 1Cor 12:28-30.  There you will find gifts from the Holy Spirit, gifts from God the Father and gifts by Jesus Christ. Chapter 14 of 1 Corinthians also elaborates on the gifts.  Interestingly, the gift of prophecy is mentioned in all three categories.  I will elaborate more on this in a bit.

     Today, the date I am writing this is May 24, 2006, 26 IYAR 5766.  The world is STILL beset with terrible days and disasters to come.  From the Indonesian tsunami to hurricanes to murder in the Middle East to earthquakes and genocide against whole people groups, we know that the world is a very insecure place - full of danger.  Homes and hope are obliterated in a moment.  In the world itself there is no order.  We truly need help.  We need saved and then encouraged that we can go on.  We need to know that there is hope.  Do we still need a vision?  I see no other answer but an emphatic YES. 
     Before I go further I need to define prophecy and give an explanation of the difference between the office of prophet and the corporate function of prophecy in the local church.

      Prophecy is the reception and declaration of a word from the Lord through a DIRECT prompting of the Holy Spirit and the human instrument used thereof.  (Holman’s Bible Dictionary)

      In Romans 12 the gift of prophecy is generalized as a gift for every believer.  We see it function this way in the body of Christ (church) as each believer –has the capacity- to prophesy (a supernatural prompting not based on knowledge but totally Spirit directed.)  We each can be used to exhort, comfort and edify the body of believers.  Someone who has never moved in this can suddenly feel the unction to speak prophetically as the Holy Spirit brings the provision needed for that moment.  That does not designate this individual as a prophet of the Lord.

     The Office-Gift of the prophet 1Cor 12:28-30 –which Jesus Christ gives to His CHURCH through individual ministries, is yet another expression of prophecy:  those holding this office must meet Old Testament requirements (accuracy and fulfillment in message) AND the New Testament STANDARDS of life and character required of spiritual leadership.    

     In every aspect all must be done in LOVE as is spoken in 1Cor 13.  If love is not there then the motive is wrong.  The Holy Spirit’s gift of prophecy brings the interpretation of tongues, which also is part of the function of prophecy.  Thus we see a combining of the gifts here as one speaks in tongues and when the interpretation comes it can be a warning for the future with exhortation, it can be comfort, or it can also bring edification to the body of Christ.

      I find researching this topic that the subject of prophecy draws a line in the sand.  I get so discouraged reading commentaries regarding prophecy that if it wasn’t for the Spirit of God and the promises of God that are still waiting to be fulfilled in the Bible I might have succumbed to the drivel I have been reading!  

1Thessalonians 5:19-20 says….NEVER try to SUPRESS the Spirit or treat the gift of PROPHECY with contempt…test everything, hold onto the good!  

      How can it be that ….such a great truth –a NEW TESTAMENT scripture – can be hidden from the people—the Lord Jesus’ body---the body of Christ?  Do you know that even the words of some bible versions have been changed to please man to support the claim that prophecy was for the past, that we don’t even need it now?  What could be further from the TRUTH (and you know who that is)?  Does the body of Christ no longer need to have vision cast, to be exhorted, edified and comforted?  That idea is nonsense.   I’m going to expose one of these versions here (because the word says in Rev 22:18-19 that we are not to take away or add to the words of the book)…The Twentieth Century New Testament actually replaces the word prophecy and says… 1Th 5:19 Do not quench the Spirit;

20 Do not make light of preaching.   What is that?  That grieves me.  No wonder there are divisions and factions within the body of Christ ---and no wonder teachers will be held accountable for what they are teaching!   2Peter 2:1

     I have had questions about why prophecy isn’t accepted across the board in various Christian denominations TODAY and how is it possible scriptures such as 1 Thess 19-20 could be hidden so completely from them?  

     I believe we need to be warned here:  These are NOT the days when the scriptures are inaccessible to us… as in the days when the scrolls were hidden away and were only available in Hebrew, Greek, or Aramaic and most couldn’t even read.  We have the word of God available to us in our own languages.  Yes, groups such as Wycliff Bible Translators are still working on new translations, but for the most part …we have ACCESS to the scriptures for ourselves in the language we speak;

THEREFORE it is our responsibility to read and know the word of God for ourselves…!   

      Now for a bit of meat…The responsibility of a prophetic word lies with the hearer.  How you respond to the prophetic word given is your responsibility.

     Now I am not talking about the one who speaks it forth.  The one speaking has the responsibility to be obedient to the Lord and to speak ONLY what it is the Lord has directed him to speak.  He is NOT to add to it.  How that word is received is NOT his responsibility...  

Remember when Jeremiah had dictated the words of the Lord to the scribe Baruch and he wrote them on a scroll which was read to the people.  Then the king had it brought to him and after each passage was read, he cut it off and burned it in a fire, with no fear of God whatsoever.  Now at this point if there had been no further direction from the Lord, Jeremiah’s responsibility for this word would have ended…but God not only directed him to put it all in another scroll but he gave an additional warning to be given the king Jeremiah 36.   Daniel even found and read one of Jeremiah’s scrolls when held captive in Babylon and that’s how he knew how long the captivity was to be.  

     Here’s also an interesting fact that may stretch some reading this… A prophetic act most of the time makes no sense to man, most of the time it would appear the act of a madman.  As an example here’s a little regarded scripture from the book of Jeremiah that is still in affect.  This is an example of a prophetic act… In Jeremiah 51:59-64 we see Jeremiah has written on a separate scroll all the words of the disaster that was coming.  He tells Seriah (a quiet prince vs 59) that when he (Seriah) gets to Babylon and sees it….he is to READ all these words against the place and when he is finished reading it he is to tie a rock around the scroll and throw it into the middle of the Euphrates River and say   “Thus shall Babylon sink, and shall not rise from the evil I bring upon her; and they shall be weary.”

     So…No matter what leader tries to rebuild Babylon – and we have seen it in our day with Saddam Hussein, it will NOT HAPPEN because our God has proclaimed it will not --through His prophet! 

     The Father’s heart always wants to speak to us.  It has not changed today because we have a God who doesn’t change.  It may surprise some that, just like in times past 2Kings 4:38, there exist schools today for prophecy.  A prophet’s words were… and still are today studied and reapplied, and I am not just talking about prophecy from past ages but those that came as recently as last week!  The great variety in prophetic experience –in the past and now- prohibits any simplification.  Prophets relay God’s message by deed as well as by word.  

     Prophecy ministers…Prophets are to minister to the people.  Prophets are to test people’s lives Jer 6:27 and to be watchmen for moral compromise Ezek 3:17.  Throughout Israel’s history genuine prophets had ecstatic experiences.

    The subject of prophecy is like a huge iceberg under the water and all we have done is walk around on the top a bit.  We don’t consume the subject of prophecy with a lustful curiosity because it is inappropriate.  Our primary DESIRE must be to KNOW God, not just the facts of the future.   

     Prophecy is just a tool for this journey, this race, as we walk out sanctification.  To know Jesus, to love Him and worship Him - that is our destination and that is our desire.  Prophecy is sort of like a compass, or our modern GPS device that helps tell us where we are at, where we need to go and what we need to change in order to get there. 

Thank you so much and I hope what I have shared here is helpful and brings unity and revelation to the body of Christ – Terri Derocher









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The Gift of Prophecy  May 24, 2006 

On this day (Nov 8, 2006) when it seems the voters have made their choices I have been hearing Proverbs 3: 5-6, trust in the Lord…also I thought I should release this word I got in July again.  Our hope is in the Lord—Terri Derocher

July 11, 2006 - 15th of Tamuz   

In love...The Third Judge

     I have been one…who has believed the most important aspect of President Bush’s second term in office has been the appointment of new Supreme Court Justices.  I have also believed what I heard in the Holy Spirit, our Ruach ha Kodesh, before the election even, that there will be three new judges.  I have been praying for the fulfillment of this but last night a little window opened in my prayer.  I saw a revelation or reve-lu-tion-ary outcome to prayer that I had never considered.
     Now maybe those in groups of people praying for this coming third judge are praying this way already, but in case this is news to more than just me, and you are praying for this situation as I am, then in obedience I am releasing it publicly.
     God can MAKE a NEW judge out of anybody!  I am praying not only for the salvation of every Supreme Court member, but for the needs, comfort, protection and wisdom of ALL members of the Supreme Court.  May God’s blessing be upon them!  That promised third judge could already be seating in the seat ….but they will truly be a new judge when they become a new creature in Christ Jesus.
     I can see a revolution in such praying because when new believers come to the saving knowledge of Jesus the Messiah,….dominoes fall because when God rearranged my thinking….HE REALLY rearranged my thinking!  I had built everything I thought and knew as reality …on a reality that didn’t exist.
     So go a bit further down the road with me.  Think about the ramifications for our country when a dearly loved liberal judge changes their mind!  Because of love, many questions will be asked by those who love and trust them so much.  They could have opportunities to give their testimony, in truth and hope, about why they changed their mind to all their followers and supporters.  It could bring much needed healing and understanding to us all----NOT to mention REVIVAL for our country.
     God will do it His way---not my way, perhaps my first thoughts were the way it was to happen - I only KNOW WE”RE GONNA HAVE A THIRD NEW JUDGE!  All I am saying here is don’t limit the way you pray as we pray for that third new judge to come forth.  Remember to pray for protection and blessings…and pray in love.

Love In--- Jesus Christ
Terri Derocher
( insert-- November 8, 2006  This hope can apply to ANY elected official---do not despair, also we do not know what new thing will be on the up and coming docket of the Supreme Court!)

Terri Derocher has been painting visions since October of 1998.  She also journals and writes down what the Holy Spirit shares with her.  Terri has had an open door to display four of her paintings in the United States Senate, Russell Rotunda, in Washington D.C, on three different occasions.  She speaks and teaches with the paintings.   She ministers monthly at Pine Lodge Women's Prison.  She and her husband Michael and sons moved from the East Coast to the West Coast in December of 2000.  Michael and Terri are members at Christian Life Church under the Co-direction of Pastors Barry & Kay Hill.  Christian Life Church operates a healing room which is part of the greater Spokane Healing Room Ministries.  Terri is a part of this team of ministers.   

She is also the Washington State Prayer Coordinator for the Day to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, which is the first Sunday each October

Terri has been a part of the ministry team for The International Association of Healing Rooms Ministries under the direction of Cal and Michelle Pierce in Spokane Washington and has been on staff with that ministry in the past.  She now continues in a supportive role as a team member at the Healing Room branch at Christian Life Church.  She believes in divine healing and walking in divine health as part of the provision of what Jesus finished on the cross.  She blesses the work of the Healing Room Ministries and believes the revelation to come forth from that well has only just begun to flow.

Terri's goal is to bring the message of our Messiah Jesus, His love, His hope, His joy, His peace, and His salvation to every nation on this earth.  She laughs in joy at what God has done with these paintings while she worships at His feet!  All things are possible through Christ Jesus and she wants to always be His friend.


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In love...The Third Judge July 11, 2006 & Nov 8, 2006 
October 10, 2006      
5767 (& 2007)  Resurrection  --For Heaven - Yom Kippur Word -
The Junk Yard and The Harvester, History - His story, & It's Cookin Out There 
I just returned this afternoon from a gathering of wonderful, encouraging friends and felt confirmed to come home and release to you what I have been hearing the last week or so.  I believe this is the Yom Kippur word I have been waiting for as it began as Yom Kippur was ending on October 2nd.  Some of you know what has been occurring with me in the fall for about the last eight years or so and in 2002 I had a life changing angelic visitation (in the archives section on my website), which took place over a 24 hr period.  Last year, in a time with my sisters in Spearfish, S.D., I received a vision, with a prophetic word following and the direction for the coming year and consequently the rest of my life!  This was the Bull Dozer word in which I believe the Lord was speaking to all of us to let go of our pasts so we can truly become intimate with Him.   
This year I have been studying so much regarding the situation in the Middle East and how it applies to praying for the peace of Jerusalem.  My heart was broken in new ways this year for all those in the region.  I am going to share below in three sections as even though all three words are indeed connected in Christ, each was separate when given.  I feel the Harvester will connect all three.   
History - His story
I heard these words as Yom Kippur was ending and knew that in this coming year there will be a revealing and uncovering of knowledge and history regarding Israel, & Islam and the body of Christ.  Many (in all three groups) have been very confused with the warfare that has continued and continued year after year after year.  The enemy has kept hidden the sources of misinformation and miscommunication.  He has wrapped these things in broken promises which have been as bitter poison to all involved.  I would like to immediately launch into facts I feel will be exposed but know that this is not the time and place, only know that Jesus Christ--His story hasn't been told correctly.  Know that there are many wonderful values and treasures found in the Muslim culture, including honoring of ones parents but this has actually contributed to the problem as lies about the Jew, the Torah, the Christian, the Gospel and even lies about who and what Jesus Christ is are being perpetuated unchallenged because of this generational honoring. I believe God himself will uncover the source of the lies.  Like dirt found by a vacuum, these lies, such as the one about the Wicked Priest will be exposed and the truth will replace them with cleansing glory.  History will finally be made known.  History, His story will be told.  Also many of you are going to find out your own histories and you will be quite surprised at who you are!
The Junk Yard and The Harvester
I literally went to the junk yard with my husband.  I waited in the car reading a book about the bride and then picked up my bible and was reading in the book of Jeremiah and was being encouraged by what I read when suddenly the sentence I was reading came to life and I knew that I was being asked a question.  The passage is Jer. 23:18 the Lord says ,"But which of them has been present at the council of Adonai to SEE & HEAR His word? CJB.  He is speaking of the false prophets inventing things in their own minds.  What jolted me was the picture of seeing God's word...I then heard... What do YOU see?......I looked up at this big, vast junk yard of cars.  Most sat in the desolation without tires, propped up on boards.  Some were new, some were old.  Some of these cars had been wrecked and people had been killed in them.  Other cars looked perfectly fine but suddenly malfunctioned and were totaled as the cost of repair was too much.  I watched as the wind blew through the windows without glass and blew the little useless pine tree shaped air fresheners hanging from the mirrors.  They hung there forgotten and would continue to hang there until the elements wore them away.  I knew then I was seeing the body of Christ and even the coming body of Christ as some I was seeing there are not yet a part of the body of Christ.  Some have been wrecked with ministries and religions and by all appearance from the outside they are dead and gone.  I saw that some, because of sickness thought they would not complete the task appointed to them.  I saw others that had died and were even in the cloud of witnesses.   I saw many that were in false religions and the vehicle had wrecked.   I then remembered my husband and what he was there doing.  He came smiling back to the car with his treasure, an emergency brake gleaned from one of these vehicles.  I saw hope for the body as Christ is able to resurrect ANYTHING and ANYONE and just as you sit in your dust and wilderness and feel the wind blow past you... He comes, glowing and golden into the the wilderness to find the best in you.  You lean on His arm and come out.  He restores and cleans you up.  He literally polishes you up to be used for His glory.  He is going to resurrect you for heaven's sake for the Cause of His glory.   He shows the ones in the cloud of witnesses the seeds bringing forth their harvest in this season.  I saw that even those in false religions could be mercifully used in the kingdom as the Lord gleaned the truth from the lies and restored them to their true calling.  I would ask you to meditate upon this picture as you think on the possibilities.  One is a generator, one is a steering wheel, one is an engine.  One is even a heated seat for the cold ride! And one is a window to see the world through!  
It's Cookin Out There
I heard this sentence last night and know that it is going to be hot.  Physically or Spiritually -what that entails I don't know.   I only know that you make a meal in a cooker and without heat the final result would not be as good.  And so I will end with this simple word of encouragement--- heat brings out the flavor, heat tenderizes, heat kills bacteria, heat makes the dross float.
May the Lord bless you as you think on these things I have been obedient to share.  When the Lord gives us something we are to share...we must share it!
I have much in the personal area to share with you and hopefully will be able to do that soon.   Love in our Jesus Christ---Yeshua ha Mashiach!
Terri Derocher
The newest painting is near completion!

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5767 (& 2007)  Resurrection - For Heaven - Yom Kippur Word
- The Junk Yard and The Harvester, History-His story,
& It's Cookin Out There October 10, 2006      

November 6, 2006
The Worm Hole
Terri Derocher

      Well it is here again, this incredible season of transformation, metamorphosis, abrupt crashes, and hyperspace jumps...all in the Holy Spirit.  Yom Kippur has passed (last month) and now we see the --of this world-- with our own eyes ramifications again.  There is a shifting in leadership (as we may be your time NOW) as many are promoted to new positions in the Holy Spirit, some even completing their appointed tasks and passing from this realm into the arms of Jesus - the best promotion- of all!  On the other end of the assessment spectrum there is a dismissing to the prayer closet and a place of introspection and mercy in the arms of the Father of those who after this time of examination are found so desperately needing more time... to turn - again to the One who loves them so.  That is mercy.
     In this time, in this season, I would like to share a little revelation, vision.    I myself have been going through it.  A long with some personal heartache in our family it seems the Lord is pulling us ALL (corporately) swiftly and completely to a new place of safety and unity in Him.  I have said in the past for those who are familiar with how the Holy Spirit speaks to me that many times when I am going through something in my life I am a symbol.  I am symbolic of a larger general battle and on the other side...the victory I experience is yours also!  
     We are growing older and wiser and for those of us over fifty---(don't stop reading you young, zealous fireballs for Jesus, we love and NEED you) we are truly entering into our kairos times.  Last fall this was prophesied over me and I believe it is for all the body now.  Now just what does that mean biblically?  When Jesus turned the water into wine (John 2: 1-12), I believe that was a kairos moment.  He hadn't thought about it beforehand and even when his mother made her request He said is not my time....(vs. 5) BUT God had so orchestrated all involved, especially our Jewish Messiah's mother, that she then moved in a Holy boldness, responding to the prompting of the Ruach ha Kodesh (our Holy Spirit) when she says..."Do whatever He tells you."  
     We know the rest of this testimony and it is regarded as the first public sign of the ministry of our Savior.  Here is my question to you.  Are you ready to NOW move with that same boldness?  If not... (perhaps you have been so beaten down and so wounded from this past season of battle but still have the faith and love for our Lord burning hot within you)... Will you trust the Father to not let go of you as you pass into the future He has for you?
     Ah the wonderful Word of God....I have such a desire for the scriptures to be embraced (and of course He is the word!).  Will we really believe what it is we read!  Do you realize what we can accomplish in the unity of the Holy Spirit as we stand undivided on HIS WORD!  Every radical, wonderful, pastor, teacher, evangelist, prophet and apostle is grounded, founded on the word of God.  That is our launch pad!
     My life has been chaos for the last two months and I am getting older as each of us is.  I even helped pick out a cemetery plot with my parents in the last couple weeks, not because of any immanent disaster but because of order and life and time and seasons.  It was a sweet thing.  We joked through it but later I understood the somber importance of it.
    School starts every fall.  Isn't it interesting for those who have no Jewish background that each fall begins a new year?  We complete a season....  We harvest what we have sown.  Biologically we understand our times.  Biologically our bodies know we have passed through Yom Kippur.  So here is where I am now with you in the Holy Spirit.  I was sharing yesterday with an apostolic leader friend of mine that I am seeing chaos that is tangling and twining around each one, distracting each one from the destination.  I was sitting thinking at the computer when it went into screen saver mode and instead of my soft leaves floating gently on the water I saw worm holes and chaos and I was quite disturbed by it but....when I looked through it....and realized the Holy Spirit was giving a strategy through it, I was filled with hope.  Some of you have had the most horrific last couple of years and if your attack did not come in sickness, then it was jail time for kids, family members caught in adultery and pornography.  Your own bodies even turning against you-never trust the flesh.  Some experienced betrayal and abandonment by those you trusted and loved, if not in your immediate family then it even came through Spiritual leadership.    God has not left you or abandoned you.  In fact we are going forward right now....the way you are with all of it.   There is not time for you to wait for these things to be resolved even.  We are going through to the other side and I believe (if I am understanding correctly) that the other side is Shalom...peace.  To you already in this place of peace and particularly to those of you over fifty please be imparting to those wounded around you.  For those now already resting in the victory stretch out your arms to encourage those caught in the raging storm.  Intercede!!!!   We are passing through the worm hole.  For those to weak to move the Lord is holding you, pulling you through.    
    I had to laugh this morning thinking of a wonderful prophetess originally from England who spoke of her younger days when they called themselves worms, like David did in Psalm 22.  She has a different understanding now.  Yes she was right in turning from that thought as we certainly are the righteousness of Christ.  We are a ROYAL Priesthood.  We are filled with the Holy Spirit, all so wonderfully true.  But the fact is ...this flesh rots, this flesh really stinks at times and yes I sure can identify with David's fragility in this Psalm 22 as he describes himself as a worm in vs. 6 and therefore....
     I can embrace this vision of passing through the worm hole to the other side.  I believe the other side is going to be amazing and I am talking about this earthly place where those who call Jesus Lord and Messiah---Savior of the world (and wow who among us can describe in words or definitions that group!)will embrace and stand in unity on the word of God.  I saw molten lava flowing around this group of STANDERS ON THE WORD.  It was the only solid ground around and isn't that the truth?....He is our Word (John vs. 1) and He is our Rock (2Sam 22:2, 1Cor 10:4)!
May the Lord Bless you and KEEP you---
Terri Derocher
Painted Visions.  Isaiah 55:11

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The Worm Hole  November 6, 2006

December 27, 2006
Shake it Off!

This past weekend as I was preparing to minister in a local women’s prison, I was admonished to warn them about the spirit of self pity.  Usually different messages come forth for the two services but I felt an urgent need to expose the work of this spirit and felt it was a corporate warning for both groups of women.

Now, days later I am still hearing this warning sound…now for the body at large, and in the midst of what would seem bigger prophetic warnings about disasters coming forth on the earth I know this spirit (self pity)…is one the Lord would have us deal with today, before anything more happens. 

If you ---(the body of Christ) are the provision for the coming days (and you are) and if you are not prepared as bold, strong, loving warriors for Him, then you are hindering the kingdom.

The foundation of our faith is TRUST in God.  If we lack trust in God, one of the many doors we unknowingly open allows the spirits of abandonment and rejection to enter in with the spirit of self pity as leader.  Can a Christian be demonized?  In the past I spoke of this and suggested to you then that it didn’t matter if the thing was inside (possession) –or like a monkey clinging on the back on the outside, oppression - the believer experiencing such a thing is tormented either way and in desperate need of our help as fellow believers in Jesus Christ.    

I see a picture of a great, large, powerful creature like a hippo or whale or water buffalo covered with little parasites or birds, feeding on it.  Then he begins a mighty shake and the stuff goes flying.  Nothing can stay on this powerful creation because he has been fully roused to the circumstances.  That is you body of Christ.  The Lord is asking you to rise, wake up and shake it off like flies, and out like lies plugging your ears. 

Lies…Poor little you.  Nobody loves you.  Nothing good is ever gonna happen to you after everything that has happened.  I prayed and it didn’t happen.    

Truth:  I remember this testimony (1Kings 19) of an old, old, spirit (self pity) who told an old, old prophet (Elijah) that there was nobody left but him and that it was all useless.  So Elijah sat down under a tree and wished to die…..that spirit of self pity was a liar then, that spirit is a liar now in 2006.  

Truth: YOU are a child of the Living God- the maker of heaven and earth.  He has ordained the places where you are to live and the times in which you are to live. Acts 17: 26-27.  You ARE fully equipped- 1Thess Chapter 5.   He has allowed you to KNOW HIM.  He calls you friend.  He has chosen YOU!!!!!!  Jesus loves YOU!  You are His guy, His girl. 

Nobody can take this precious truth from you…not man’s rejections, or beatings or sickness.  False imprisonment cannot take it away, neither can murder, torture, slander or betrayal.  Even if every single person on this earth did not understand or love you…even then …this truth of who you are in Christ Jesus cannot be taken away.  

How can you possibly feel sorry for the friend of the KING?  That person is also joint heir to the kingdom.  Will you believe it?  You must believe it.  You MUST overcome this thing, for the kingdom.   

Hard times will come… but we will do all things through Christ who strengthens us, encourages us, visits us, brings us Joy and most important..Loves us.

Be encouraged and lift up your heads oh you gates for the King of Glory comes in Psalm 24!
Terri Derocher


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Shake it Off!    December 27, 2006