The Lord does not allow me to sell or make money from any of these  paintings but I am available to speak, teach and minister with the paintings.  Feel free to make copies for yourself here for free over the internet.  Please keep the title and testimony with the painting as all are given via the Holy Spirit!
If you would like me to bring the paintings to your group, please contact me via email.  Thank you and may God Bless you in the name of Jesus Christ!!

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Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 17:22:02 -0800

Subject: Tremble...Rev 6:9

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all knowledge:  but FOOLS despise wisdom and instruction. Proverbs 1:7

Rev 6: 9 And when He had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony WHICH THEY HELD: And they cried with a loud voice saying, HOW LONG, O LORD, Holy and true, doest thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto
them, that they should rest yet for a little season, UNTIL their fellow
servants also and their brethren, THAT SHOULD BE KILLED as they were, should be FULFILLED...

For well over a month I have been struggling with a subject the Lord has been trying to get deep into me now. It began with a question about Physician heal yourself in Luke 4:23...I've pulled back from as much in my life as has been possible and have been pushing in and calling out to the Lord as He does cry to me... "TERRI-COME up here and CALL to me Jer 33:3 and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things, WHICH YOU DON'T KNOW!" this point I am going to try and get this written down so I can share it with the body of Christ.

I have seen and am seeing and hearing of great miracles of healing and deliverances and triumph and victory in all of life's circumstances in the body of Christ and I rejoice in these victories because this is what I believe is a major part of what the Lord Jesus has called us to do - to heal the sick-set the captives free- and raise the dead.

But that is not what I am writing about today because that is not the lesson I am learning right now. I am on a search to understand the OTHERS...those who die in seeming defeat... some alone and unknown on foreign soil ...some in a little condemned apartment in New York...passing with no fanfare and by all outward APPEARANCE in complete poverty-stricken failure.

We know the scriptures from Deut. 28 about the blessings and curses that come by being disobedient to the Lord's voice. We know the outward APPEARANCE of a blessing or curse at work in someone's life....But I am here to challenge your ideas about blessings.

There are blessings you and I may know nothing of...

.......RICH ABUNDANT BLESSINGS can exist in the midst of poverty (Elijah in 1Kings17)..... blessing in the midst of sickness (the sickness Elisha died of in 2Kings 13:14 ...the Lord was still speaking to him)...blessings in the midst of captivity (Joseph & Daniel, Paul & Silas)...blessings in the midst of chaos and destruction (Jeremiah during the fall of Jerusalem Jer 40:2-5) ....and MOST OF ALL blessings in the midst of death and of course Jesus is our best example of this.

Sometimes I start cringing even writing these things the Lord is teaching me because fear of man tries but doesn't succeed in intimidating me to keep it to myself. You must know I TOTALLY believe in healing and deliverance and ALL the promises for God's people in His Holy word. So consider these things I am sharing today from the view that my passion is praying for complete healing in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

My personal life and walk have been changed by awesome servants of God
who have imparted hunger in me to cry out for more faith in Jesus Christ (FAITH IS A GIFT!). Some have stirred a deep hunger in me for intimacy and desperation to read the word of God as honey dropped from a spoon---not something gulped but each word to be meditated upon and examined from every view. Some of these servants planted hunger to heal the sick in the name of Jesus Christ and encouraged me to believe the word of God (Mk 16:17 & Jn 14:12) that Jesus Christ will use me to raise the dead. 

One of these servants, Rev. Bob Shattles was used by the Lord to raise the dead here in America and I heard his testimony with my own ears and eyes in person. This miracle occurred in an American hospital basement morgue after death had been declared six hours earlier. This death and subsequent rising from the dead was witnessed by the doctors and nurses at this hospital --but not before they mocked for hours this servant “saying, He's dead Bob,"(they knew Rev. Shattles locally.) This servant of God just said "I know but I've got to pray." These same doctors and nurses came to the Lord through witnessing this miracle. This individual was an evangelist who set up tables in airports and bars and he was followed by signs and wonders everywhere he went. His only concern was preaching that "Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father EXCEPT through Him" (John 14:6) He asked anyone and everyone do you want to receive Jesus as your savior----and so many, many did.... He was bold for Jesus! This man died of cancer and I found out about his death by looking for him about two months ago on the internet.  Some website which seems to be persecuting true servants of Jesus Christ had it posted on their site that this was proof of this mans true condition. I cried and cried. They also were persecuting and lying about the life of precious Ruth Ward Heflin---who changed my life.  Sister Ruth also died of cancer in the fall of 2000.

Let's pray for these poor people who persecute and publish these lies about the servants of God....Lord we ask you to forgive them....On the subject of spiritual blindness Jesus said in John 9: 39-41, "...I have come into this world, so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind. Some Pharisees who were with Him heard Him say this and asked, "What? Are we blind too?" Jesus said, "If you were blind, you would not be guilty of sin; but now that you claim you can see, your guilt remains." May the Lord have mercy on misguided shepherds and Lord help me not to be one who presumes or misguides others. May the Lord bless with FAITH these who have done these hurtful things and may we BE ---together with them---as one beautiful bride before our precious Lord Jesus Christ----Lord we ask for unity in the body of Christ and the wisdom to understand each other's hearts for you and Lord we ask for wisdom-revelation knowledge that we can understand the hard and difficult things in your word that many stumble on. We know they are precious to you---these words--- and we ask that you bring your precious word alive for us.----

Glory in death... It is a very hard thing for me to understand that the
Lord is waiting as is spoken in the scripture given in the beginning of this writing in Rev 6: 9...that He is waiting for more to be slain...the first version I gave above was King James but the NIV speaks it this way...then each was given a white robe, and they were told to wait a little longer, until the number of their fellow servants and brothers who WERE TO BE KILLED as they had been ...was completed.

Is this speaking of being murdered? --I don't know ---The point is do WE have a CONCEPT and expectation of truly finishing the race...every step of the way... with the possibility of the ultimate sacrifice of dying and seeing what to this world seems to be an unanswered prayer whether that means dying by being burned alive on a cross, or dying of a sickness (like Elisha in 2 Kings 13:14) when those around receive their miraculous healing and perhaps when those dying, like Elisha, have been used by the Lord to heal others in the past?

We must REMEMBER that these set apart ones NEVER LOSE THEIR FAITH.. THEY KNOW that JESUS CHRIST heals today and even raises from the dead NOW for His purposes and so THEY also know HE has ALL power to change their circumstances so if HE chooses to allow them this race then despite the pain they do NOT LOSE FAITH and to the very end of this earthly life...they continue to cry out in faith to Jehovah Jireh, our provider--through Jesus Christ.

....I believe there is a secret place, a Holy place, an intimate place with the Father where He is there in the midst of these deaths doing something so special...something so beautiful, something so needful, something so productive with these lives that I know nothing of.

My mother reminded me about the hedge spoken of in Job 1:10. where satan replies to God about Job's faith and life--"Have not you put a hedge around him and his household....and 2:5 "stretch out your hand and strike his flesh and bones, and he will surely curse you to your face...." Sometimes for the Lord's purpose the hedge is lifted. Each race is different..... My concern with MYSELF as well as the body of Christ is that we don't move in presumption. .......It's ALL the strength of the Lord and we will be crushed in this battle if we move in our own feeble strength. HIS blood and His strength are our protection. The most important thing for me right now is THE FEAR OF THE LORD. Most reading this today are probably moving in some type of ministry that the Lord has given them and called them to....The Holy place is listening and knowing His still small voice --not the rushing hurricane overwhelming your mind or the fleshly good idea but the pure word of the Lord --simple and true.

We are constantly bombarded with new circumstances and rumors and even
failings in the body of Christ....but do we truly take these things to the Father in prayer and listen to His voice over everything we hear and read and see or do we run and shout from the mountain top the first thing we think of in our mind      ...Our ways are not God's ways and His ideas and plans are very different than ours are. Perhaps what you see with your eyes and hear with your ears does not look or sound like what you thought the Lord would sound or look like........
but would you have asked Ezekiel to lay on his left side for 390 days and to cook his food using only human excretement as fuel?(Ezek 4:9).... and yet this was for the Holy purpose of our Mighty God!

Lord Jesus we ask you for wisdom and faith to finish our race. We ask for your eyes and heart as we view this world and our brothers and sisters. We ask that you would equip us-- your body to fulfill the calling you have given us to go into all the world to declare your message of salvation and to heal the sick, raise the dead and set the captives free---for Lord without your heart and your compassion and your eyes and your MERCY and your understanding and your LOVE it would be impossible ----BUT WE KNOW that with man it is impossible but with YOU all things are POSSIBLE!! (Matt 19:26)

May God Bless Us All with Compassion for the lost and dying and hurting
and may He impart to us wisdom to accomplish His tasks....
In the Love of Jesus Christ----Terri Derocher

Tremble...Rev 6:9  Tue, 12 Feb 2002 
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 16:57:29 -0800

Subject: Choked Off And Gasping For Air...

There is a time when the Lord cleans and builds you up and redeems you from the pit. This is the time in your walk with the Lord when He tells you who you are in are my are my daughter....look in the are my are royalty. This is a necessary part of equipping you and raising you up because if you don't understand who you are then you cannot grasp the authority He has given you and you will never move into His authority.

As we grow in the Lord and move in HIS authority we will feel His power.  We will feel His successes and HIS victories. Now it is time for another kind of building up and equipping of correction and training. We have grown into big powerful, rambling great Danes or young horses rippling with powerful muscles...yet we are just disasters waiting to happen without training and supervision and corrective help from our Lord Jesus.

In the coming days when multitudes feel the Lord's power ....when He uses them...the nameless, faceless body of Christ to heal the sick and raise the dead all over the world these issues will be long resolved as we will be moving in such brotherly love and unity and humbleness they won't come to mind. It will be as if these things are like lessons learned in kindergarten, barely remembered they seem so fundamental...Yet now they do come to each of our minds- these lessons we must learn about pride and power- and the stench of it all is unbearable. There is nothing like that remind you of what you basically are without the Lord's covering and cleansing blood.

I am going to share a couple things (scripture & a vision) that the Lord has shown me in this past month. I hope they help you and that you are challenged and prodded into new ways of thinking as I have been.

I have been witness to the most increasingly awesome miracles in the healing rooms ministry I have been allowed to become a part of. Some of you are so much older in the things of the Lord than I am (and yet decades younger in the natural) and you understand these miracles I have been witnessing easier than most of us do. I am seeing late stage cancers healed in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the lame are walking and the captives are being set free. I have yet to see the blind eyes restored or the dead personally raised to life and yet I KNOW these miracles are also coming very soon for the body of Christ at large to walk into as Jesus is calling His hands and arms worldwide to get up and move in His faith and authority (both gifts He has given us) into this new field of prophetic evangelism He is giving us to harvest in.

What will happen to YOU when this starts happening in the field the Lord has given you to work in? Will you understand fully that it is ALL Him and for His glory? ...or will you seek to manipulate the authority and anointing He has placed in you for "your" glory? (Remember manipulation and rebellion are as witchcraft!1 Sam 15:23) He has placed YOU in this world as a breath of fragrant life! (2Cor 2: 15 & 16...For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing. To one we are the smell of death; to the other, the fragrance of life!) This passage goes on to say in verse 17... Unlike so many, we do not peddle the word of God for profit. On the contrary, in Christ we speak before God with sincerity, like men sent from God.

Are you willing to lay down the plans the Lord Himself has given you for the future (even your economic future).... in order to help in this harvest NOW? Is a change of plans His desire for you now? Do you trust the Lord that He will bring all the things HE has spoken to pass...but perhaps not in the way you thought they would happen? Are you willing to become the fingernail on the pinky of the body of Christ in order to protect the pinky from pain? (Intercessors?) Are you willing to be known as a little fingernail?

We (including me) are like big bloated bags of wind at times... with one molecule of wisdom floating around inside the bag and of course that was given from the Lord too. Yet when OUR LORD JESUS BLOWS HIS BREATH IN THE BAG...we become like glittering, gold, puffs of glory floating and rising above every circumstance!

There is a danger lurking in this world and it is this....It is an easy thing to become one of the merchants in the temple courtyard! Mark 11:12 Remember those were the merchants who had found their little niche in the whole process of making sacrifices at the temple in Jerusalem. These were the ones Jesus turned the tables on.

Do we take the gift He has given us and merchandise it, believing He has given this for "our" increasing territory instead of His glory? Whether it is His music (music is a miracle of God)...consider it.... seven perfect notes combined and recombined over and over and then sent out into the air to reach our ear and move us to action, or His artwork, or His wisdom and anointing for evangelism, or even His compassion, are we in the fear of the Lord when we touch these precious gifts He has placed in our lives? And yes I know it has been spoken that....Some have been called in this very way to fund the coming revival....BUT HAS THE LORD TOLD YOU THIS... about the gift He has placed in you? Perhaps He wants you to give it away freely as He gave it to you. Either way we DO need to pour our efforts and resources into His work.

I have been given paintings from the Lord received in the anointing when I had fallen under the Holy Spirit. These were shown in Washington D.C. in the United States Senate in both 1999 & 2000. I tell you this only to help you understand where I am coming from. From the beginning the Lord said these paintings were not to be sold or merchandised (They are His)...His exact words on the first painting were...Do you want $30,000 dollars or 30,000 souls? He gave me a choice...... I still have not seen in the natural what the Lord has shown me will come to pass with these paintings. In the Spirit I have seen little free copies of these paintings roughly tacked up in huts in Africa. The Lord wants to pour out His love to All His children - freely. These things will come forth in the Lord's time- not mine but at the time all this happened in the Senate, I came into a new arena I'd never been in before...the Christian outer court where we can become slimed with pride and power and possibilities. Today (five years later) I cry out to God to hide me and protect me under His wings from all this "stuff". God does not give His gifts to make you bloated with pride because pride and the audience and applause of men brings heartache and a fall. Do not be confused about what I am saying...YES the Lord does put a big spotlight on His work at times but it is for HIS ultimate glory that the light is shown on our circumstances in those times. But the safe good place is under His wings... in being hidden in His glory.

The wonderful thing is that the Lord really KNOWS us and... STILL...loves us and calls us His own in spite of all our failings!

We need to understand the dangers out there in this WORLD of men. The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy and there is nothing he would like better than to inflate you full of himself (pride) and let you blow off in the wind and be pierced against a cliff wall...all alone left to hang out there until you perish in your doomed state of existence. Our precious Lord does not want that to happen to YOU!

Here is the vision that the Lord gave this week. Perhaps you are striving about your place in the Lord...feeling very constrained and controlled, wondering about the future and how any of what the Lord has spoken to you is going to come to pass ...even choked off and gasping for air. Here is the vision the Lord spoke to me with....I saw this big powerful rearing-up horse. I could see the power in this horse....enough power to pull a train....enough power to trample and kill the enemy...enough power to lead an army of horses into the wild hills in the background. Then I looked at the horses' neck.  He was being held in place by ropes held by unseen hands. One rope was going right, one rope was going left. There were many, many ropes going in all directions all holding and trapping the horse in the exact spot he stood.  The horse fought against the ropes, choking itself until it finally resigned itself to standing still or suffocating. 

The Lord said, "This horse is you." - And I know it is you also... body of Christ. The power in the horses' body is not your own but the Lord's strength. If He allowed you to run loose untrained with HIS power you would destroy yourselves or others because His POWER is so huge. Then He showed me a really precious thing. He showed me the cargo the horse would be allowed to carry in the future. It was a beautiful tray with china tea cups and a beautiful teapot sitting on it.  He showed me this horse walking in the future. It was truly beautiful...that big magnificent animal walking so tenderly and carefully without even rattling the little cups. He said this tray is my coming agenda. It needs to be carried with delicacy and love and OBEDIENCE.

We cannot hope we will be allowed to be a part of this coming day if we
are busy running to and fro making this connection and that for our profit and gain.

The still, small voice of the Lord whispering His love to you will wait for you to whisper back that you love Him so much... but... if He doesn't hear your voice... you know He will be grieved... that He called but you were too busy with your agenda. We want to be a friend of God. That is the true position of glory and honor.

The Lord is not a slave driver. He has given you free-will. But when you turned your life over to Him and decidedly gave Him the reigns of your also in essence said know best....have your way Lord. Now He is training you to walk in a different way than you have thought possible. Much of this training hurts and doesn't make sense to you... but IF you trust HIM - you will know that great races require hard training and discipline and you will gladly submit to the rope and thank him for His controlling hand.

May God Bless You in the name of Jesus Christ...
and may YOU answer when He calls...---Terri Derocher

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Choked Off And Gasping For Air...Thu, 14 Mar 2002 
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 13:41:36 -0700
Subject: Harvest Visions...

Dear body of Christ; I want to share these continuing harvest visions and confirmations I have been experiencing the last couple of weeks.

Since I have last released what the Lord has been showing me, months
have passed, but these have been gloriously changing and growing
months for me. I have been growing up in the Lord, --even though I'm 46 in the world!----I have been trying to listen and refine the way I relate what I am seeing. Since last October I have been with the Spokane Healing Rooms under the direction of Cal Pierce. Besides the healings taking place in the ministry (some documented in the March issue of Charisma and other timely newsletter testimonies) --this has been a school in all the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit for those 130 or so ministers used in ministry at the rooms. I have seen interdenominational unity and encouragement as I have longed to see for years as an intercessor in the body of Christ. Ministering here has been a constant school of encouragement and correction by the Lord. Both are very good things!

For you who have been following what the Lord has been doing in my life
for the last couple of years, you will have noticed a big change particularly in the last four months or so---and I must say the lessons and training I am going through at the Healing rooms have had a big part in this. The Lord has spoken constantly to me during this time but I am discerning clearer - the sweet things He tells just me -for encouragement and edification –and the words He wants me to share with the larger body of Christ.

What has been happening lately have been progressing visions of
harvest concerns. The first occurred during prayer a couple weeks ago as we were praying over the team before leaving for the Washington DC
conference. We also spent time praying over a couple on the team who
have been experiencing hardships and battle in their lives. What I had
thought was just a vision concerning my friend has been expanded on for
the body of Christ at large.

What I saw we were praying I saw this giant grasshopper--which
seemed to me to be about sixteen feet higher than we were and it was
fierce and terrible to look at. It looked so big that I saw no way it would be defeated but then I saw it overwhelmed and covered with a little army of ants who TOOK IT DOWN and DEFEATED it!!!! I knew this was an enemy of the harvest in this couples life but the body of Christ (the ants) in unity OVERCAME this thief of the harvest.

Four days later.....I was out in my garden, watering and taking care of
weeding when I saw a Cut Worm. Now if you know about gardening you
know about the little green cut worm...if you don't know it -they are a real plague of the harvest. They can cut down a tomato plant overnight and something that was one day a promise of tomorrows feast becomes a wilted, dead plant laying on its side. I picked up my foot to step on the worm when I noticed something. As I looked really close I saw the tiniest ants I have ever seen--really---they were about the size of a pin head and they were so small even though they were covering and carrying the worm ---I couldn't see them. I pulled my foot back and bent over to watch the whole thing. I realized they were in the midst of a great victory and that I sure wanted no part in ruining it for them. I knew the Lord was giving confirmation of the earlier vision and that He was showing just how small and weak these individual ants were BUT WHEN THEY CAME TOGETHER in unity --there was no defeating them. We are again these ants and WE ARE IN THE MIDST of VICTORY---even though many are unaware of it....
WE ARE moving steadily to completely overcoming these enemies of the

Third vision ... during a time of worship at the healing rooms last week I saw a prairie scene...much like the Wyoming environment I was raised in... All of the sudden I saw a huge, dangerous rattlesnake---the size of a strong man's arm. I have never seen such a snake in real life--even in rattlesnake displays I have visited. This was a huge, dangerous snake right in the path /place of this beautiful scene. I looked at this snake a while, feeling great revulsion, but no fear. All of the sudden I saw horse’s feet and what I believe were the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ. I saw the horse rear up and trample this snake then I saw a strange thing. I saw the rattle snake held up and then skinned, cutting it down the middle. I have never seen a snake skinned so this was strange. Then I looked at the Lord's feet and saw that His boots were now made of rattlesnake skin. It was His battle and His

Now this is how I am interpreting all these things. We are now coming
into a time when past enemies of the harvest are really, truly going to be overcome. Those things that have plagued us in the past will be overcome by the body of Christ when we are really, totally moving in His unity. It's coming and I believe in many places (hidden from the world's view) it is now occurring. The last vision I believe is the battle between the Lord and satan - the vicious orchestrater of the harvest battle. The Lord is winning this NOW as we watch. What is required of us????...unity and confidence in JESUS CHRIST. We build each other up, We don't tear each other down ---but only speak and do those things which encourage each other in this battle we are engaged in.

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouth, but only what
is helpful for building others up according to THEIR needs, that it may
benefit those who listen. And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. Get rid of ALL bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. BE KIND AND COMPASSIONATE TO ONE ANOTHER, FORGIVING each
other ---just as Christ forgave you Eph 4: 29-32

The harvest is OURS...let's take it in!!!!

May God Bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth--
Terri Derocher

Harvest Visions...   Mon, 24 Jun 2002 
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Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 16:13:50 -0700
Subject: We Will Peck Back at the Pecking Order!

Today we are joined hand to hand and arm to arm as we are sent into
this battle of the Lord's together. You are my brother and sister in this body of Christ. Nothing will defeat us because of Christ in us --the hope of glory. When you discover my weakness, you will cover me with your protection and when I see your nakedness I will turn away and encourage those around me to lower their eyes and together we will pray for you to be covered and restored to wholeness in the body of Christ.

When we encounter one who is not yet a member of the body of Christ,
we will display the glory and mercy of Jesus and then as this new one is led to this saving knowledge we will open our hands to let this one also in.

In the past----- the individual man or woman always tried to rise to
the top as cream on the milk. The flesh squirmed and quivered and jumped and jostled as in a pack of hungry lions....then it was only by physical strength or beauty or keen prowess that an extra serving of meat was attained.....

NO LONGER will this be....Today we will prefer one another... over
ourselves..... and we will Peck back at the pecking order! We will protect one another. We will intercede for one another. We will guard each others backs! I proclaim in the name of Jesus Christ...." We will be a strong rope, a strong chain of Holy Spirit Power that cannot be broken.... because the weakest link we be reinforced with power from Jesus Christ! Together --hand in hand--the Lord will send us into the pits of darkness -those pits of sickness and madness and violence and poverty and racism---We will go into those pits to bring those held in bondage OUT!!! The Lord will bring deliverance to the captives through the body of Christ. Then.......We will bathe them with mercy. We will soak them with truth. We will wrap robes of righteousness around their scar-inflicted backs. We rub their feet with hope. We will comb out their snarled hair with the hands of loving mothers and fathers. We will give the mother and father's blessings to the spiritual orphans. We will disciple the youth. 

Then .....when these are strong enough to stand...we will open our arms and they will join with us too....and add new strength and knowledge to us. They will be filled with the love of Jesus Christ and as those who remember so freshly what the prison cell was like ...they will lead us into new battle grounds and new prisons to set the captives free.

God Bless You in the Name of Jesus Christ---Terri Derocher

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We Will Peck Back at the Pecking Order!  Sun, 30 Jun 2002 
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 12:34:09 -0700
Subject: Aquarium Dreams... & The River!

Over the past twenty years or more I have had repeatedly and comfortingly and sometimes fearfully, aquarium dreams. I have had perhaps over a hundred of these dreams. This theme has been the most common subject in my dreams for years...saving little fish!

These dreams have been some of the most refreshing dreams I have had as I find hidden aquariums in yards and little fish thriving and living and reproducing in seemingly terrible abandoned conditions. Other times I find fish in cracked aquariums and in the nick of time they are scooped out and transferred to more hospitable homes. Once in a dream about visiting my little sister in Indonesia, I dreamed someone wanted us to eat these little fish alive...We refused and saved these little bowls of fish! My mother laughs when I tell her I have had another aquarium dream as she always correlates the fish dreams with evangelism as I have also for years.

Some of you may remember I am a gardener and the Lord has spoken to me through my garden but I am also an aquarist and have been over half of my 46 years.  Do you have any idea how many types of aquarium set-ups a person can make? Besides freshwater and saltwater tanks you can have brackish water (partial salt) tanks and African cichlid tanks (from Lake Victoria/Malawi area) You can have little tanks set up like the flooded rice fields of Asia can have killi fish setups where the eggs of the fish are actually taken out of the water and stored to simulate drought conditions!!! I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. God's creations...little fish are very, very diverse and highly specialized for their particular environments.

There are so many different rivers and bodies of water (like denominations & local church bodies) and some have been isolated off by themselves so long there seems to be no connection to other fish types, blind cave fish and pup fish in the desert! Now wouldn't you like to have the sense of smell developed by that little creature, the cave fish...yet now he has no need of eyes!  But the REALLY COOL thing is how precious and different each is and how wonderfully they have adapted to their particular niche! Mono and Scat fish can thrive in the strange brackish water of when the river meets the sea!..... OH.........where I am I going with all of this....

As the water is rising (Ezekiel chapter 47)....and we are all venturing out of our niches I believe a great sharing is going to come forth. Knowledge is going to be shared. .... How were you able to overcome that particular enemy? Well I'll tell you what the Lord spoke to us. Why do you worship in that manner? Well.... we cherish this particular aspect of the Holy Spirit...oh...well let me tell you about something else we found was so precious.... Denominations and cultures... like fish have become strong in areas of knowledge....For today this is wonderful....We have Yet to fully appreciate the diversity and miracle of all of this ...the prophetic trumpet call of is...  the future as was even seen by the prophet Ezekiel...A RIVER IS COMING...a bigger river that will overflow the banks (Our little tanks!)...the little North American sunfish will discover how much they are like the South American cichlids and how much they like them and understand them! The Monos and Scats will share with us how to survive in the turbulent waters where the mixing is occurring. For now before this happens lets begin to REALLY learn from each other!!! I do love you body of Christ... and all your little diverse denominations!!!

Love in Jesus Christ---Terri Derocher

(When re-posting this one here in 2007, I took out all personal name references that were in the original message as it was in response to an on line discussion about denominations.)
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Aquarium Dreams... & The River!  Tue, 6 Aug 2002 
Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2002 22:56:03 -0700
Subject: The Frozen High Places

Last Friday morning during a time of worship at the Spokane Healing Rooms the Lord began showing me a vision of a vehicle stuck in the snow. I was one of many pushing and shoving this vehicle. The stuck car/truck would rock back and forth as we pushed it...spinning its tires.  I saw the snow real close up and was aware of each little crystal as they clung together making ice where the friction was occurring. I was aware that this was the frozen river of God even and that each little snowflake was a part of it.

Next I saw a huge mountain and that we were to take it in OCCUPY! It also was covered in snow. Then I was aware that the stuck vehicle.... was on this mountain top and that this was the place we were all working together to get the vehicle unstuck.

Next I was aware of warmth as I descended this mountain and the comfort and soft green grass in the valley below and a desire to just lay there and an awareness that if I left there I would again be freezing....but I was aware of the complacency in this valley and knew this was NOT the Lord's will that I lay there.

I then saw many high frozen places and knew we were to take them even if we couldn't move and were seemingly STUCK in place!!!! It was the obedience of just going and occupying the spot.

Then I back at the vehicle and I saw the sun come out and VERY QUICKLY.... because of the heat..... The snow on the windshield began melting and then drips were forming everywhere. Almost immediately just PUDDLES of water were under the truck and GOD was IN CONTROL of it all. He controls the heat that melts the snow!! The river then quickly gathered together as each little drop clung to its neighbor!

What did all this mean to me? I believe the vehicle represents countless ministries in the body of Christ. Just because the vehicle is stuck doesn't mean you are doing a thing WRONG!! Obedience to God is the most important thing and we are to occupy territories and high places today....THAT ARE STILL waiting to be occupied. We are to leave the valley....its comforts....its heat...and this is truth.....IT'S BOREDOM!!!! To follow the Lord even to the frozen places will be joy for you!!!

As we work together trying to get these vehicles (ministries) going we will develop team work, camaraderie and confidence in each others strengths!!!

The warning is to GET OUT of that deceitful valley of comfort and go where the Lord would send you!!!

May God Bless you with wisdom and revelation knowledge for every battle and encounter in the name of Jesus Christ

---Terri Derocher

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The Frozen High Places  Sun, 18 Aug 2002 
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 08:15:41 -0700
Subject: Wellpinit and The Waters of Meribah....

Dear body of Christ, I had some words spoken to me in my sleep last Thursday night. I believe it was the Lord as it was very urgent, corrective and directive and also full of power when He spoke. Each time ...all night long... into the morning I heard over and over these phrases one time one way the other time the other way. I was woke up over and over. All together about twenty-five different times! Test these things as to their truthfulness.

This is what I heard...."You must go beyond Wellpinit." "You must move BEYOND Wellpinit." I didn't know what Wellpinit meant but realized in the morning it was a Native American word and in order to understand what the Lord was speaking to me and why the urgency I had to know what Wellpinit meant. I recently moved to Washington State but was aware of a town north of me named Wellpinit. I have even been through it I believe when I attended my first pow-wow last fall with a Christian friend. I also understood when the Lord was speaking that this was not some map directions - but that He was speaking something very plainly-and it had to do with the meaning of the word Wellpinit. I couldn't find out any information even after calling the town, which is located on the Spokane Reservation. But for quicker response I asked a couple people, Tony and Deborah Laidig of Healing the Land ministries and I asked Stuart Dayton, the moderator of the Rivermail list for any information they could give. I got some interesting info back from both and was able to dig into the word of God with this knowledge.

Tony helped me out by pointing out that it was a Nez Perce word and not
a Spokane or Colville tribe word as I had thought. Wellpinit means "water-gushing" and describes an underground stream which surfaced and was a good source of water. Stuart also found the meaning and added this town had been renamed Wellpinit but was originally called Germania which incidentally means "sprout or bud." Why did the Lord speak to me in this tongue and this way? I'm not sure... but I can tell you this is not the first time He has spoken this way to me. Years ago when correcting me once He told me; "You are recalcitrant." I had no idea what that was and went to the Webster's dictionary and found out it meant hard- hearted. I believe if I had just heard the words..."You are hard-hearted."...I would have thought it was the enemy tormenting me but I knew in this way it was the Lord and it brought repentance in my life.  Perhaps this will have additional meaning for those believers actually on the Spokane reservation...I really don't know...but I do believe it is a blessing of the Lord He spoke to me using their language and I do ask His blessings on them now and on the town of Wellpinit.

The glory was so evident as He spoke these words. I felt the promise of His blessing if we move on...This is what I understand the Lord to say in all of this...When I searched the scriptures for ---gushing water---the field of possibilities narrowed very rapidly as to the meaning of what the Lord was saying. There are "pages' of listings for water but few referring to gushing water. All listings referred to the incident of when Moses struck the rock... (When the Lord had said to speak to it) and the water came gushing out.

Numbers 20...In the first month the whole Israelite community arrived at the desert of Zin,and they stayed at Kadesh. There Miriam died and was buried.  Now there was no water for the community and the people gathered in opposition to Moses and Aaron. They QUARRELED with Moses and said "If only....we had died when our brothers fell dead before the Lord! Why did you bring us up out of Egypt to this terrible place? It has no grain or figs, grapevines or pomegranates. AND there is NO water to drink!"

Moses and Aaron went from the assembly to the entrance to the tent of meeting and fell facedown, and THE GLORY OF THE LORD APPEARED to them...and the instructions of the Lord it all.

When we lack evident provision, for whatever need, including ministry, if we are not careful... fear can creep in. When we look at most quarrels they are motivated by a spirit of fear. Such words as "there will not be enough..or they are handling that money all wrong or we need to cut that program because there is not enough can pass through our minds. Many fights even in marriage are prompted by this same spirit of fear. This was the evident demonic spirit working in this desert of Zin at the waters of Meribah.

There is a HOLY place next to the Lord. It is a place full of trust because He is trustworthy and full of holiness and mercy. We need to always remember He is the boss and He is IN CONTROL of all our circumstances.

Creatures of comfort and superstition cling to the past and to what they know...but we are not these!!! In the past when the Lord provided a watering hole we tended to want to camp right there. Houses were built and gardens were planted. But watering holes are for a season!!! Remember Elijah when he was sent into the Kerith Ravine (I Kings 17) and he drank from the brook and the ravens brought him food. What eventually happened to the brook. It dried up!! The Lord is asking us to trust Him and move on--- even before that water dries up. He is the God who causes the water to GUSH forth! He causes your provision to GUSH forth! In this word - Wellpinit - I particularly enjoyed the reference to the underground stream WHICH SURFACED...This speaks to me of trust. We don't know where the underground streams are do we? We can't see them from our perspective!
When God asks us to move out and go in a new direction or to a new place--sometimes it LOOKS like a desert but there may be hidden rivers waiting to break forth. Again the most important thing for us to do is obey God!!!!

Why was the Lord's heart broken at Meribah? Because the people were
quarreling and in fear. They lacked trust in their God....after Moses struck the rock and then went back before the Lord...these were the words spoken to Moses and Aaron...."Because you did not TRUST in ME enough to honor me as HOLY in the sight of the Israelites"....Moses the intercessor for his people was being plagued by that same spirit of fear that had caused the people to quarrel ...this is why he struck the rock because he didn't believe God that just SPEAKING to the rock would be enough! What are your quarrels and fights motivated it fear? God is big enough ...wide enough ...high enough and low enough to cover every need you have!  Jesus said in Luke 12: 22-32...DO NOT WORRY about your life, what you
will eat; or what you will wear. Life is more than food, and the body more than clothes...Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?  Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?....Do not be afraid little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the Kingdom!

But what about the growth and success of what you have experienced in
the past?

I think in using this town name there is even more the Lord was speaking about ... Wellpinit's original name had significance also and ties in with all of meant sprout or bud...When we experience growth or fruit in an area of our lives like the good watering hole. It is hard to move on from this because we have experienced growth and success there. But it is DEAD good works and disobedience to remain there growing it ...if the Lord has called you to move on to something new. Again ....even if it looks like a desert we need to move on and trust that again God will bring NEW LIFE to that place if He has called us to go...remember He has underground streams in the desert!

You need to know that as much as I know I am not experiencing any lack in my life and as much as I know the Lord isn't moving me on yet. But I do take this all to heart for the body of Christ in this hour and for myself also and will be ready and will believe that the Lord has HIDDEN provision for all His purposes He calls us to and I want to be READY....bags packed....for when he says move on!

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you
with His peace that passes all understanding---Terri Derocher

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Wellpinit and The Waters of Meribah.... Sun, 8 Sep 2002 
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 01:31:08 -0700
Subject: Wellpinit Pt 2..Living Canteens

Dear body of Christ: I hope you were able to read Wellpinit--"gushing-water" the Waters of Meribah--Pt 1 as now it is the middle of the night and the Lord is downloading the rest. I want you to know YOU are the gushing - water breaking forth!!!

What happens to water that gushes forth in the middle of a deep dry valley? As it first comes breaking through.... out of the ground it creates quite a picture as rock is broken and washed away and soil that hasn't felt water... some in years and years and years is soaked and broken apart and then it too no longer even remains dirt ...but becomes part of the water!

It is all very exciting that initial breaking forth isn't it? The power is just so evident we couldn't even imagine we could become dulled to the whole thing or that no longer "BIG" things happen. But keep looking now in the Holy Spirit and picture that valley beginning to fill with water. That little gushing forth place is now hidden under tons of water and you could hardly call it a river that is feeding this "big ole pool" and that little gushing forth water isn't even creating a ripple anymore! Years pass and now what with evaporation and all.... the little gusher can't even keep up with what is just going up into the air! The pool begins to stagnate and even to stink. These pools are in most valleys. Who would know that a little gusher that is miles below the surface is even still gushing....BUT IT IS!!!!

This is why the Lord wants us to MOVE on. We are the RIVER not pools or buildings. We are the living, moving, active River of God!!! Put even the smallest gusher on top of the mountain and watch what happens....landslides begin....old rocks that have hung there for thousands of years (territorial strongholds) are suddenly BROKE FREE because of the "little gushers" slowly doing their wonderful business!

Maybe it was hard for some of you to understand why I went to Meribah
(Num 20) with what the Lord spoke to me ....but you didn't hear the most important thing in HIS voice was ...MOVE ON!!! HE'S GRIEVED!!!  HE wants us to GO BEYOND ---gushing water----Wellpinit!!! BECOME THE RIVER OF GOD!!!!!!!

You little canteens of living water... take it to the desert!...They haven't even tasted HIS living water!!!!! He will replenish you with His underground streams so you will never feel stingy or greedy about sharing your water (the anointing!)

I have a picture of a living, moving church without a building but very much in submission and fellowship with one another, with all nine gifts of the Spirit active and the five-fold ministry in place like dove-tailed joints in furniture ---each depending on the other. What would LITERALLY-- REALLY happen if we all began to move? What if my church body all together was invited to your church body and the next time we came together we all ---together in fellowship and unity-- moved and visited the next body? Sometimes we just meet all together in the parks, in the homeless shelters. Next week the First Baptists---all of them ---go and visit the Nazarenes! Then the Southern Baptists go---all of them and visit ---the Catholics. The Methodists go and visit the Native American Believer's worship time. The Native Americans --together--- with the Methodists go and visit a Messianic Synogue to see how the Jewish believers in Jesus worship and pray!!! We tenderly and with mercy just go everywhere Jesus Christ leads and sometimes the Holy Spirit will say..." shut your mouths and sit and pray and BLESS each other!!!!"

What revelations can finally break through if we really MOVE? What demonic spirits of fear and division will finally be defeated?

What regional strongholds will finally be brought down when we......
ALL-TOGETHER--- pray and ask in the name of Jesus Christ for victory?  What will happen as we move out TOGETHER and plead the blood of Jesus over our cities?

What will happen when our youth see us --working together--- and they see the fire of God amongst us and they become so desperate for change they start running (little gushing waters that they are!) after the sick and lame to bring healing in the name of Jesus Christ?.................Now do you understand why we must

M-O-V-E-?................................................Change one letter and we have..........

Perhaps 1700 years ago the little gushers were everywhere and the excitement and new growth and beginnings were evident. Perhaps the valleys were not filled and hadn't become filled with the "old water."  Perhaps the little gushers didn't know the danger of not moving!!!

But we do..... So LET'S GET MOVING so we can see those landslides we can see those old, cold rocks be moved so we can see the water flow into barren places and see the grass and trees break forth and even streams begin to flow in the wilderness!!!!!


Well I have poured out what the Lord put in... So I say Goodnight and God Bless You All in the name of Jesus Christ---Terri Derocher

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Wellpinit Pt 2..Living Canteens  Tue, 10 Sep 2002 
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 08:34:23 -0700
Subject: Holy Visitation on Yom Kippur--7 Angels

Dear body of Christ: This is what happened on Yom Kippur. Never have I had such an experience. May your faith RISE--up within you and explode, you who are Jewish and you who are Christian. This is how I recorded it on September 16, 2002.

Love in our Messiah -- Yeshua Ha Mashiach -- Jesus Christ! Terri Derocher

September 16-Yom Kippur just ended here on the West coast of America an hour and forty-five minutes ago and I want to get this written down while it is fresh from the Lord.

I share this with you in obedience to God to stir up your faith. Let it rise!  This is the first time I have ever fully entered into the requirements of Yom Kippur. In years past I have always marked the date with prayer and repentance and introspection and partial fasts but this year the Lord pulled me to the Yom Kippur absolute fast plus all requirements with dress and grooming. (etc see requirements for Yom Kippur on various websites) ...Why I don't know... because we are not under legalism as we are set free because of the blood of Jesus Christ as He is our atonement ...but I need to share with you what has happened.

Last night minutes before Yom Kippur began at sunset I knew this was to be the way it was to be. I went and washed my face prior to the beginning and then spent the evening in quiet prayer with the Lord while listening to praise music. My family was in another room.

When I went to bed and was laying there I became aware that I knew there were two angels in the room with me even though I could not see them...and yet I knew where they were standing, how tall they were and how wide.  I started talking with the Lord about this as in the past (1998) I'd had a huge angel sing harmony with me in Canada and have had a sense of absolute knowing they were there many times and felt them ... and yet with the natural eyes could not see them.  As I began talking with the Lord I asked Him..."Lord if there are really two angels in here, one beside the bed and one by the door would you tell me their names. These are the words I heard...Berith and Salome' (Sol-lo-may). I had heard the second as a name before but didn't know the meaning and had never even heard the word Berith. I went and got a baby name book to look up the meanings.  Here they are...Berith means...'Source of water" and Salome means "Peace". I was very startled and very much touched and in awe as to the meanings of the names and also knew their names were their ministry places. My husband came into the room as I was reading the little name book and I said to him, "The Lord says we have two angels in here with us." Needless to say we were both shocked and in awe as we fell to sleep in this room ...but such a feeling of blessing and wonder followed us into sleep.

In the morning I got my children off to school, set the phone up for no interruptions and intended to study and meditate upon the word. I had shared with my youngest son we still had the two angels here and I told him their names.  

Then the day began to unfold. As I was worshipping, I asked the Lord if there were only the two angels (and you must know I really almost didn't want to know as I was overwhelmed-- I guess that is the word to describe it.) Here's what I heard next. There are two more ....their names are Delyth and Madhur...never heard either word before so I went and looked up the meaning of blessed as I am still in awe and they are all still here...

Delyth is Welsh and means pretty and Madhur is an Indian word (India) and means sweet!! These angels are named pretty and sweet!! For the next two hours at least ...I was ministered to in these areas. One bringing prettiness to me and beauty and the other the sweetness of the Lord. I prayed and asked Jesus each time before they ministered and asked for I was understanding what they were there to do. They brought much healing with them. I then fell into a light sleep and was awoke by one sticking me in the stomach with it's head so I was so silly...After this time I worshipped again and I again felt a nudging or ask I was supposed to ask the Lord... are there more angels? He said, "There is one more, Baquir--(BAH-KIR I heard). When I found out this name I was fearful as his name means "to rip open" in Arabic. I even prayed that in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth if there were angels here that He did not want here then they were commanded to leave...still Baquir remained....Then I began to worship and finally had the courage to ask the Lord if what Baquir has will help me then let him minister. I knew then for the next couple hours that my heart was being ripped open and that the evil words and perceptions the enemy had sown in my heart about myself... beginning way back when I was about four were being yanked
out. I have no idea where these perceptions of ugliness and fatness came from as no one was speaking it - there were times I saw where the hurt started and even was able to finally forgive the unknowing, innocent source this began with...I believe these were really sown and encouraged to grow by the enemy. This was a terribly hard time of this day and I cried all through it. I remember asking the Lord for those first two angels to minister peace and living water to me. I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep.  

Then I was aware of hearing there was another angel here and its name was Senir. I thought I had heard this word before and looked everywhere but couldn't find it and thought did I make it up Lord? Then I remembered I thought it might me a location on a map in Israel....couldn't find it that way...then I got the big Strong’s concordance and found two references (referred to as location as where trees come from) still no connection...then I remembered I had seen the name in Song of Songs....boy doesn't the Lord have His ways of getting to sing a love song to us!!! I started to read from the beginning....and as I read so many wonderful revelations came...."If you do not know, most beautiful of women,....How beautiful you are, my darling!  Oh, how beautiful you are my darling...and for the next hour He filled every hole where the angel Baquir had ripped out the trash ...This angel filled it with the revelation of Jesus Christ for me His bride!!! I finally found his name in Song of Songs 4:8 and knew it was another name for precious Mt Hermon. This angel had the oil of gladness flowing down from Mt. Senir!  Also the Hebrew root for this word meant unused root! So I asked the Lord to make it sprout a shoot in me where there had been no life! More and more tears of gratitude and awe as this has been one of the sweetest days of my life! I thought it was done and for over an hour just read and worshipped more...then about one hour before sunset and the end of Yom Kippur occurred I heard their is a final angel named Roistey here...well this one seemed impossible to look up no reference anywhere!! But by this time I knew how real it all was and persisted to try and sound it out in my baby Hebrew and look it up in my Hebrew lexicon. Maybe I am now at a 3rd grade level in Hebrew so this is still a very difficult task for me. But I found it finally.... and have this one written in Hebrew, but don't have the capability to put it here in Hebrew for you ...the meaning was "beginning chief" plus a scripture reference came with this one. I burst out crying as I read and understood this scripture was about the rest of my it is...Job 42:12 "The Lord blessed the latter part of Job's life more than the first."  I understood it was a promise from the Lord for my own life also and asked the Lord to let this Roistey minister what he was sent to minister!

I still don't quite know what to do...whether to keep this close to my heart or release it...but I have to write it down. (Insert: I know now I am to send it out to let your faith rise that this can happen to YOU also!)

Here's the rest...if you are Jewish and yesterday you also performed the Kaparot Ritual know this...a chicken will not do!!!! These are the words you need to say as the whole day of Atonement is about the sacrifice of Jesus (it's a blueprint that foretells the plan of G-d) and our NEED for HIS sacrifice because we all sin and fall short of the glory of God...There is NONE righteous among are the words to say...........and most important believe.

.... "Jesus YOU are MY substitute. You are MY atonement. You went to
your death and rose from the grave so I will now be able to enter into
heaven and proceed to a good long life and have peace with you!

Please pass this information along to those who may need to know about this revelation of love and wisdom the Lord has given us this day!!

---- May the Lord Bless your coming year with breakthroughs in courage, to believe again and hope for miracles for yourself and your families. May He bring His peace where there was no peace. May He bring forgiveness where there was a root of bitterness....May He make your face to shine with His glory as you go about all your business so MANY will know He is the hope of Glory for us and the ministering servant angels in Heaven who watch it all unfold!

---Love-Terri Derocher

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Holy Visitation on Yom Kippur--7 Angels Tue, 17 Sep 2002 
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 23:58:39 -0800
Subject: Sun stand Still!

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ I have been reminded how very
long it has been since I have connected with you and I just wanted to give you a little update since the visitation time on Yom Kippur.

I am working on a new painting that I received through the Holy Spirit
in September----that explains a lot! I am very excited about it and will tell you the whole testimony once it is posted on the website. I have also connected with my eldest son...some of you may remember about my prodigal from years past. It was a joyous, tearful reunion. That happened this October.

I am still with the Spokane Healing Rooms ministry under the direction of Cal Pierce and am continually learning more and more as we all minister together. I went with the team to New York in October and brought the shofar also. I was happy to be able to blow it again for the Lord in New York.

To encourage you right now....    Joshua 10: 12-13...       Remember Joshua knew
his authority in the Lord...he didn't ask the Lord to make the sun stand still....He said "SUN STAND Still...MOON Stop"...and they did ...because he spoke in the Lord's authority!!!! You are given the same authority to heal the sick and raise the dead! All authority has been given to you as a believer in Jesus Christ. He is WAITING for you to walk in this authority.  Also don't take the communion of the Lord for granted.... go read about it again. Our healing ---like our salvation.... is in the atonement....

How do different aspects of my life (and yours) come together? I am increasingly encouraged that in mine --the paintings, the healing ministry, the prayer and intercession, the restoration of the Arts to God's glory ministry and even my heart's desire to get to Uganda and return again to Israel ARE ALL connected. He is bringing it to pass before my very eyes!  ISN'T GOD so AMAZING? I am sure you are seeing it in your life also....ALL things are possible through Christ Jesus.

Continue to pray for America...for protection...for revelation of our sin and how much we have hurt our Lord's heart. I have been so deeply grieved this last week over His pain ...if my people who are called BY MY NAME ....would humble themselves and pray...I would HEAL their LAND!....

  The new painting is titled " I AM Your Strong Tower " and oh how I wish America and all the world knew it and would run to him.  I will sit down and write out soon what the Lord has been speaking and changing me with. MAY we join together and GIVE thanks and remember at this coming time of Chanukah....Jesus is our Shamash! He is the light that lights the other lights.....BECAUSE He is the light of the world!!!

May God Bless You -All- in the name of Jesus Christ---Terri Derocher

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Sun Stand Still! Sun, 24 Nov 2002
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 22:58:19 -0800
Subject: These Flowers Bloom at Night....

I wanted to share with you my brothers and sisters in Christ, a word that the Lord gave me a couple weeks ago that I feel should be released here tonight.

Many of you have experienced great pain as in family sickness and death. Some have felt hopeless and betrayed and others are surrounded with what seems to them endless strife and misunderstanding. Confusion has come into some of your circumstances where just a month ago you felt surrounded by hope. Isolation has separated you off where you have felt even old enemies like fear of man trying to creep in. But know....You are STILL in reality.... surrounded by the glory of the Lord. He is wrapping you in His hope and peace----His precious Shalom! You each are standing for the Lord in the midst of these battles.

This is what the Lord spoke......It began by being brought back to a time when I was a young girl about nine year’s old sitting on my parents step on a summer night. It was clear and I was all alone and remember singing a little made-up song to the Lord as I looked at the stars. As I sat remembering this I suddenly smelled my mother’s flowers and knew right where each was growing that year in her ever changing flower bed.

She had a white flower that was a wonder to me because it bloomed at night! It also filled the night air with fragrance....heavy, sweet fragrance that you could almost hold in your hand. Then the Lord spoke to me.....He said “Some flowers bloom at night." When He said it I knew he was talking about YOU and me. He said in these coming days and times you will shine in the night and your fragrance will be spread abroad. I then looked to the side and saw another flower called ----Love Lies Bleeding----don't know the real name but my mother grew them that year within a few feet of each other. The Lord then said 'My people are hurt and bleeding. Will you help them? Will you please not judge by outward appearance or your own preconceived ideas---but just help them?"
We are the peace makers ----Will you be a peace maker now? Will you refuse to be offended? There are many, many unknowns. Trust God with the unknowns. Trust God with your defense. I know your heart is broken body of Christ by what surrounds you but will you stay and help? Don't run away.  Please don't walk away....
I have almost finished the new painting the Lord gave me in September titled.... I AM Your Strong Tower. I have felt an urgency to get it done NOW and feel it is an anecdote for the coming days and a picture word from the Lord for you. I hope to have it and the testimony on the website within two weeks if not sooner for you to copy for yourselves. Remember Love is Not For Sale........May God Bless you All in the name of Jesus Christ----Terri Derocher

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These Flowers Bloom at Night....Tue, 31 Dec 2002 
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003 17:35:24 -0800
Subject: The Lord Asked...What Is This "You" Are Building?

Today in a vision I saw myself (as representing the body of Christ) pushing a heavy, fully heaping wheel barrow of nice smooth bricks. I was struggling under this load and seemed to be pushing it up hill. I then heard the Lord say as He walked beside me (notice He wasn't in front of me!)....What is this you are building? I heard the correction in His voice.  I was immediately aware of how smooth and polished and man-made the bricks were and at the same time was remembering the Lord's command to only build with unhewn stone. Exodus 20: 24-25

Unhewn stone is wild! Man has not formed it, but only God's hand and the forces he has put into play to chip and break and crack and melt even.  Brick can be made even of mud. It starts out loose and has to be put together and worked again and again. In primitive form it is even stomped barefoot--Now man has new ways to build bricks in the developed countries but it is all really the same- still man-made and contrived.

The Lord then continued to speak to me and reminded me of David and Nathan. 2 Samuel 7 David compared his palace to the tent of meeting for the Lord and David was grieved and wanted to build the Lord a "proper" palace for His presence. He asked Nathan what he thought about the whole idea and Nathan said "Whatever you have in mind go and do it for the Lord is with you." Later that night the Lord spoke to Nathan and said go back and tell David you are not to build my house. (Read the whole thing ...wonderful promises for us today!)

Whose blue prints are in your hand?

The Lord says give them back to Him ... because He has a better plan and He wants to give you NEW blue prints. You are trying to build on your own! Your plans are feeble. Your plans are small. Your plans are flawed!!! He has THE PLANS. His plans are without defect or hidden weakness as no man's hand has touched or formed them.  No mind has undertaken to construct this thing. Your man-made buildings will fall---and injure many as the foundation they are built upon crumbles.  Yes...they crumble and fall apart for your own good!

I had a dream a couple weeks ago. I was at a woman's retreat and was issued a blue gown which I had to pay a deposit on. It kept being stolen from me. It was repeatedly stolen over and over. I would go to the desk and report it and the lady there (authority) would not believe me. She would say each time. "Your robe is not being stolen! No one is stealing your gown! You are just going to have to pay that ten dollar fee again. I paid it over and over in the dream. When I woke and remembered it I thought it was a strange dream and even laughed at the injustice of it all. I then asked the Lord...WHO was that that was stealing my gown? I was shocked when He said..."I stole it!" "I wanted to see how you would react. Would you react in love and patience (I didn't) when there was no way to prove your innocence? Would you continue to love and bless that woman at the desk? (I didn't and even now ask for another chance for my heart to be changed.)  ---There are unknowns in our lives we must trust the Lord with.

Some reading this have recently had the rug pulled out right from under them. The Lord would say "I am pulling that rug out. I am bringing change which will be good for you because your little dreams and plans are too small. LOOK UP!!!! COME UP...raise your eyes UP HERE for I have new plans for you. Your little rug may have been comfortable and perhaps smelled even sweet to you but to me it has the stench of man-made all over it and I will replace it with priestly, heavenly garments to wrap you in and I will put gold under your feet instead of that dusty old rug!!!! TRUST ME with your future!!!! I don't give you heavy bricks to bear but I give you eagle’s wings to fly with!!!!"

May God Bless Us with His plans and purposes for our lives in the name of Jesus Christ
---Terri Derocher

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The Lord Asked...What Is This "You" Are Building?  Sun, 5 Jan 2003 
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 19:58:07 -0800
Subject: ....I Am Your Strong Tower 

This painting was given on Erev Shabbat, September 13, 2002, during the
Jewish high Holy days.

This was given to me unexpectedly during our Fall Spiritual Hunger Conference when I was being anointed with oil to pray with the ministry team that was ministering that evening following the message time. It was the furthest thing from my mind that the Lord would give me another painting ...but our ways are not the Lord's are they?

The Lord said a VERY NEW thing to me this time. First of all He said that He would be giving me these visions to paint for Him until He calls me home, so if you have read all the previous testimonies for each painting up to this time you will understand this is very different for me and quite exciting and challenging also! The other thing was, as I was watching this vision I KNEW THEN that scripture from the New Covenant (New Testament) was to be included on the painting. In the past only scriptures from the Torah and prophets and Psalms and Song of Songs have been used which pointed to Messiah, so this for me was very exciting also.

I have felt an extreme urgency to get this painting finished and have been able to paint in the midst of my involvement with the Spokane Healing Rooms ministry. I feel that this painting is part of God's answer for the coming days and once again it is His hope for us....... but also His us.

I again recorded all the words and scriptures given during the 24 hours the vision was received and am going to try and share with you here from my journal. As I have said before if the painting does not bring across what the Lord has shown me ...I will try here to paint it with words ...also ...WE KNOW that no matter what...the scriptures will not fail to bring about the purposes of God because God's word does not come back void!

I Am Your Strong Tower

I fell under the power of God and went very deep into the Lord's
presence....The following occurred over about a forty-five minute period.......BELOW....the following from my journal....

I see Jesus very tall and beautiful---majestic and powerful. As He is standing in beautiful garments I see part of one side is made of stone....This was one of the very first things I see and focus on as I look up at Jesus. His shiny leg is flesh and yet I see stone shape and I feel strength and I understand what I am seeing is in comparison to any man-made thing or tower. In essence ...there is no comparison! I HEAR THE TITLE LOUD.....I AM Your Strong Tower!
I am as small in size to Jesus as the small figures on the bottom of the painting. I see Jesus---our YESHUA---- is standing on top of the waves. The water is beautiful with waves evident that you can see through. They are blue-green colored and are transparent with waves and foam in some areas.  They are to the sides and in the distance behind Jesus. New thing ----scripture from both covenants!
Jesus has one hand raised high (in the same position as the Statue of Liberty) and is holding or dropping to us the "KEYS TO THE KINGDOM" they fall immediately I see the word liberty. (Insert...I am trying to share with you here exactly as I recorded it then...words on keys will be shared later)  He has a beautiful kingly crown on His head that surpasses any earthly crown. Behind Him are hundreds of beautiful angels....very white and very beautiful.  Boats of people are coming towards Him. Some people are also swimming; some are walking on the water also.  He is so tall as to compare in size to us as we are to the statue of Liberty.  Behind Him on the left side in the upper corner is a storm with clouds and lightening. I see the vague outline in the darkness of a city.  On the chest of Jesus is a Jewish prayer shawl coming down over His chest in a way I have not seen before--- (over one shoulder and then going around His waist a bit). He is reaching out with this hand to us with the palm facing up with the nail scar visible.  In the sky progressing from storm side to glory......the sky becomes filled with clouds of glory where angels are also in this.  The garment Jesus is wearing is the bright, white thick like 20 fold
silk-linen I have seen Him wearing before in visions. He wants me to bring that garment across and the glory of even His clothing as it billows around His body in the wind.

Scriptures (given then also during the first 24 hours) 
Proverbs 18:10 The name --Hashem--- (means ----the name--- in Hebrew) of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous run to it and are saved!!!!
James 1:6 Because he who doubts is like a wave tossed by the wind (beside body of man floating in wave----very small detail)
Mark 6:45 Immediately Jesus made His disciples get into the boat and go
ahead of him to Bethsaida, while He dismissed the crowd. After leaving them he went up on the mountainside to pray.
When evening came, the boat was in the middle of the lake, and He was alone on land. HE SAW the disciples "straining at the oars" because the wind was against them. About the fourth watch of the night He went out to them....walking on the water. They thought He was a ghost. They cried out because they ALL saw Him and were terrified.  Immediately He spoke to them and said, "TAKE COURAGE! IT IS I. DON'T BE AFRAID."
Matthew 14:28 (scripture beside the group of people walking to Jesus on the water) "Lord if it's you, Peter replied; "tell me to come to you ON the water." "COME, HE SAID!"
Psalm 2:7 Let the assembled peoples gather around you. Rule over them
from on high.  Song of Songs 1...How right they are to adore you (up by the angels)
Genesis 26:24...Do not be afraid for I AM with you (by the boats)
Mark 5:36 (By the men and women walking on the water)...."DON'T BE
Isaiah 6:3 (by the angels) ...And they were calling to one another..."Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of His glory."
1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on Him,
Psalm 27:4 (by angels) .....To gaze upon the beauty of the Lord.
Matthew 8:27 Even the wind and the waves obey Him.
Ephesians 4 :14 Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves (some people are sitting restfully on Jesus' feet) and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and craftiness of men in their deceitful scheming.
Revelation 3:7....these are the words of Him who is Holy and true...who
holds the key of David. What He opens no one can shut and what He shuts no one can open.
1 John 1:5....In Him there is no darkness at all.
John 3:19 This is the verdict:.... (under the storm) Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light, because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, AND WILL NOT COME INTO THE LIGHT FOR FEAR THAT his deeds will be exposed. But WHOSOEVER....lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.
Around and on the keys are the words....liberty, freedom from sickness, 
freedom from death, freedom from pain, freedom from sadness, freedom from tears, freedom from depression, freedom from strife, freedom from jealousy, freedom from WAR 
Song of Songs 6:10 (beside Jesus) Who is this that appears like the dawn, fair as the moon, bright as the sun and majestic as the stars in procession?

--Terri Derocher
I Am Your Strong Tower
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I Am Your Strong Tower Thu, 23 Jan 2003 
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 11:52:08 -0800
Subject: Stop the Self-Deprecating Humor!

We need to get Clean. I understand God is changing me today because it is His desire that I move forward and out of the place I have been stuck in. We are changing glory to glory.... for God's glory.... because we cannot remain mired down in the gunk of yesterday. We cannot have our minds shackled with old dead thoughts and mind-sets which become stakes in the ground to keep us in bondage...Like stallions meant to run and leap from mountain top to mountain top, instead many in the body are tied up to a post in the city square. Who is doing this tying up?

Last week coming home from a ministry trip the Lord rebuked me for taking part in something I have had a habit of doing for a very long time---years and years. I made fun of myself in social situations, sometimes just to ease the tension--other times to get a laugh. I cringe even sharing with you what I did ...but if it stops one person from committing this sin against self then it is worth it. My friend another team member was making fun of himself ...saying that his anointing was to find all the garbage in the van and to empty it out. I quickly took his hand and placed it on my head and said then take all the garbage out of me!! Everyone laughed but what they didn't know was that when I put his hand on my head and said this I was hit with excruciating pain. I laid down and the Lord just about shouted...."STOP THE SELF-DEPRECATING HUMOR!" I shared this with my team mates about fifteen minutes later (just the rebuke the Lord had given me) but I knew then I needed to go look up the word deprecate in the Webster's dictionary when I got home.

After reading the meaning (I'll share it in a bit) and thinking about the whole thing I thought how animal of all of us (who have taken part in this type of humor). This type of humor is like the pecking order in coyotes or chimpanzees who submit to one another for social acceptance!!! We do not understand who we are in Christ when we take part in such things. The Lord is not pleased with this behavior and says change NOW!

I was shocked to read the meaning of this word which I thought meant to belittle oneself only. Here it is.... ward off by feel and express disapproval of; plead against! depreciate;   to belittle ..(Archaic!) try to avert by prayer!!!!!

This is what this means to us as the body of Christ---When you accepted Jesus as your Savior...that day were sealed with a deposit of the promised Holy Spirit Eph 1:13....The Holy Spirit resides in you and gives you great power. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you Phil 4:13 because it is Christ IN YOU the hope of glory who accomplishes these things.  Col 1:27 Many of you understand your authority in intercession (all in the body of Christ are called to intercession) and you pray and have seen wonderful answers to your prayers. You are finally understanding the power in your own tongue as we have had it spoken over and over to us that our tongues are like a rudder that guides a great ship and great good (and evil) come from the way we use our tongue.   James 3:5

My question is ...have me...been praying against yourself.....interceding against yourself.....proclaiming things that are not as if they were ....AGAINST YOURSELF by participating in this type of humor????

Who are we to declare anything against what God has called good....what God has made clean....what God has promised to change? Are we making our own selves sick by our belittling words and curses against ourselves? Are we calling down hell upon ourselves because of our own jokes?

What I thought was a joke is certainly not a joke ....and I repent of that thinking and habit and am thankful of another chance to be changed. I am thankful for the rebuke and even the humiliation of having to share it with you....there was pride in saying the joke you know....false humiliation is pride. So I am sorry and I hope what I have learned will help you also.

We must stop cursing one another and ourselves with our own words because God has given us great power and authority. We must not be like the young teenager who finally gets their license and gets to take the car out on their own and then wrecks it. We need to understand that the Lord rebukes and chastens those He loves.

So....May you not need this correction as I did. May you walk in increased discernment and the Lord's wisdom! May you know.... as I much He loves me and is even now rejoicing at my coming up another step to HIM!

Love in Jesus Christ ----as we continue to be changed in Him---glory to

Terri Derocher

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Stop the Self-Deprecating Humor!  Mon, 27 Jan 2003 
Subject: Here Come The Meat-Eaters (also Saddam Hussein Word)
February 11, 2003

Hello dear brothers and sisters standing in the midst of the battle:  ....I am releasing this word the Lord gave me regarding His lions under the bushes and a revelation given in 1998 for such a time as now. Love in Jesus Christ
-- Terri Derocher

...Here Come The Meat-Eaters

Today, February 11, 2003 our nation in the natural is in an increased state of terrorism alert as of last week...therefore I am reminded of this encouraging scene the Lord showed me a couple weeks ago during a conference around the second week of January.

Lions can mean so many things to us can't they? They are so big and powerful. In the past God has spoken to me in dreams using lions to represent the enemy and He uses them this way in Job 4:11 when He says the lion perishes for lack of prey, and the cubs of the lioness are scattered.

The Lord himself uses lions as images of both good and evil.

We KNOW that lions can be very wonderful ...most of all because of OUR lion...the Lion of Judah. He is our mighty fortress, our defender and protector...
but some of you are also LIONS!

I am going to share this as I wrote it down then, that day last month and I believe you can hear the hope I have for the coming days...for the spiritual battle ahead because of the provision of the Lord coming forth.

...There are a group of young lions being raised up who are replacing the pacifier sucking babies spoken about in Hebrews 5.

These young lions because they have moved onto the meat NOW are strong in ways the babies are soft. These lions will rip apart the plans and designs of the enemy. These lions are discerning.....HIDDEN in the shadow of the Most High they SEE the plans of the enemy. THEY DO NOT MOVE IN FEAR!!! They are not subject to worry and doubt because they have grown bold in the victories OF THE LORD!!!!

Here is what I saw as I wrote this... I saw a great army of lions no one has noticed resting and waiting under the bushes. They are not sleeping nor are they distracted. They are waiting on the Lord and when He gives the order to move they will SPRING forth into action. There is a great strength here because it is the Lord's strength and they are fully HIS...

Do not not move in fear. Remember who it IS that we serve!!!! He is ALL-POWERFUL He is El-Shaddai our SUPPLY!!!! I was reminded today of Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 4) and know our Lord hasn't changed...

He deprives the leaders of the earth of their reason; He sends them wandering through a trackless waste. They grope in darkness with no light; He makes them stagger like drunkards. Job 12:24-25

In liberty I am going to share a revelation the Lord spoke to me in May of 1998 at Israel's Jubilee celebration...50 years in the land.

 For over three days the Lord spoke so many things to me ---some which have come to pass and some yet to be. This part is about Saddam Hussein and his demise.
The Lord spoke to me through Isaiah 65: 25. I will give you the interpretation He gave me after the scripture ...."The wolf and the lamb will feed together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox, but dust will be the serpent's food. They will neither harm nor destroy on my holy mountain," says the Lord...

The Lord spoke to me that the Wolf represented the Christian church.  That she had behaved like a Wolf to the Lamb- the Jewish people. She had chased and persecuted her through-out the earth-- blaming her for the death of our Messiah Jesus. (See historical references to the Crusades and Martin Luther's Baar document written towards the end of his life on earth as just a small sample) But in the coming days of restoration of all things including truth and knowledge the wolf and the lamb will not only feed together but ENJOY one another's company!

He spoke to me that Saddam Hussein (in this case the Lion) will go insane and eat straw just as his predecessor Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 4: 25) (the Ox) did. Nebuchadnezzar was sent as an animal to eat the grass for seven years for thinking he was in control of anything! (Our Lord Yahweh--Jesus the Messiah-- the Ruach Ha Kodesh (the Holy Spirit) changes NOT!)

May God Bless us with His increasing discernment for the days ahead and may
we walk in His Holy boldness

( I just wanted to add a little post script note is now 2007, almost ten yrs after this word about Saddam Hussein, in fact last week he was hung.  When I heard this back then, in the Holy Spirit, Saddam was an untouched madman, killing Kurds and it was rumored he was rebuilding Babylon.  

When I saw that picture of him pulled out of that hole in the ground and saw his hair and disheveled appearance I about fell out of my chair.  Last week I had to go back and find this word and go to the book of Daniel 4:30....."his hair grew as long as eagles feathers and his nails became as bird's claws"....Now the rest, to be accountable... I don't know if he was insane and I don't know if he acknowledged that God is truly God ---did he meet Jesus Christ in those final moments and even then was he eternally saved?  I don't know.... because I just see such a little piece...but someday I'll see FACE TO FACE.  This I know...God is merciful to share any morsel with me--but He serves me a banqueting table and His banner over me is Love!!!! --God Bless you today in 2007---Terri Derocher)

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Here Come The Meat-Eaters
(also Saddam Hussein Word) February 11, 2003