The Lord does not allow me to sell or make money from any of these  paintings but I am available to speak, teach and minister with the paintings.  Feel free to make copies for yourself here for free over the internet.  Please keep the title and testimony with the painting as all are given via the Holy Spirit!
If you would like me to bring the paintings to your group, please contact me via email.  Thank you and may God Bless you in the name of Jesus Christ!!

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Love Letters From Heaven
April 17, 2003
Surfeiting In The Last Days and The Mammon Spirit...

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ: I have sat down and tried to put down the teaching I have been learning from the Holy Spirit during times of ministry with something called ---the mammon spirit. For me this began about a year ago when I began to look into the word of God and try to understand some things I was encountering when praying for healing in individuals.

I remembered the warnings about mammon Mt 6:24 & Lk 16:13 and for some
reason always thought of it as money ...but it's certainly not just that.

The first time I remember ever hearing about a spirit of mammon a young woman had come in for prayer for depression, weight gain and uncontrollable spending. Well, the Holy Spirit revealed to one of the team members I was praying with that day that it was a spirit of mammon. We prayed about it and proceeded to come against this spirit and the young lady received deliverance--(and by the way a year thin and beautiful and involved in a new ministry).

I thought and thought about this spirit and a couple weeks later asked my partner Mike (team member from that day) "What is a mammon spirit"? He said he didn't know and that it had never come up before. He said that is just what the Holy Spirit called it. So this was the beginning of a learning season for me about this devastating spirit.

I went home and started praying, looking up and reading and at the same time the Holy Spirit started directing me with questions to ask those I was praying for. So the knowledge was put into action---and I witnessed great breakthrough on behalf of the captives. So I'm going to share what I've found out so you also can put this knowledge to use in this war against the enemy.

Jesus warned us about these days...In Luke 21:34 He said..."Be careful, or your hearts will be weighed down with dissipation, drunkenness and the anxieties of life, and that day will close on you unexpectedly like a trap.  For it will come upon all those who live on the face of the whole earth! Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man." ...the KJV says it like this...take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and the cares of this life....

So what is surfeiting and dissipation? We don't use those words in our everyday conversation anymore.

Here they are in Webster's: dissipate: to waste or squander: to spend much time and energy on indulgence in pleasure... esp. drinking, gambling etc. to the point of harming ONESELF! Surfeit: to overdo: too great an amount or supply: EXCESS, overindulgence especially in food and drink:  discomfort, disgust, nausea, etc. to feed or SUPPLY to satiety or excess.

So looking at this it seems like we are talking about stuff that goes into our bodies to excess but the Holy Sprit has revealed during ministry so much more that is affected.

Many times someone comes up in a ministry line with feet, back or neck problems. Many times they are extremely overweight ...BUT not ALWAYS. I have seen this same spirit effect very thin, frail people. Many times the individual is wearing many rings. Many times they are impeccably dressed.  They want prayer for various problems (NUMEROUS) and the Holy Spirit says to me they are being squished and sometimes strangled by this spirit.  At first I would timidly ask the questions the Holy Spirit was leading me to ask but have learned that He's the boss and He has very good reasons to lead us in certain directions so I BOLDLY go in with these keys He has given me now. HE has NOT given me a spirit of timidity!

Some of the first questions I now ask when presented with these signs in a person are..."Do you have a collection?" Do you collect things? Do you have a hard time throwing things away? Do you feel starved for in NEVER getting hugged enough? Are you plagued with a feeling of DISCONTENT? (And NO having a collection is not wrong! We are talking about something different here) 

This can take so many forms. You can be a stockbroker and have piles and piles of accomplishment (and money) but you feel like you are being sucked into a hole. You are fearful that you'll never have enough to keep you safe! You can diet and diet and be so thin and so nervous and so unhappy and feel like you will never have peace and that you are indeed strangling and can't even get enough air! You can be morbidly overweight and are literally being crushed by this spirit and the buddies it takes with it (like greed and discontent and anger). You can be a secret drinker who only drinks the best wines and has a vast collection (so you'll never run out) but instead of joy you are constantly preoccupied with your collection and the wines you don't have but WANT! It could be dresses, cars, houses or land! You could collect ANYTHING and be preoccupied with it....It takes you and your mind away from the Lord. It has you trapped.

What's the open door? If you are involved in ministry and particularly a healing ministry like the one I'm involved with----then you know there are root causes, open doors that give the enemy permission to attack.

I believe the number one open door for this spirit to gain access to an individual is being discontent. You do not give thanks. The word of God says to give thanks in all circumstances for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thess 5:18. Then in order to put a band-aid on your condition of unhappiness and discontent you start applying the balm you think will help.....could be ice-cream or shopping or vacations or phone calls or power and accomplishments or an adulterous affair! Soon you are trapped.

Jesus Christ is your hope but you have somehow wandered away trying to find happiness in other ways. You cannot do this. Jesus said to us in Luke 16:13 that ....No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and DESPISE the other NIV...You cannot serve God and mammon. KJV So in your ignorance you go to get prayer for your foot (could be just about anything here) not understanding the origin or open door of your pain and condition. You have victory for a bit but soon you feel worse than you did before. What's going on?  Remember where it says in the word that when a demon is cast out he goes to the arid places and seeks rest but does not find it? Then it says the spirit will return to the house it left. It finds the house unoccupied when it arrives, swept clean and put in order....THEN IT GOES and takes with it seven more spirits more wicked than itself and THEY go in and live there.  And the final condition of the man is worse than at first. This is it ....this is what is happening.

The pain in the foot is a result of a condition. I believe the spirit of mammon is the big guy ....sort of like a territorial spirit ---only in the body. But it does seem to have with it lots of other spirits, greed...low self-esteem... discontent.... jealousy.... adultery, infirmity, pain.

So we come to the other question. How do we get free?

JESUS, JESUS, JESUS ----He is our source and hope. I won't get into whether the demons are inside or clinging like a monkey on the outside.  Possession/Oppression? I'll just say that God's people are being hurt and persecuted and so many are affected ....that why even talk about it? Let's do what God is calling us to do....SET THE CAPTIVES FREE! I once had a pastor bite my hand as I was praying for his cold. A sister witnessed it (it was her pastor and she asked shocked and hurt....why did you bite her?)  ...this voice said...."I wanted to mark her!" I do not hold any hard
feelings against this man as I know it was not him that bit me----and I understand so completely the lesson the Lord was teaching me watchful....assume nothing....learn from everything.

So....when you discern this spirit and its comrades working in someone....don't judge and condemn but move in compassionate boldness and cast these things out. Most of the time the person is slain in the Spirit when deliverance occurs...but certainly not always.

I feel like we are getting the directions or blueprints dropped down to us ...kinda of like being on a foreign battlefield and the supplies are dropped by plane that is why I am sharing this with you. It is a strategy of attack the Lord has given us and the victory is lasting!

May the Lord bless you as you implement these tools to set the captives
free.---------Terri Derocher
The newest painting " I AM Your Strong Tower" will be on display in
Washington D.C. in the United States Senate, Russell Rotunda this May
26-May 30 2003. Copy it off this site for free. Love is NOT for sale! Also 24 hr praise & worship closing ceremony for this International ministry (Christ Jesus Ministry Inc.---for the restoration of the Art's to God's glory) begins Fri at 6:00p.m.- Sat. 6:00p.m. May 30- 31 on the mall in front of the Lincoln Memorial. All week long events are free to the public!

Surfeiting In The Last Days and The Mammon Spirit... April 17, 2003 
Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 13:20:05 -0700
Subject: Pray For France!

Dear body of Christ: I am speaking out again... for the purpose of intercession for France! My husband's father is French and was raised in a family in which French was the language spoken in the home. I, like many of you, was outraged at France's recent reaction to our call for help..... 

    But what about France?.....every night wonderful families who love and cherish
each other sit down to supper and share their day, just as you do. Remember the scripture I shared a few days ago? ....Psalm 82: 4&5.... "Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked. They KNOW nothing, they UNDERSTAND nothing. They walk about in darkness; all the foundations of the earth are shaken." I had a vision in 1999 in which I tried to paint what I saw and now many of the things I saw are beginning to come to pass. A few months ago I had heard the Christian community of France was 2%. I hope it is now higher. Anti-Semitism in France has been rampant and it seems offense upon offense against our Lord Jesus is occurring. I speak in the testimony below about Jonah and Nineveh ....we must remember Jonah and Nineveh and the Lord's heart in all of this..... so I am releasing this as it was only available on the painting website.

You can view the painting at: "I Will Never Leave You Or Forsake You!"

and I try to share the vision in words also below....

I will never leave you or forsake you. Do you believe it? It's true. This painting was the third painting the Lord gave me through the anointing. I was sitting at the feet of a very wise teacher, learning all week precious things from the Lord such as we only go where the Father says to go and we only DO what the Father says to do. These are things I still need to remember! On the third day of teaching, during a time of ministry I fell to the floor under the power of God and started being shown many things very quickly. This was different than what had happened to me with the two previous paintings and I really couldn't figure out what it was I was supposed to be understanding.

I saw my Lord Jesus take my hand and we began running up a very large hill and then we lay down and looked into this valley. We were like spies laying there checking out the land. Each time I looked at the valley it would change, one time farming filled the valley, one time bones filled the valley and one time modern buildings. The valley kept changing as I looked with Him. He said nothing to me - everything was silent - and this was different because other times we had spoken together. I finally understood though, that I was being taught to see.

In between these visions, but still in the vision, I would see Him holding me next to His chest as a child. (I am the child in the painting).  He was DEEP in grief and I was deeply in need of comfort. This took place over a two hour period and for me, this was a was a very deep anointing. I continued seeing many disastrous things and this was very different because usually everything was so beautiful and peaceful when I was with the Lord.  I was not grieved though. This is hard to explain but even seeing all these things I would have chosen to stay with Him forever if I could have. His
comfort was what I was desperate for.

I saw a huge tidal wave of water and believe it is coming. I saw tens of thousands of people of mixed races being taken away by soldiers in green to a place they didn't want to go. This is depicted in the lower left hand corner with a wave of orange; if you look close you will see thousands of people in the wave. (This part is fuzzy over the internet). I saw fires and I saw floods. (You must understand how much I didn't paint!) Between each vision my Lord Jesus would again pull me to His chest. Still He was silent.  This occurred at about the one and half hour point in the vision. I still
never even considered I was being shown a painting. Finally as I lay there it got very dark and like an interrogation room - suddenly a bright light shown above us - my Lord Jesus was still holding me next to His chest and HE spoke. I heard, "I Will Never Leave You or Forsake you!" At the instant He spoke I suddenly UNDERSTOOD I was being given a painting and this was a WARNING to HIS people and a PROMISE- and the title. It was then I saw swirling around us these images and organization of the painting.

This is the point where I saw the Eiffel Tower knocked down. It does not fall from the work of any man ...but it is either a storm or meteor or earthquake- an event we would call natural. Pray for the people of France!  Pray for the salvation of the whole nation! Pray for a Spirit of Repentance and Salvation to be upon the people of France and pray for wisdom that they would understand--- where they have turned away from Jesus Christ -our completely Jewish Messiah. Pray that this would not come to pass and that God would... in His mercy ....give them another chance!!! (I saw all of
this in November of 1999 but didn't paint it until the spring of 2000). We mustn't be like Jonah when he was told about Nineveh and have a hard heart towards France....we must love and intercede for FRANCE! Who do you think told us about Nineveh and the whole was wonderful, repentant---Jonah. No one was under that shriveled vine but Jonah and God. He doesn't want us to make his mistake!

When I came out of the anointing I was very giddy and happy (because of being with Jesus) but then a deep somberness hit as I realized what I had been shown. I felt so stupid that I could feel so happy but I believe even this is part of the promise of God. With God even the worst is good. There is COMPLETE safety in HIS arms and I don't mean to imply that there isn't going to be death and heartache. We know there are deep trials to come. He is worth ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! His LOVE is perfect and it casts out or chases away ALL fear.

One thing is abundantly clear; He will NEVER abandon us in the midst of
all these things. We are not to walk in fear but are to pray, pray, pray, 
pray! He KNOWS your sorrow and there is rejoicing to come in the morning!!!
Accept Jesus today as YOUR Messiah!

Terri Derocher
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Pray For France!   Thu, 15 May 2003 

Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 14:33:23 -0700
Subject: Mantles that Serve

During worship at the Spokane Healing Rooms this month I suddenly saw an old utilitarian fire place mantle---the kind common in old houses in New England. I then saw a blazing fire below it and thought...ummm a fireplace mantle. As I watched this scene unfold I saw nails being hammered into the mantle so cold, wet socks could be hung up to dry. I saw the babies and the elderly being brought up to the fire so they wouldn't get cold in the night. I realized that even though most in America today don't depend on the fireplace anymore for heat many in the rest of the world still do. I saw the sick being brought up to the fire----a chair pulled up beside them for the night watch....and always the mantle ...plain and simple was there to serve in whatever capacity needed.

I asked the Lord for revelation for this and realized how mantles are used now days in much of the world. They are decorations. They are often covered in opulence.... a focal point of the room where a prized possession is displayed.

I then thought of the many mantles prophesied over are a General in God's have a mantle to organize.....God has given you a mantle of intercession....I heard many words....and then saw the insignia, the medals, the ribbons, the stars and the shoulder pads (don't know the real term) and realized these mantles were also covered in decoration and then I understood many in the body had become confused about their own mantles.

A mantle wraps around the fire!!!! A mantle exists to help us distribute the heat. We can rest things upon the mantles because they are strong and meant to last....sometimes they are pierced so that they can help more.

The fire in you is the presence of the Holy Spirit. The Lord desires that this fire should be used for His bring bring bring bring security. The mantle which has been prophesied over you is a SERVANT mantle. You are a servant of Jesus Christ.  

He has placed His fire in your belly to serve Him. Are we serving? Are we
available to help?   We have been given a biblical mandate to go and preach
the gospel to all the world....not just to some------ but ALL have been given a mandate and a mantle of glory because we have been called and appointed for such a time as this.

Dirty, wet socks don't sound glamorous do they? And certainly not glorious....but what if they were HIS socks? What if you could dry and comfort THOSE feet? What if because you were faithful to warm and dry those those feet can walk through storms in warmth and confidence..... Didn't He say to us when we have done it for the LEAST of men ....we have done it for HIM? Matt 25: 34-40


May our Lord Jesus Christ change us each where we need changed and stretch
and convict us where we need stretched for HIS glory and honor and
praise----we are changing glory to glory!!!

Love in Jesus Christ- Terri Derocher

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Mantles that Serve  Thu, 31 Jul 2003 
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Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 23:08:51 -0700
Subject: Dimensions

Last Friday morning, August 15, I had a dream early in the morning. I can tell you that it seemed, even in the dream, that it was titled -Dimensions- I was being lectured or taught through-out the dream and idea after idea came ...challenging me with questions.

The dream was about my faith and how small it was and how much the Lord
wants me stretched (and you).  I was challenged with my thoughts of love and how love is something youcannot put your hands into and yet it cannot be destroyed, even by death.  How if we really know love, of even a spouse or parent or child, it is
really something so intangible and yet ...we trust in this love, sometimes
much, more than we trust in the Lord.

Then the idea of sound came and how sound waves are measurable in such ways as the Doppler Effect (sound of a train passing...the fading sound) that shows that sound moves.....and yet we can't put our hands into it and squeeze it. But we believe in sound....many times more than we believe in the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. We can even quote the passage (2 Kings 3: 15&16) and in an infantile way understand that it makes perfect prophetic sense that Elisha called for a harpist to play when he was seeking the Lord's answer to a question posed to him. We at some basic (unrecognized) level understand that music in it's constantly repeating 7 notes (put together in infinite beautiful ways and levels) speaks to our hearts and reaches a level and place where the Lord is easier to hear. We really even trust sounds more than we do the Lord.

This was a very science filled dream and I remembered scriptures also...the one saying in the end times knowledge will increase so greatly (Daniel 12:4 KJV)....

Next came the subject of microwaves....and the ovens that cook food from the inside out! These were undiscovered in the not so distant past...You can't see microwaves but they work and we believe they are real. Could you explain a microwave to your great, great grandfather? And what is heat? Can you see heat? You can see fire and know of it's coming and run in terror if you see a forest fire coming your way but you can't see can see heat waves on a hot road by squiggly little lines in the air...but a toddler must be taught not to touch a wood stove and usually only learns of the danger by burning a hand in experimentation. Blisters are the result here of something we cannot see.

After all these things were presented to me ...I heard...Faith is like
these things......

I then saw an elderly friend of mine sitting in a row boat in  middle of my living room. I heard... If you command Sam to be moved in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.... he will be moved." I then remembered the scripture about speaking to the mountain and it would be removed. Matt 17:20) (Jesus is here speaking to his disciples about deliverance....) ...He replied, "Because you have... so little faith. I tell you the truth,  if you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain, "Move from here to there AND IT WILL MOVE. Nothing will be impossible for you!"

Jesus wasn't just saying this in some philosophical mood....why did He say this....It is for YOU!

I then heard ..."when Sam is moved he will still exist in a different know this.... why can't you move out into this faith?"

It is all dimensions. I heard..."I have dimensions you know nothing about yet...."

       Just like microwaves and sound....

I really believe we are being bumped up... to this higher level of faith and the only thing stopping us is our unbelief. I believe if we ask for more faith....the Lord will provide this. Besides healing which is the obvious place we need this faith...we need to apply this gift of faith to ALL the works the Lord is calling us to (including travel!)

PS check out Webster's dictionary on dimensions....and remember...
...neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither present nor
future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all
creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in
Christ Jesus our Lord! (Romans 8: 38 & 39)

May we INCREASE in faith in the name of Jesus Christ--- Terri Derocher

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Dimensions  Fri, 22 Aug 2003 
GROW Bride Grow -- Terri Derocher

Love Letters From Heaven
October 21, 2003

With trepidation and in fear of the Lord I share this vision I had last week that brought me great peace in the midst of what has been a tumultuous and bumpy last two and one half month period (Jewish month of Elul and this just finished High Holy Days Simchat Torah). The Lord has been present (He never leaves us...) and it is one of those seasons that when you come out you find wisdom is sprouting where every wound and hurt was poked in. My hope in sharing this is that you will be encouraged and that your hope will be renewed. Isaiah 41...When your hope is in the Lord...when your hope is in the Lord....again WHEN your hope is IN the Lord....He will RENEW your strength and you will rise up....AS IF...on eagles wings....WHOA>>>>>take off .....Because YOU put your hope in the Lord you will RUN and not grow weary!!!! ON your mark....Get set....GO!

Here is the vision.....In the beginning of August I shared with the intercessors here and with my pastor that we were getting ready for a great a wagon train crossing a river (hundreds of you have also seen this river in language the Holy Spirit speaks to you with) .....and that the wagons had to be floated and that it was a very dangerous season....and that some could be swept away and we really needed to be on our guard against this.

As I was in worship last week all of a sudden I saw myself coming up, (stumbling up) wagon nothing...into shallow water. I noticed I could see through the water here and actually see rocks underwater....but I am not completely out of this water yet. I can see little patches of reed grass on the bank though. I turn around and look back and see the most horrific sight....a black, rushing, deep river full of logs and rocks and completely disastrous looking. Just then I look down the river and see my friend has been swept away....face growing smaller and smaller in the
distance. Immediately as I watch this part, I start praying in tongues and
interceding. I heard the Holy Spirit say STOP! I am grieved and am standing
there hopeless, head hanging when I see (like an eagle) above the whole scene a place down stream...out of my sight.....a great jetty of land sticking out into the river. I watch as this jetty turns into a giant arm and hand that catches my friend. I see us meet again in the wilderness...each lovingly says to the made it across?....At this point I was filled with what was immense peace and trust in the Lord.

The interpretation I believe is could we (I) naively think I could bring anything on this crossing? I am shocked that I saw us attempting to bring all those encumbrances with us ... (plans...wagons.) This river rips (cleanses) away all the filth. We are in a time of cleansing...purifying. That little face (in your life) floating away down the river is in the Lord's hands...God is BIG enough...Ask for more
trust...more faith.

Bride.... (Esther 2:7) look at our clothes...are the beauty treatments finished? vs12....Are we ready to meet the King?.... (This is personal...) and remember ASK FOR NOTHING when we are called vs15....He will give us everything necessary to please Him. Hadassah vs7 (ancient Hebrew) two meanings...if as a personal name...Myrtle...if used as a title....bride....They will die (an everlasting death) if you do not go.....Matt 28:19

You will go out in joy and be lead forth in peace;  the mountains and the hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field
will clap their hands. Instead of the thorn bush will grow the pine tree, 
and instead of briers....the MYRTLE will grow.
THIS WILL BE for the LORD's renown, for an everlasting sign, which will not be destroyed  Isaiah 55: 12 &13

GROW bride grow
and then GO bride GO!

Holy Spirit I ask for increased discernment for the bride that the  jewels you have saved for us in scripture would be brought forth NOW ...I ask it in your name Lord Jesus.

May the Lord bless us with increasing love and grace (unmerited favor) for
one another---Terri Derocher

ps...To Grow bride vision...Oct 21...2003

When the Holy Spirit said stop.....He did not want me OFF TASK! He has
given you specific orders...DO NOT BE DISTRACTED!!!! (Wasn't this a good
way to prove it? HA!)

Love you guys....contend!!! In the name of Jesus Christ---Terri Derocher

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GROW Bride Grow  October 21, 2003
Do We Think This Tunnel Is It?
    October 27, 2003
Dear bride:  I saw a very interesting thing this weekend twice during worship.  
     As I entered into His presence Saturday evening I saw all of us...the body of Christ...riding on a beautiful train ...but we were in a very long tunnel.  I realized the end of the tunnel was coming up and I was shocked to realize many on the train had no idea anything besides this tunnel existed....the ride had been very long.  This was the fullness of all their definitions of what was.....

    Sunday morning I again saw the train and the sleeper cars, and the places where meals were eaten.  I saw red velvet and crystal glasses and beautiful people and leather seats...but out the window it was still dark and undefined.
I understood that even definitions of beauty had been defined by this place.

   I was excited about the coming blast of light and beauty but realized it WILL COMPLETELY undo and frighten the this is what I am discerning now...

     The church has been on a very long trip and are on board...not really understanding the destination but wholly trusting in the Lord.  We need to prepare for the shocking brightness coming because of the weak among us.  The word of God says to pray for and help the we gently put our arms around and help those to walk who are shaky.  It is a time of discretion.  If someone's hair is sticking up all over the place (from sleeping and sleeping) we bring comfort and peace to them and tell them the important thing is they are awake now and they are STILL beautiful and are still needed- as we love them and they are experts in the area the Lord has instructed them in and we need this knowledge.  We need to pray for a SMOOTH transition now.  

Lord Jesus we ask for increasing discernment for the coming days....
Love in Jesus Christ---Terri Derocher


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Do We Think This Tunnel Is It?  October 27, 2003

Love Letters From Heaven
November 29, 2003

A Crack of Hope

  In this bleak, blackness, this colorless gray I can see a crack of hope, like a thin line of fire.  I then see the Sword of the Spirit of the living God slicing these shrouds away.  I see where faith has been lying on the floor in the corner (within you) forgotten and misunderstood.  Each time she has tried to rise, she was beaten down.  Once so big in you, she has been squeezed as the enemy has tried to shrink her.   Now this two edged living sword wielded by our Lord Jesus Christ himself ---pierces confusion, mortally wounds offense and betrayal, and stabs and defeats rejection and abandonment.  "IT'S DONE!"  He shouts.  As His voice carries it cracks open and breaks the illusion of weakness and isolation. Like rags, they fly away in His wind...the breath of God.  The sweet smell of rain hitting the dry dust of discouragement stirs the promise of new growth.  Hope differed slinks away ...knowing that true hope is rising from the ground now where it had been stamped down and crushed. Trust is wooed in your heart and is encouraged to bloom and grow.  You rise from the floor and gently twirl around.
      "Rise Up my beautiful one", I hear Him say...."they are lost, so many are lost in the darkness.  They have been going in circles again and again.  They have been examining each piece of evidence the enemy has given them against me.  They have questioned my goodness, even my existence.  In this darkness they have attacked one another --not even discerning my love in one another.  Others in this deceptive darkness have witnessed the battles and have been smeared with offense.  Looking at the battle they only see hypocrisy and weakness.   They must be set free and cleansed of this filth that is attempting to encase them like a deadly cocoon."
     "You...dear bride...will you look up and see the mountain tops and finally remember when last you have been there?"  Sound the alarm....blow the shofar!"   As you stand.... strength rushes into you and joy courses through your veins.  YOU HAVE REMEMBERED WHO YOU ARE!  Like cobwebs being swept away so now... the plans of the enemy are exposed for what they are.  These dead plans are just particles of dust clinging to one another in a pretense of strength.  You look down thinking of your ugliness as you have so consistently been peering through shame.  YOU are startled to see yourself arrayed as a child of the King.  You remember the things you have broken and feel condemned.  FEEL NOW your chin being lifted, your hands being examined for injury.  "Are you hurt?, He asks...."because You.... my child are my concern.  Maybe the things you have broken looked beautiful...but they do not compare with you...FOR YOU I Gave a ransom, for you I gave my life....but as I NOW it is being prepared....a place for you & me.   Do not give up!  Do not listen to the enemy!"       
    "Dance, dear for joy because.....YOU....are My beloved."
Micah 5:4  He will stand and shepherd His flock in the strength of the Lord His God.  And THEY will live securely, for then His greatness will reach to the ends of the earth.  And He will be their peace.  
We love you Lord Jesus, We ask for more faith, more wisdom and we know we can do ALL things through you because YOU have done it!  John 19:30
May you be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth---Terri Derocher

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A Crack of Hope  November 29, 2003  
Eat YOUR Weeds!  

May 11, 2004 
     Hello, Hello body of Christ?  Have you had your breakfast/lunch/or dinner?  Get hungry!  I was just out in my flower garden and that precious friend, the Holy Spirit (our Ruach ha Kodesh) reminded me of something.  Last week some of you may remember hearing from me (the newsletter) about a trip to the Canadian border which was a ministry trip to some gatekeepers up there.  When we had almost arrived we stopped to take some time to pray and allow the Holy Spirit to direct the battle. I listened to all that the team of intercessors was sharing and shared my incomplete piece.  I saw dandelions everywhere and knew some thought of them as a nuisance and a bane and even tried desperately to eradicate them but I also knew that they could be eaten and were delicious as I had eaten them in the past.  I really didn't understand what the Lord was speaking to me about the whole thing but knew when we stepped out to pray the rest would come. Well it seemed like a personal word for this group because when we pulled the car up in the drive way dandelions were everywhere.  The word was in regards to the provision in front of them and that we can be victorious right where we are and with what we have in our hands.

     Well when I was outside just now and I found a familiar weed, lambsquarters, growing in my garden, trying to overpower and overtake my Rudbeckia, I thought well that could be eaten but I'd need more of it to feed the whole family.  Right then I heard the Holy Spirit say ---Eat YOUR weeds!   I picked them up and just finished a delicious bowl of that little enemy to my flowers!  I think it was a prophetic act and so had to come and share immediately with you all.  God wants us to overcome the enemies (sickness, disease, financial woes, time constraints, etc---you know what your weed is) that are robbing you of your healthy vitality and relationship with the Lord.  You do not overcome anything sitting there waiting for God to come along and do it for you.  He wants you to OVERCOME it!  He has placed His Holy Spirit in you and YOU are a testimony, a witness to the powers of darkness of just what a wonder God's creation is.  
    Who's gonna win?  The weeds or You, the servant of the most high God---Jesus Christ of Nazareth?  Wine can overcome a man (Jer 23:9) Mammon can overcome a man if he chooses that master instead of God.  Luke 16:13  BUT Jesus said... He has overcome the WORLD!  John 16:33  Remember,..YOU dear children are from God and have overcome...(you have tested and found the false and rejected it.)  1John 4: 1-4 

     I would challenge you now to examine your heart...listen to the Holy Spirit...what have you tested and found false that you are allowing to remain (grow bigger) in your life?  Are you waiting for it to increase so you know for sure?  Like those little weeds in my garden, if I had allowed them to remain until they were large enough to feed the family ( a lie from the enemy just trying to buy more time, to do more damage) those weeds would have entwined and choked off the good flowers I am encouraging to grow and flourish.  I KNOW these flowers will be beautiful when they reach maturity...just like you and me.  Do not be discouraged for what has happened in the PAST season.  Maybe you are just a wonderful little seedling and you don't even know you are going to bloom for the first time!  You are not the Master gardener....  Why do you measure yourself against those around you...don't you know some could even be tares(weeds)?...Read the parable of the weeds...Matt  13:24-30  
     Only the Lord knows and that is His business.  One thing we do know..... keep yourself pure.  Love one another, for love comes from God.  1 John 4:7  Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins!  Peter 4: 8   When you KNOW the truth ...speak it out!   For we overcome by the blood of the Lamb, the WORD of OUR testimony and we don't love our lives so much as to shrink from death.  Revelation  12: 11

     Right now---already ---I am better off eating those weeds as they are similar to spinach and full of vitamins.  I am stronger because I obeyed the Holy Spirit, came in the house and did it right then,... and because of that am now sharing this new found knowledge and strength with you.  Isn't it strange that sometimes we are laying in our provision and we only see weeds?

God bless you, warriors of Jesus----Love Terri Derocher

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Eat YOUR Weeds!  May 11, 2004 
And Then His Hair Began to Grow
May 28,2004
     I have a beautiful, wonderful son - one of three beautiful, wonderful sons - but this son didn't much like himself - especially how he looked.  His confidence was small as he measured himself against others and he really wasn't interested in a lot of the things other boys his age were.
     This boy has been a picture of us new born babes in Christ..... in many ways.  I am not talking about the wonderful zeal of a new Christian, but rather the sudden awareness of all these Christians who seem to know so much better the word of God and they always have the answer or at least know where to look.  Some of this does drive us into the word---which is great---but like teenagers also insecurity can sometimes try to get a grip at this time...
     We need to grow and come to the place where we finally know it's  ME AND JESUS ... and really understand ....our relationship with different than anyone else's.
     Now back to this son.....We always did things a certain way with our sons and usually they had nice, short haircuts that were easy to keep clean as they sweated and played their way through youth.  But this son always lamented over his hair.  He would pull it and straighten it and put it in a certain position and it always seemed to be a source of embarrassment for him as it never stayed put and never looked like anyone else's!  
     Well this year he asked to grow it out and as it has grown we have found out it is naturally curly.  None of the rest of us have this kind of hair.  This kid now has the most gorgeous curly mop of hair, completely unique!  He has also discovered photography and is capturing things he sees, like a moth on a flower or life spring forth through a pile of dead branches and is now showing us his special view of things.
    Perhaps that's you...maybe you are just a Spiritual teenager and you don't even know who it is you are going to be when the Lord finishes what He is doing in you.  Maybe your hair just hasn't grown out.  Maybe there is a NEW season for you..... just around the corner.  You know the Lord is the giver of ALL good things and one of the best is HOPE.  The word of God says hope differed---put off----makes the heart grow sick.  It isn't always going to be this way.  There are strengths being formed in you right now where in the past there had been a weak spot- and it's because the Lord who made the vessel knows it intimately and doesn't want any leaks!
     Anyway...know that you are changing...glory to glory and sanctification is a process (unlike salvation which  HAPPENS right then, when you turn your life over to Jesus and repent and ask Him to be your Savior).  Sanctification is sometimes like a carpenter with the sand paper on a beautiful yet, still rough piece of wood. He wets the wood and sands and lets it dry and wets it and sands and wets it until all the roughness is gone. 
    He right now is preparing a place for you, you beautiful piece of wood you...a unique place where the view He is creating will be appreciated....because He know how you see things, in that special way of yours!
Bless You and your family and REMEMBER how much Jesus loves you!
Terri Derocher

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And Then His Hair Began to Grow  May 28, 2004.
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 16:04:29 -0700
My God, My God Why Have You Forsaken Me?

...At the sixth hour darkness came over the whole land until the ninth hour. At the ninth hour Jesus cried out in a loud voice, "Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?" which means, My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"
Mark 15: 33-34

What do I think when I read these words?.....I am grieved, ....with pain....such abandonment. I remember the many, many sermons I have heard since childhood about God turning His face away because of the sin Jesus bore (for me), but truthfully that seems shallow (not deep enough...even) compared to the power of these anguish-filled words... obviously Jesus wasn't UNDERSTANDING at this moment ..........why He was abandoned and left to die in such a way....without the
comfort of the One who had always been there and had promised to Never Leave him or Forsake him....HE ASKS WHY?

When I dwell more on these words though ....deep comfort begins to is really true... He HAS taken up all my infirmities and CARRIED....ALL MY SORROWS....Isaiah 53:4 NIV.

Sometimes in desperation and total isolation the enemy comes and tries to whisper to us...deep, dark terrible lies about God's love for us...but the truth is God is STILL here....KNOWING the truth in ALL things.

Jesus truly has experienced and overcame ...every one of these dark places. He has experienced and broke through ALL sorrow. He said yes to God in that dark place, .......even though He could not SENSE His presence ....but by so doing FULFILLED the promises of God! All of them are YES & AMEN in Christ Jesus.

.....HEAR this..... He asked WHY....and REMAINED sinless.

You don't have to understand..... and can be in terrible pain.... and appear to everyone on the outside as afflicted: Webster's----To strike CAUSE pain and suffering, to overthrow. Some I know are there, right now.

Do you understand that's what they said about our Yeshua---Jesus?

God's against He's overthrown, Him and His followers...that'll disperse em....Where's their God now? Jesus was considered stricken by God, smitten by Him, and afflicted.  Isaiah 53:4

What I want you to remember right now is the goodness of God. Don't listen to those dark voices...they only mean you harm and they are Liars! 

Be filled with hope that God is with you, He is for you and not against you, the body of believers love you....WE LOVE YOU and somehow (Webster' a way or method not known)you will make it through because You have the Champion, our Jesus fighting and winning on your behalf.

Trust in the Faithfulness of God

---Terri Derocher

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My God, My God Why Have You Forsaken Me? Thu, 13 May 2004  
Jesus Is Not A Candle In The Wind
May 22, 2004

I would like to prayerfully submit this for Your discernment.   May the Lord bless you and your family in the name of Jesus Christ---Terri Derocher   
    Jesus is not a candle in the wind....HE IS THE LIGHT of the World!  John 8:12    Right now as the wind picks up tremendous force in the spiritual and in the natural (here in the Northwest we had a tornado yesterday) I see us standing....STANDING in the face of this onslaught of debris flying by and it is because we are hid.....HID....hiding right behind Christ.  He is taking the full brunt of this wind!
 (Webster's-- orig. a heavy blow or attack  2. the shock (of an attack) or impact (of a blow) 3. the heaviest or hardest part to bear,  the brunt of /the blame!)  
He is taking the full force that has been aimed against YOU!   ...but you are invisible to the enemy!
     Pastors, Ministry Leaders, Cell Group Leaders, Street Preachers, Homeless caretakers, Presidents & Kings.....Stand and PROCLAIM the truth the Lord has given you!   I hear the Lord say "Did I tell you stop proclaiming the truth?  Is the battle too big for me?  Have I not given you strength to stand!  You can do ALL things through Me!" 
      The water is rising in this storm....The Lord has never said what the outcome would be for many of the things He has called you to do....and you have done them in obedience.  That is all He desires of you.... is your obedience.
      I hear ..."BUTTON Down the HATCHES!"    I asked my husband, the old Navy man about that, and he confirmed ...water cannot get in and SINK the ship!  So the Lord would say....."Get ready.....BUTTON DOWN THE HATCHES.... and get ready to ride this storm out with me!"
     "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you:  and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.  When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned;  the flames will not set you ablaze."  for I am the Lord, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior;....Isaiah 43: 2&3
Prepare, prepare the way.....for the King is coming and He is beautiful, and glory filled (just full of miracles and SPLENDOR),  and full of wisdom and strength and truth and..... He carries the keys to the kingdom to give to YOU!  
May you and your family be blessed in Jesus' name--Terri Derocher

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Jesus Is Not A Candle In The Wind  May 22, 2004
The Thick Skinned Lime 
June 7, 2004

    I have been making a little low calorie drink lately with limes as I found a low-cost supply and so we are trying to enjoy what is "in season".  I have bought a lot of these and some seemed almost too old to use and I had set them aside to be used up first and as I was cutting them up for use today the Holy Spirit started talking to me about several areas of our growth and protection.

     The limes were not what I was expecting for one thing.  Some were blackened and shriveled and some were hard but definitely all looked unfit for consumption.  As I cut into the first couple and squeezed my hardest NOTHING came out!  I looked into the bottom of the glass and not ONE drop of juice was there.  I was ready to pitch them all but picked up the little ones that were about as hard as rocks.  I cut into them and these little reservoirs of juice poured forth abundantly.  The Holy Spirit started speaking to me about the thick, hard skin.

     When we think of the term "thick-skinned" it seems, at least to me, that it has had a negative connotation.....When applied to a person it is as if the person is unreachable (with revelation).  That they just cannot be taught.  But as with many terms there is a good side to being unreachable!

     The limes had been through some tough times as we had taken them on a camping trip.  They had been transported then moved again and again, sometimes in yucky closed containers to keep them from spilling everywhere.  Some seemed to give up and just let it all go (their moisture) in their little battle for existence.  Do we give it all up also when we trust in a covering from any but the Lord Jesus Christ?...He is our head. 

     Now a lime is a package for seeds and growth isn't it?  We eat them but their purpose is reproduction.  I know you will be able to see the correlation with the body of Christ and our purposes.

     Like the limes..... maybe it is good to have a thick skin!  When praying for those dealing with an attack from a spirit of offense, in the past I have prayed for the Holy Spirit to coat them with oil so that it would roll off water off a duck's back, but I think I'll start praying for a thick skin also.  Insults that we allow to penetrate our covering (skin) cause corruption and dry us up!  If we allow every little thing in the environment around us to effect us...we will be sucked dry.  I think we should roll as fast as we can away from any thoughts of offense, malice, dissension.  The Lord HATES dissension and those who stir it up (Proverbs)...

     Think on the good things the Lord has done and is doing in your life...He defends you and works on your behalf EVEN as you sleep.  You've only just begun, white lace & promises (wedding song from the 70's).  You know a bride has really just got to trust her groom...not all the murmurings of the wedding party!  So.........May YOU be full of the juice of the Lord so you can bring refreshment and revelation to the nations where He sends (rolls) you! 
P.S.   DON'T become isolated!  You can enjoy "this SEASON" and still be thick-skinned!  Also don't judge a lime by it's skin!  Don't sit any on the shelf because they are too old.  Some of those are the very best and sweetest they have HELD onto their juice! 

 Love You body of Christ....May you be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ!
---Terri Derocher


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The Thick Skinned Lime June 7, 2004
"Did I Say "Take Yourself Out Of The Game?"
  December 16, 2004

Submitted in the love of Jesus Christ for your prayerful discernment---Terri Derocher

"Did I Say "Take Yourself Out Of The Game?"....And yet many of you have been doing just that!"
     I heard and saw this message last week during a time of prayer and supplication before the Lord.  I believe it is a corporate message and certainly not just for me alone, or for that ministry alone that I was interceding for.
     As I was seeking wisdom from the Lord I saw a huge chess board and heard the word stand.  I heard the words, "I am not telling you what chess piece you are.  You will not know if you are a bishop, a knight, the king or a queen etc.  What you not your business but mine!   Some of you will be sacrificed for the protection of others.  But if you take yourself out of the game and run to distant places--(people-less distant places where you imagine there is great peace and fishing etc.) You will be in disobedience!  I have given each one of you territory!  Do not run but instead spread out!  (here I saw each one being stretched even further so that in the natural they looked to fall over as they stretched limbs out in each direction)  I am preparing to make a BIG move and you must stand where I have placed you in the Holy Spirit.   We will not lose what ground has been taken!"
     The ground beneath your feet is shifting and moving where it feels as if you will topple.  Some of you have lost dear friends in this time of testing and building and rearranging.   I hear..."Did I not tell you I would NEVER leave you!   You are my son, my precious bride.....STAND Your ground though it seems to literally move beneath your feet!" I was lead to this psalm in regard to this ground moving.  Psalm 18 verse 36....Thou  hast enlarged my steps under me, that my feet do not slip.....  I see the ground as molten lava....making the new with each inch it moves, bringing fire, bringing new life and even bringing renewal to the very ground which will be healed as even added nutrients arrive on the scene.  I see YOU standing on pieces of solid ground that flow through this molten totally dependant on our Lord Jesus Christ for your safe deliverance.   You thunder out the words to the Lord's ear.......GRACE Lord.....GRACE.....and He gives it!   Because you stand your ground in this precarious position you now float (on the molten lava) to the NEW place where the captives have been waiting for deliverance.
   I ask, because we are one in Christ Jesus, that you stand your ground.  This is not some form of manipulation to get you to stay in a place or ministry you feel you are called to leave.   We do not serve a God of confusion.  In prayer  and submission you will understand the spiritual territory you have been given that you are not to abandon.  Much depends on the faithful obedience of the bride at this time. 
     (I love you and you are precious and unique and I want to know you more.  I want to know what it is the Lord loves in you because you are different than me and stand in a place I am not called to stand.)

     SHOUT it OUT you TRUTH bearers, fear NOT the faces of men & women!   I hear...."My people PERISH for lack of vision.  Do not keep them to yourself---- the tools I have given you!   Wield them like a knife to cut away the lies and pride and putrid pus of the enemy so my people can recover and stand once again!"   Love and Bless one another.  God is SO good!  He is so faithful!  He has a plan and you are in it!

May you be built up and prepared for the purpose God created you for!  Gardeners Come Forth!

Pray For The Peace of Jerusalem!
 ---Terri Derocher

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"Did I Say "Take Yourself Out Of The Game?"  December 16, 2004

Thursday, October 21, 2004 5:27 PM
Subject: Stand at the Crossroads and Look

Hi everybody:  Some of you are ministry friends and some are family and some are just special friends.  I hope you hear my heart here, as I have tried to make it clear.  Love in Jesus Christ---Terri Derocher    
We are in a crossroads time... Jeremiah 6:16 "Stand at the crossroads and look: ASK about the ancient paths, Which one is the good way?"  TAKE IT, and you will find rest for your souls.  What YOU YOU react...the decisions YOU make will change history.
I would ask you to consider your children and grandchildren as you contemplate these things.  Do you know how accustomed Lot was to seeing what he was seeing and hearing everyday?  Are our days any different?  We have become NUMB.  
We have corporately arrived at our destination (the present spiritual location) much the same way Lot arrived at his.  He chose the BEST for HIMSELF. Genesis 13 : 5-11  He was motivated by his pocketbook and greed and fear of tomorrow.  
When we as a country CHOSE to be boss of our own bodies (1974) so we could kill our inconvenient babies and as states sanctioned (authorized or approved, gave permission in a moral principle) to the sexual union between same sexes, we thought we were choosing the best for ourselves ...just as Lot thought the same as he looked out upon that seductively green valley.
  Now we have ....sanctioned orgies (Key West Florida's coming Fantasy Fest) and babies dying from being shaken....daily all across America.  Our children are kidnapped and enslaved by pedophiles.  We are bombarded with porn when we open our eyes.  We drug ourselves from reality and to have better sex.  Our corporate motto has become   " It's all about Me!!!!!"    We corporately have hated ourselves and each other so much that millions of us choose plastic surgery...rather than treasure each unique face and the wisdom of the aged.  Human life, each one a master piece precious... in the sight of Jesus.  It is NOT trash to be disposed of. 
We have arrived at this place, a step at a time.  We got used to a little more evil each day.  
We NOW have been given another chance to repent.  Liberal Supreme Court judges can be replaced ....but only if you CHOOSE our President wisely.  YOU KNOW who stands for what...because the Holy Spirit has made it abundantly clear to you.  
I know of ONE old friend who called me from the East coast (we hadn't spoken in years) and was shocked about my support of President George Bush.  I say to all with that do you look away and shut your ears to the cries of millions of murdered babies and how do ignore the mocking laugh of the anti-christ spirit as millions of our youth are coerced into a homosexual lifestyle through school teaching?
Give me blinders for my face so I don't have to see it all
...but LORD LET ME SEE IT I can repent because I have had a part in it!

MAY ONE of you change your mind and understand this day we are living in ...and the chance we have to change the future.  I am going to send this out to my painting ministry list and my friends & family.  This has absolutely nothing to do with painting but it is the MOST IMPORTANT thing I can do RIGHT NOW!  

Do YOU HEAR THE SHOFAR?   That is the question asked in Jeremiah 6:17  "I have appointed sentinels to direct them:  LISTEN for the sound of the shofar (trumpet blast...a warning)  " The Lord is waiting for your response just as in the day of Jeremiah...They said "we will not listen"
                                ....have mercy on us TODAY Lord ....and let us listen!
Love one another....and that means also the helpless ones in our society who have no voice...including the disenfranchised homeless. MAY God be glorified in YOU and may you be blessed in Jesus' name.  
Terri Derocher

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Stand at the Crossroads and LookThursday, October 21, 2004 

The Wave Has Pulled Back From the Shore 

Terri Derocher

September 13, 2004
(Post Script Jan 2007 after natural tsunami...What was it I was sensing?  What was the Holy Spirit trying to say to me?  Did I misunderstand OR are the Spirit and natural connected.  I believe they are.  In retrospect is always the hour for evangelism.. we are to stand and more so when hundreds of thousands of people perish and we are left to rebuild and help.  We ARE the Lord's provision for His people in more tumultuous days to come!)

We seem to be in the place where the wave has pulled back away from the shore and the shore looks empty and dry...when what is really happening is the WAVE is building and building, getting bigger and bigger as it gathers in every bit of loose water to come crashing in to shore. There is a great creative force in that wave...the kind that changes the terrain!
I have heard all summer from friend after friend that they have questioned what they are doing. Is what I am doing bringing glory to God or am I glorifying myself? Because we are being tumbled and scrubbed in this tide to bring Holiness some are confusing the pain of a bath with persecution. An eight year old with a layer of dirt around his ears feels the same as mom scrubs what seems like skin off! Some are going through real fire and are coming forth as gold such as the persecuted church in China, Indonesia, India and Uganda. We all know many, many more countries we could add to that list because of testimonies which travel like wildfire around the globe via the internet. Martyrs testimonies are being sealed and some are waiting under the altar for the rest to be accomplished such as is spoken of in Rev 6:9. 
These are exciting times because we love Jesus ....He is building His church....and this is happening everywhere in this country and around the world. When we see the Holy Spirit speaking the same message over and over we understand times have accelerated again!

 I have went back again to the book of Jonah, the book my twelve year old son Jimmy calls the book of second chances. You gotta do what you are supposed to do!
What we are all about -- Evangelism has so very little to do with us doesn't it? Our part is so small. We open our mouths....the Holy Spirit fills it, we speak what the Holy Spirit tells us to speak...then the HOLY Spirit gives faith to that one to believe the word of truth. We take credit for too much of the wonder and glory and on the other hand we get grieved over stuff that is not our business! 
When my sons and I were talking about Jonah this last weekend we were amazed at what the Holy spirit was doing all along with everybody in the book.... the people of Ninveh, the guys on the boat, and Jonah (not to mention the all of creation waits for the sons of God to be revealed!) 

The guys on the boat were unsaved pagans and two paragraphs later were praying to Adonai and three paragraphs later were worshiping Him in Awe and wonder. Jonah has a time out in the belly of a whale about his attitude problem and gets a second chance. As he starts walking and talking across Ninveh....he gets a third of the way and ALREADY the HOLY Spirit is moving and shaking the people's hearts....Jonah had nothing to do with it and had two more days of walking to go. I love Jonah because he exposes his heart and humbles himself when he relates this story and his sin to the writer. Who else but Jonah knows what happened?

But back to you....So you gave a sermon....sent out a clarion call.....maybe even went on Television and there is nothing but silence! What business is it of yours as to how people respond? You are only responsible for your little piece ((((BUT as one who loves you I have to say your little piece is just so beautiful!)))) And don't sit around trying to figure out demographics and cause ....ALL of it is a bunch of strife and here it comes ....FEAR...isn't it amazing how that thing disguises itself? Jonah was well acquainted with fear. 

WHEWWWWWWWWW rest in HIS Glory ....see it emanates from Him and He just allows you to stay right here ...because you love soak in it. We would have so much more time in the glory if we didn't worry about people's response to us. It's His message...we're the messenger! 

What I love about you body of Christ is you are brave. You are brave because you know HIM and trust Him. Little old weaklings (in the world's eyes) of eighty years old and older are some of His greatest warriors. This confuses the wise.

We have a God who uses broken vessels instead of tossing them on the trash pile. He uses little boys to speak peace and slay giants. He uses the amputee and former prostitute for leading His mightiest victories. These.... all know ....the wonder of it ....and so walk in courage because they know it is only because of Him that they have been given another chance.
You know I WAS given another chance....and so are you.
So where are you? WHERE are you? That is the question we asked ourselves in my family last weekend because that is God's question to us and not because He doesn't know where you are. God knows right where we are. He wants you to stop your little scurrying a little gerbil on a wheel in a cage and listen. Look around....could be the cage door is open now. What did He ask you to do that you are running from? What provision (whale) will He use to get your attention?
Do you understand what salvation is? Do you understand what Jesus did on the cross? Do you understand nothing ever has to be the same for you again?
God Bless You in Jesus' name as You Start Over Again....Terri Derocher
Also pray for the Peace of Jerusalem on October 3, 2004.....join millions by signing the resolution to pray at:


The Wave Has Pulled Back From the Shore  September 13, 2004
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I've Found A Clock-like Effect On One Of My Paintings
January 5, 2005 

Hear the blast of the shofar!
                I've found a clock like effect on one of my paintings...
     First of all to all friends who pray for my sister and brother -in- law who live in Indonesia, I want to assure you they are fine and were out of the country at the time.  I have just finished spending time with both of them.  I am writing to you now friends and family and those of you who don't know me personally but have asked to hear from me because...... I have become aware of a clock like effect on one of my paintings. 

see the drawn-on painting I'm talking about on the bottom of painting page I Will Never Leave You or Forsake You
     This painting was exhibited in Washington DC in the United States Senate (Russell Rotunda) four months prior to the 911 attack (May 2001).  I believe it was used as a warning then.  On September 11th it was sitting in my living room and as the first tower fell I looked in horror at the painting and saw the same image starring back at me that I was seeing on television (right hand side in fire).
     The next section of the painting has now occurred (tidal wave) and when I had got back to town recently friends were remarking that another part had just occurred.  I went to the painting website to read what I had written about the coming tidal wave and I started looking at the painting and suddenly saw a clock formation with Jesus in the center.  PRAY FOR MERCY and COMPASSION and a cool cup of water to reach those devastated.  Pray that those who have hated Christians in the past would now receive the love and help those Christians are still trying to give.  Pray for the salvation of the entire world. We need to especially pray for France NOW.
     This painting began at the twelve o'clock point with Jesus taking me up on a high hill to show me many things.  (vision was in 1999...see testimony for whole painting on website) Now if I am understanding this correctly we are to the section with Psalm 3.  We have just went through the flood and the wave in orange.  Next is Psalm 27.  Listen to this psalm and pray and believe accordingly.  "Adonai is my light and my salvation- whom shall I fear?  Adonai is the stronghold of my life- of whom shall I be afraid?  When evil men advance against me to devour my flesh, when my enemies and my foes attack me, they will stumble and fall.  Though an army besiege me: though war break out against me, even then will I be confident.  One thing I ask of the Adonai, this is what I seek:  that I may dwell in the house of Adonai all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of Adonai and to seek Him in His temple.  For in the day of trouble He will keep me safe in His dwelling; He will hide me in the shelter of His tabernacle and set me upon a rock.  Then my head will be exalted above the enemies who surround me:  At His tabernacle will I sacrifice with shouts of joy;  I will sing and make music to Adonai.  Hear my voice when I call O Adonai, be merciful  to me and answer me.  My heart says of you, "Seek His face!"  Your face, Adonai I will seek.  Do not hide your face from me or forsake me, O G-d my Savior.  Though my father and mother forsake me, Adonai will receive me.  Teach me your way, O Adonai: lead me in a straight path because of my oppressors.  Do not turn me over to the desire of my foes, for false witnesses rise up against me, breathing out violence.  I AM still confident of this;  I will see the goodness of Adonai in the land of the living.  WAIT for the Adonai;  Be STRONG and take heart and wait for Adonai!
     This painting is NOT art but a clock like map!  Pray for FRANCE NOW as you have never prayed before.  Those soft tender little children's faces cry out to you.  You cannot grant grace & mercy but your intercessory prayers to Jesus Christ can ASK for those things!  Ask for TIME!  As I said on the website it is a natural disaster!  I see an almost full sand hour glass with the word France on it and the grains are the grievances against the Almighty and His people.  When you were lost, were you any different?  See the faces of the people of France.  Love them.  Throw down the offense in your hands.  Do not be hard-hearted but PRAY for the salvation and repentance of France! 
     I am going to try and post on the website this painting that I have drawn an arrow on that I have included with this letter...perhaps the letter also---please get this word out in Jesus' name!
     Stand your territory and guard it---in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth....He's given it to YOU!

-Terri Derocher

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I've Found A Clock-like Effect On One Of My Paintings January 5, 2005 
05/05/05 Jehoash's Choice, Your Choice! Also posted Grace,Grace, Grace
May 2, 2005

   Grace, Grace, Grace.  Three weeks ago, when making an appointment, this date came up and immediately I knew the importance of it in the Spirit.  Five you may know is the number of grace and grace is unmerited favor.  This coming Thursday is a time of FAVOR, A TIME TO ASK, and A TIME TO CRY OUT IN INTERCESSION to the Lord for His mercy in all our circumstances.  It is a pivotal intersection in the Spirit.  Which way will you choose to go?  Will you go to the right, to the left, turn around and run in fear ….or MOVE FORWARD into the destiny and plan of the Lord for your life.  Don’t remain detached and complacent about it all.  Purpose to pray together.  
    In the times of Elisha, prophet of God, (2 Kings 13:14) we find King Jehoash weeping because of what Elisha was going through at the time.  This is the last recorded direction and prophetic outpouring of God, through Elisha as Elisha died and was buried shortly after this incident.
   Elisha gave King Jehoash a choice, an opportunity for victory, but Jehoash only went so far with God.  This is the place where the king is instructed to go and get a bow and some arrows.  After Jehoash takes the bow in his hands, Elisha places his own hands on top of the king’s hands and tells him to open the east window.  Elisha says, “Now shoot the arrow.”  He does.  Elisha declares it is an arrow of victory and it is the Lord’s victory.  Now, he says “take the arrows, and strike the ground.”  Jehoash strikes the ground three times….then stops.  The word says the man of God was angry with him and said, “You should have struck the ground five or six times; then you would have defeated Aram and completely destroyed it.  Now you will only defeat it three times.”
   Shofar here…What are you leaving undone in the Spirit?  What task has the Holy Spirit directed you to finish that you left out in the elements to be whipped away by the enemy.  Don’t you know that if God has called you to this, he will OPEN every door needed?  You may have a NEW, and to you, but not to God, unattainably large assignment that you are being asked to complete.  The enemy may have come in…like a flood and attacked you physically, or financially.  Your dearest friends may not understand and you search the word of God to find the path through this tactic of the enemy.  I AM HERE TO SHOUT FROM THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN….THAT GOD IS STILL AND ALWAYS ON THE THRONE.  WHAT HE HAS PROCLAIMED AND ORDAINED TO BE DONE WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED.  NOW SEIZE THE DAY.  DO NOT BE COMPLACENT.  GET ON YOU KNEES, PICK UP THAT PHONE, BLOW THE SHOFAR!!  THIS IS THE TIME, YOU ARE THE PEOPLE, A HOLY CHOSEN PRIESTHOOD CALLED FOR THIS MOMENT IN TIME TO CHANGE THE ATMOSPHERE.  ALL HELL CANNOT PREVAIL AGAINST THE PLAN OF OUR GOD.  IT IS DONE AND WAS FINISHED ON THE CROSS AT CALVALRY!  DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIES OF THE ENEMY!  RIP THAT DEATH SHROUD OFF YOUR FACE.  IT’S SON…KNEE OUTSIDE!!!!  
    Now I know many of you receiving this prayer letter are outside the United States, but I believe you will be encouraged by the LORD’S confirmation for us and please as you pray for your situation, if the Lord leads you, pray for us here in the United States in this pivotal time.  Yesterday, I read in our bulletin that 05/05/05 is our National day of prayer.  I don’t know If those who picked this date understood the spiritual significance of this or not OR IF IT IS THE FIRST THURSDAY IN May sort of thing….but the thing is GOD knows!  You say does God really care about numbers etc.?  Well yes He does.  Just read His word and directions for building and creating and orchestrating events length of days and you will see His numbers everywhere!
    If you are outside the United States, know first and foremost this is God’s time, God’s day and this is not about my country, although I pray millions will recognize the significance of this day and pray for wisdom and revelation knowledge and that our leaders will have the mind of Christ and will accomplish those things God has given them the authority to accomplish!  I believe this word about Jehoash is a corporate word and that corporately, in the spirit of Elijah, we place our hands on top of the kings (our president’s hands) and ask for victory.  I pray the same will happen in your country for you individually….and for your leaders.  May the righteous judges come forth!
    On a personal note, I have resigned from the Healing Rooms Ministry under the direction of my beloved friends Cal and Michelle Pierce.  Last year I was Graphics Department director and resigned in April but was until this January still on the team of intercessors under the direction of Stacia Thompson.  Being a part of this international ministry was a God revolution in my life.  It was the Lord’s school in the fast lane and accomplished quickly what the Lord desired to be changed in me.  I always have a family there.  In January I heard from the Holy Spirit that I needed to resign completely so I could sit at the Lord’s feet and have time to listen….and to paint the visions that had began in the fall of 1998.  I have also agreed for the second year to be Washington State Prayer coordinator for the Day To Pray For the Peace of Jerusalem under the co-direction of Robert Stearns and Jack Hayford see (  ) for more information and to sign yourself or church or synagogue up to pray corporately on October 2nd.  Is your country involved?  Perhaps you are the one to pick up this torch.
 We are also now happily growing with Pastors Barry and Kay Hill (at present praying in D.C.) of the church under the bridge –Christian Life Church.  OUR teenage boys are on FIRE!!!  Since September, I am also ministering monthly at Pine Lodge Women’s Prison.  This has been so radically wonderful!  Again for those who may not have heard…..We have had reconciliation with my son Karn after eleven years!   I got a little dog…a wonderful, messy baby that needs love…many spiritual lessons here!  I am living in thankfulness and have discovered it again and again like a key lost in the bottom of my purse!  Lord willing I will be in Indonesia from July 1-15.  When we put first the Lord’s agenda all our needs fall into place, even healing for loved ones!  He knows each hair on your head and has NOT forgot you….you are engraved upon the palm of His hands!  Isaiah 49          
   So to close this with the subject of favor again…on 05/05/05 , grace, grace,Grace---Thursday--- we are having two meetings in our home, day time and night time.  Would you hold a meeting? Call the intercessors to pray in your home or church, release a word to RALLY the warriors on the walls?  Blow the shofar and remember….. “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!  It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on Aaron’s beard, down upon the collar of his robes.  It is as if the dew of Hermon were falling on mount Zion.  For there the Lord bestows His blessing, even life evermore.  Psalm 133   ……I love you mighty prayer warriors of Yeshua!!!!!  Go forth; go forth unto the ripened fields for they are ripe unto harvest!!!!!!!!!!!    

Terri Derocher
(post note Jan 2007 I am again praying for the Healing Rooms by helping the North branch located at Christian Life Church.)  

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.05/05/05 Jehoash's Choice, Your Choice! (posted Grace,Grace, Grace) May 2, 2005